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SEO Writing: How to Write SEO Content 2020 SEO Tools



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Hello, my name is Chris Palmer And in today’s SEO writing how to write SEO content that will actually rank I’m going to cover some SEO writing and some content tips that will help you rank your content So recently I showed one of the sites that was taken down because, I don’t generally show my money site A Google site that was for Hostgator coupons I had numerous messages on not only YouTube but also Facebook people that saw my video and they said that the content was poor quality content So they wanted to know what was my SEO content strategy How was I ranking that web site as some of you may know. Contrary to popular belief backlinks really matter so alongside my backlinking strategy Main topic of today’s video is the SEO content and how to write the content So it will rank just so we’re on the same page here I was ranking for Hostgator coupons along with cluster terms if you if you type in a main Keyword and you scroll to the very bottom generally if you ring free top tier keyword You’ll also bring in the cluster that’s down the bottom now, that’s another topic for another video But this is the keyword that I was ranking 1000 search volume according to and these clicks are generally $26 now on any given day I was ranking generally either four or number five How did I do the on-page because my content was so bad according to the critics I was writing content that Google wanted to see so this is how I did it here is the process in a nutshell I’ll try not to get too mathy.

I’ll try to make this video quick. Let’s just jump right in so, first and foremost when I Seeked out now. We’re not talking about backlinks We’re talking about on-page of what I did for this G site to make it rank fast as far as my on-page so the very first thing that I did is I took the first ten listings of who is ranking and the very first thing that you need to establish Is what does Google want to see as far as your word counts. So figuring out the word count is, absolutely crucial because if you have a search term that and everybody’s ranking at 500 words and you produce a Skyscraper piece of content that’s 2,000 words that’s not what Google wants to see so generally you get a average of the 10 websites you get an average and if the average is 1.2 K words on page . What I will do is I will write 1300 words. Okay, so that’s the very first thing is figuring out your word count Now the second thing what I did for this G site Was I made sure was in the URL the keyword was in the URL I made sure that it was in the content and I made sure that it was also in my title of the webpage So it was in the URL the content and the title.

If anybody saw this website before it was taken down My website was set up like this my title had the keyword and then if you took a look I made Boxes like this just as a CSS design and if you took a look each box had a keyword Right, but not just any keyword This is gonna be number 3 what I did to make my content the most relevant Is there something called latent semantic words right.

These are LSI words. So all I did very simply very Crassly, okay is I used a tool and I simply went and got all of these terms Hostgator coupons, hostgator coupons for domains if you went and looked at the site you will see all of the relevant words That the tool produced I put in each one of these boxes each one of these pieces that was on my website Contained a key word with those words within it. So the number 3 thing was the LSI So this is how I wrote horrible content! The Content was horrible, right, but it ranked on Google because I gave it Google exactly what it wanted to see now This is how you right SEO content that will actually rank in the year 2020 you need to analyze your competition , analyze the SERP see what Google is going to reward You need to figure out your averages and then you need to go just above them I needed to know how many exact matches were on the page How many partial matches were on the page in each of these? When you figure out your average You go just above so just above.

So those are some key things that I want to point out tf-idf LSI, you need to go and read about that. Once you understand what those things are You understand your word count putting your keywords in the proper places figuring out your LSI your exact matches your partial matches. Once you have all of the math you will then be able to rank Content but you’re giving the search engine and the user Exactly what they want because they came for a coupon in this case . I gave them numerous options of coupons I gave the search engine exactly what it wanted to see and I was able to rank number four for a keyword That was a difficulty 33 according to, Ubersuggest so I hope I was able to explain this. This is the process that we use Writing proper content is king and a proper backlinking strategy Will get you to rank now I hope that I’ve explained this properly if you have any questions about SEO writing ,writing SEO content that will rank if you have questions about backlinking, facebook ads, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO anything or on-page SEO Please ask me in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO SEO writing video.

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