Best SEO tools : Tips and Tricks From the Trenches

Best SEO tools : Tips and Tricks From the Trenches SEO Tools

So if you watched it in my videos, you
know that I am keyword tool crazy. And I want to show you the three best keyword
tools that’ll blow your mind. Okay! So let’s get started. I’m gonna
throw you my three favorite keyword research tools. And the first one is
called “Answer The Public”. And you’ll see here on my screen, I’ve got this very
strange man, bald man with a ridiculously large sweater. I don’t know what that’s
about but this cool is super cool I learned about this tool when I was in
Australia speaking last year. Guy came up to me after a program and said, “you got
to check this out,” and I’ve just been a fan ever since. So what you do is this
takes all of those searches “related to”. So when you Google something and you see
that drop-down box, it grabs all of those and actually makes sense of those in



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So, if I come in here – so you put SEO or whatever – this is a free tool by the
way love free – you’re gonna put whatever keyword it is
you want. Now the trick with this tool is that you can’t
go too long. So you want to kind of stay short and to the concise on this one so
it can give you all the recommendations of the longer version of these.

All right,
so you hit “go”. Now we’re gonna come down here and it’s gonna pull all the keywords. You’ll see here it pulls all the questions from search results, all the
prepositions, all the comparisons, all the alphabetics. So you’re gonna get a keyword-palooza of information here and probably more
than you ever wanted to know. And it does these really cool graphics – check that
out – what! So I geeked out over these images because they’re so flippin’ cool.
But what this does is it tells you all the different ways in which people are
using the word SEO in their searches. But it aggregates it all together, and then
you’ll see here it gives you this amazing circle and it’s: why are; where
can; will; which; when; how. So all the different ways that people think about
one specific keyword. Now this will keep you out of trouble
and in your basement for a really long time if you’re just gonna talk about
these things. So not all keywords have this kind of profile, but that we’ve seen
that there is great recommendations instrument or what you put in here.

those are the questions. Now you could also just pull it down the boring data
for the Excel spreadsheet. You can also save
this beautiful graphic right there, and you can save it to your desktop and
impress your colleagues with that fancy graph. Now look where to come all the way
down, now we’re going to look at the prepositions. And here you’ll see here’s
all of the prepositions that you get for every possible variant of SEO.
So you’ll see, “can SEO help your business?” “can SEO be automated?” No. “Can SEO be…” I’ll see- SEO can be leveraged by an organization, of course! Let’s see, SEO that can… “how can SEO help my business?” “How could SEO help
improve my sales?” Wonderful! Wonderful questions in here. So this tool takes all
those questions it actually makes them into something pretty, but also, it gives
you this treasure trove of information that you can now create. And you’re you
know you’re dialed right into the how people are searching which is super

Okay. So then we have comparisons this versus that. SEO versus
pay-per-click. SEO versus SEM. SEO versus… So you get all the versus ones which are
great for Findability as well. And then you get the A to Z – so anything that
people put in that is SEO and then they also put in another variant. This grabs
all the As puts them together all the Bs, all the Cs you are never gonna run
out content with this tool for sure. So this is called AnswerThePublic – it’s one
of my faves. It gets lots of “oohs” and “ahhs” when I pull it up I don’t always love
those moments. Tada, another “tada” moment So the next tool I’m going to show you
is a tool called WordArt – and you guys have all seen these ridiculous word

I think people use them like QR codes. You guys remember QR codes?
They were a big deal. There in night every single chapter in the back of my
chapter of my second book has a QR code. Not sure they work anymore, but they’re
in there. So what we can do though is we can use this word cloud tool to evaluate
our content – our live content on the Internet. So let me show you. This is called, and it’s a really simple word cloud tool. But it takes you just a little bit
deeper into how you can use this for Findability. So you’re going to click the
“Create Now” button right there.

Now when we come in here we’re going to take a
look at, we got to import it from somewhere. So you go under words right here. This big gray box, you’re gonna click on the
word import right here. Now then they give they give you two other smaller
boxes, so just stay with me. They go text which is a default – you want to hit “web”.
Now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to put on here, I’m going to put my domain
name. You can put any domain name. You could put a competitor domain name
in here, you can put your domain name in here, you can also do a longer variant of
that like a blog post or something that has a longer URL. But I’m just gonna put
in my website

Now here’s the cool part – you’ll see here that it
has pulled all the keywords. So what this lets us do is we are able to understand
how a robot is piecing together all the different words in my page. So at the end
of the day, Google’s a robot. It comes to the page it grabs all the content I
always think it takes all the content pops it into a blender and hits frappe.
And all the chunks rise to the top the chunks are the keywords that are most
repeated on the page.

Therefore, those indicate what the page is relevant for.
Then we go in here we hit visualize and we get this real pretty word cloud. So
you’ll see that neat findable SEO and online are the primary keywords that are
most repeated on my home page so if I don’t want those to be findable for
those phrases that I’m gonna have to go in and retweet my homepage to have
different keyword repetitions. So “neat”, “findable”, “SEO”, and “online” – those are the
things that tell Google what that page is about. The ones that are most repeated
are the biggest words in this word cloud. And I, this is so interesting to me. Now a
couple ways you can use this is…Oh, also you can come down here and you can turn it
into something more pretty. So you can go down you can look here, oh, I’m gonna turn
it into a bird, just to keep it interesting. Then you hit visualize again
and now it will be a bird. Which is a lot more interesting. There you go!
But keep in mind that the same words are still in there the ones that are most
used most often are still the biggest keywords in there.

Now how I use this is
when we hire content writers or we write a blog or a press
release, we pop the content into here and we run it to make sure what
we are writing are actually saying what we think it is I’ll be writing a piece of
content that’s actually relevant for the phrase that we’re trying to SEO for. So
it’s very important that sometimes when you go down to write you get off-track
you get caught up in the syntax or you just kind of go off on your own path and
you’re not really talking about that topic anymore. This is a way to really
verify and validate that you’re actually speaking and writing for SEO. So you know
that the biggest words on your word cloud are going to be the keywords
you’re trying to optimize for.

So this is super cool, I love this tool. You can also
go in and you can insert body copy right into this tool and it will evaluate it
just based on something you’re writing right now. It doesn’t have to be
something that’s already live on the Internet. You can also bring competitor
websites in here too. If their keywords are all messed up or their biggest
keyword is like about or home that means they haven’t done any SEO on their website. So that might give you an indication that if I do SEO, I might
actually stand a great chance of ranking above them. This is kind of a little
little trick there. So the next tool is the KeywordsEverywhere tool and I love
this tool because it is a Chrome or Firefox extension meaning that it’s
going to show up in my tray. So I’m at the You’re going
to go ahead and you’re going to go to settings right away, where did you get it.
And it’s going to give you an activation code, and you’re going to want to enter
that in back in settings.

It’ll email you an activation code to your email address
and then you have to put it in. Don’t worry about it, I haven’t gotten any
crazy spam from them or anything like that, but this tool is worth giving them
an email address. Even if to go out and I don’t know make up a GMail account and
then do it through there. I’m fine with that.
just make sure you set up it’s like it’s an API thing, it’s really simple and it
makes it infinitely more easy to use this tool. Alright, so I’m going to
reset this now when we come back to Google, let me show you how this tool
works. So this will tell you information in Amazon, it will tell you in any major
shopping portal, anything that has a search bar. When you go to search for it, it’s gonna give you the exact amount of keyword volume
for each one of those pages. So if I come in here – I’m gonna type in “rose gold”
because I’m obsessed – so the first thing comes up is rose gold statement ring.

tells me right there in grey a hundred and seventy searches a month.
Rose gold, not surprising, ’cause they’re cool, gets ninety thousand five hundred
searches per month. Rose gold hair. Hmm. I don’t think I’m
gonna do that. That’s sixty thousand five hundred searches a month so apparently
that’s a thing. Rose gold dress, rose code nails, rose gold Apple watch, I’ve got pretty much all this already. But you’ll see that the
the keywords that are coming from the Google database are being shown to you
real time in your search results, which is amazing! I’m kind of intrigued about
the hair thing I’m not gonna lie. Alright, so I’m gonna go with the hair.
Rose gold hair in three easy steps. I can’t make this stuff up. Okay. So when
we’re in here we go to the very bottom. Do you see this? They give you every
single keyword: rose gold short hair, rose gold long hair,
how long does rose gold overtone last…

Like you get every single variant of
that, and then you also get the search volume for each keyword. So everything
you ever wanted to know about rose gold hair is right in front of you. So you’re
a stylist, you want to do something edgy and fun, you write a blog post or create
a video on rose gold hair, you know you’re gonna hit the mark. And then to
even get better, I can now go on and I’m gonna talk about toner, I’m gonna talk
about ombre, L’Oreal, I’m gonna talk about it on black hair, red to Rose that sounds
pretty… That get 0 searches so probably not something we want to do.

But we could
there’s lots of other options here. I care rose gold hair color formula. Well
you know these are there’s as there is a keyword for everything. I’m, I mean, we
have in my you know decade and a half of doing keyword research I have seen
everything. But what makes this so cool is that it’s integrated right inside
search results you don’t have to go to a fancy keyword tool to use this. So AnswerThePublic that gives you those amazing graphs that shows you all the different
ways that people search about any given topic.

The next one was WordArt –
when you want to check your work and you want to pop a piece of content into word
art create that little word cloud and see if you’re actually talking about
what you think you’re talking about. And if that word that shows up in the word
cloud is nice and big then you know you’ve hit your SEO keyword. And the
final tool in my vault is Install the extension – it
is amazing and I get really excited about this which is probably not normal,
but this stuff really shortcuts our learning and our ability as
entrepreneurs as marketing teams to cut to the chase. Create content that people
want and these amazing tools, I’ll be talking about tools all through my
YouTube channel, but these are my favorite today. So hey if you love this
video and you geek out on tools too like I do, make sure to subscribe to this, onto my
channel. Hit the bell that’s just next to it so you get a notification every time
I release a new video. And we’re gonna keep kickin’ out on tools so go find
those: AnswerThePublic, WordArt and KeywordsEverywhere.

Originally posted 2020-03-01 17:59:44.