How to Grow a Channel with TubeBuddy in 2018

– buddy now available for iOS and in order to celebrate the release of – buddy on the iOS platform here are the seven steps that I use to grow my channel hey it’s me Brian G welcome back to the channel if it’s your first time it’s a pleasure do this stake your claim and amplify your message by subscribing click the bell notification and you’ll be on your way want to let you know that this is indeed a sponsored video and I’m proud to sponsor – buddy I was a happy customer user way before there was any kind of like deal or partnership that is going on this strategy always works and I know that’s a bold claim but hear me out you see the problem is if you just start uploading and publishing videos it’s easy to make a whole bunch of mistakes this strategy eliminates those mistakes step number one popular topic ritual you’ve got to begin by identifying a popular topic on YouTube and furthermore that topic has to be able to support a lot of different keyword phrases that are very specific in nature for example let’s play overwatch it’s not a great example because it’s just not specific enough we don’t know exactly what the viewer wants to get out of the video however soldier 76 which is one of the characters in the game that’s more specific we know that the viewer is not just interested in overwatch but player 76 and we can even go deeper and identify the fact that there are people searching for soldier 76 rocketjump that’s really specific and we know based on the search term exactly what the viewer is trying to get out of the video and if you ever thought about this you know people always talk about value you’ve got to give viewers value and the easiest way to deliver value is to first understand what somebody wants out of a video and that’s where these specific keyword phrases are very powerful because it’s easy to identify what somebody wants and by the way this works in any nitch at all for example don’t make a video on how to garden it’s too broad we don’t know what somebody wants heck they don’t even know what they really want furthermore that keyword phrase is just too competitive two hundred and sixty thousand views four hundred and forty three thousand views and heck you’re competing with Martha Stewart don’t do that instead create a video based on something like how to create a butterfly garden and notice one of the ranking videos only has eight thousand eight hundred views and no Martha Stewart I mean would you rather compete against videos with three four hundred thousand views or less than nine thousand it’s a no-brainer now this is where we’re gonna lose a few viewers but if you really want success trust me on this you’re gonna want to identify at least a hundred a hundred and fifty of these very specific keyword phrases in your niche and they all have to be very related to one another later we’re gonna drop these into a playlist we’ll get to that in just a bit and furthermore we’re gonna use to buddy to filter down this list so once you’ve identified a topic that supports a whole lot of keyword phrases at least a hundred and those keyword phrases aren’t specific in nature then you can move on to step number two here’s where we’re going to create a keyword list as mentioned later we’ll filter it down take the time to dig in the more you understand how viewers are thinking the kind of words they use the kind of keyword phrases they’re searching for well the better decisions you’ll make and it’s gonna help you grow now if you’re on a computer create a list of these keyword phrases and you’ll want to save it don’t add those keywords to to buddy yet because we’re gonna choose the cream of the crop the very best keyword phrases now if you’re on an iPhone or an iPad well sit down with a pad of paper a pen and jot down the keyword phrases you identify exactly it’s really important that you write down the exact keyword phrases now you can fumble between apps but I just find it easier to stay on YouTube you don’t need to be in to Buddy at this point and just search through and identify keyword phrases you find and here’s how you can identify those keyword phrases simply jump to the YouTube search bar and type in something like gardening and here you’re gonna find what I call the top level searches these usually drive more views but they’re also more competitive write them down regardless because sometimes you’ll find a gym next simply add the letter A and then B and then C and so on scroll through the alphabet and you’ll identify so many keyword phrases based around the niche that you’re looking in now if you’re wondering about to buddy well that’s coming up in the next step but again take your time to research and identify how those viewers that you want to subscribers well how they’re thinking and how they’re searching hey if you’re finding this video helpful please consider liking commenting or sharing thank you so much and that brings us to step number three the two buddy tag explorer ritual now here’s where we’re gonna reduce that big list to a list of anywhere between thirty and fifty cream-of-the-crop keyword phrases that’ll help you kick some serious butt on youtube you dig so how exactly do you filter down those keywords well in this example I’m looking at the keyword phrase how did garden for beginners and as you can see that particular keyword phrase generated a whole bunch of additional phrases I found three that I liked and they are as follows how to start a vegetable garden for beginners how to plant a vegetable garden for beginners now those two keyword phrases are nearly identical but one of them would be easier to rank for to drive use for and we want to identify which one here’s how now you’ll want to run each keyword phrase on your list through the two buddy tag Explorer and as you can see in this image I found a tremendous keyword phrase right out of the gate it’s got an overall scoring of 74 it’s got low search volume however the competition is low food for now a lot of people think well Brian I’ve heard this before but the problem is that these keyword phrases don’t have enough search volume and that’s true but hear me out number one just five views a day can lead to a video getting pushed into suggested videos furthermore publish a video with great audience retention publish a video that people love and it can show up on the YouTube home page that’s the Browse traffic source furthermore it can show up in suggested videos and even though you’re targeting a keyword phrase that’s easier to rank for you can still get a tremendous amount of views and I much rather see you target a keyword phrase that you can drive some views for then going after a keyword phrase that’s very very challenging to drive any views for food-for-thought but what about that second keyword phrase how to plant a vegetable garden for beginners notice the search volume is higher with a score of 44 however the competition is also a bit higher it’s not terrible it’s got a score of 38 now this is another great keyword phrase one that I target but the overall score is 73 so I’m gonna choose the first keyword phrase that had an overall score of 74 and our last keyword phrase is how to garden flowers for beginners this keyword phrase returns the best overall score and this is exactly how you want to proceed with every single keyword phrase on your list and you want to keep the keyword phrases that have an overall very good score or above figure anything above a score of 70 obviously you’ll want to remove any keyword phrase that results in a bad score and notice the bar near the scoring will turn orange to red and red means stop and step number four the to buddy video topic ritual now in this example gardening tips for tomatoes it’s got a great score I want to keep it so I’ll do this simply click the to buddy navigation icon on the Left if you’re on an iPhone or iPad then click on topic planner click on add and then begin with the exact keyword phrase you found in YouTube that part is really important make sure you begin your video topic with the exact keyword phrase you want to target later that way you’ll remember what the target keyword phrase is and after adding the exact keyword phrase at a – and then add compelling element and we’ll talk more about the compelling element as we move forward next click done and perfect you’ll have an exact keyword list a video topic list where each video topic begins with an exact keyword phrase you want to target I want to be really clear it’s super important that all your video topics are very much related to each other later we’ll add those videos into a playlist that’ll help you drive even more views and that’s the whole process here we’re starting with a topic we’ve got keywords we’re filtering only the best keywords and this works so very well by the way the free version of the – buddy plugin is limited to 5 video topics feel free to upgrade using the link in the description use the coupon code brian’s buddy and you’ll save 20% it’s well worth the investment it’s such a great plugin however if that’s not a possibility simply use another app like Apple Notes to create a list of the keywords you want to target simple in step number 5 commit to a schedule and publish the fact of the matter is most youtubers that struggle they don’t publish enough videos you know the algorithm is slow it takes time for videos to get pushed out and to start really driving views don’t give up before the magic happens so commit to at least publishing one video every week and if you’re a real go-getter then go public how can you do that well mention in your videos when you publish mention on your YouTube channel art again when you publish check my channel are and you’ll notice I published on Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays when you mentioned to viewers when you publish you’ll be more likely to do just that it will apply fire in pressure and you know what sometimes that’s a good thing sometimes having some pressure in our lives will keep us on track will keep us publishing and it’s really important to growth on YouTube you know speaking of uploading this is where a lot of youtubers when they struggle and they really mess things up if you do this consistently again I guarantee you’re gonna see results begin your video title with the exact keyword phrase you identified this is very powerful YouTube has told us again and again that they reward relevancy the YouTube search results are sorted by relevance for example you’ll notice that this video begins with the phrase how to grow a channel with two buddy why because it’s a keyword phrase that people are searching for and thus my title begins with that exact phrase it works it’s powerful if you follow the rule you’ll drive more views over time next begin your video description again with the exact keyword phrase what will happen is your video metadata the tags the description the title the closed captions will be very relevant to this one keyword phrase and you’ll win well lastly the tags and the thumbnail so incredibly important we’ll talk more about those in just a second and step number six the playlist ritual did you know that YouTube has gone on record saying that videos that belong to an official playlist are more likely to show up in the creator’s suggested video section it’s true and having more of your videos show up and suggested can only lead to more views so as you publish videos make sure you add each video to the same playlist even better why not create a playlist title based on some of the seed keywords you first identified as you were going through steps one and two super-powerful here’s how you can do that simply identify a two or a three word phrase that really relates to all the videos you’ll be publishing and adding to this particular playlist easy awesome more views for you consecutively no obviously more views are awesome but this is important you really want to publish the videos that you’ve added to your video topics list you want to be consecutive you want to identify one theme or topic and then you want to consecutively publish videos on that topic because that is what will bring subscribers back to watch your next video your success will be found in your next video especially when you just keep on keeping on in publishing more videos it always works now if you want to branch out that’s fine but begin this process from the beginning start with identifying a topic and this time you really want to ensure this topic relates to your first topic for example maybe you’ve got a playlist on container gardening on butterfly gardening and on herb gardening these are all related they are under the umbrella of gardening it’s important and that’s how you branch out and step number seven more views and more watch time ritual style it’s consistency that is rewarded on YouTube look at in any of the new channels that are blowing up and time and time again you’ll see they’re consistent on their topic you’ll see that they’re consistent with their publishing style I dare you to follow this strategy for 60 to 90 days and watch what happens hide area now after you publish your last videos and start focusing on publishing your next video right away the goal being you to make that video better than what you published last time and when you continue to be consistent when you continue to publish and you’re striving for better things get pretty exciting oh by the way when you’re about six weeks in you’re gonna be thinking this totally doesn’t work that jerk and the truth of the matter is it does work however the YouTube algorithm rewards videos slowly especially when you’re a small Channel because you can’t drive two or three or five thousand views in a few days thus you can’t accumulate the needed watch time however as you continue to publish you’ll gain more subscribers they’ll come back and watch you’ll drive even more views and one day you will be able to drive 3,000 views in 48 hours and I just did that that was impossible just six months ago this system works how can you drive even more views at the end of your video well don’t forget to leverage the ritual hand off what’s that simply tell viewers at the end of your video to watch the next video for example earlier I mentioned about YouTube tags check out that video in the YouTube card right now it’ll help you drive even more views with your tags that is the ritual hand off I just handed viewers from one video and I handed them off to another video and that is resulted in as much as 10 to 20 percent more views on every video I publish and it’s just that easy even better new feature alert YouTube is currently rolling out thumbnail impressions as well as click through ratio data in analytics this is a big deal and can help you drive even more views and more watch time check out that video in the YouTube card or right now highly recommended and do this if you want to grow a channel make sure to subscribe click on the B to the G yellow icon below you’ll subscribe I’ll continue to share the strategies and tactics that have allowed me to grow when you feed a poodle I got two and they’re hungry I’ll see you next time hey thanks for watching do you dig

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