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Super Affiliate System Review



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hello guys this is Jerry for a small app let’s assess and take a look at this video by john chris tolly i’m sure many of you are very familiar with this video because john christening has been promoting this video a lot on youtube on facebook and all of the internet so I’m a ma’am I was a member of Super Affiliate System Review and I want to share with you what it is inside super affiliate system and what they are hiding from you in this review but first before we get started I want to answer one of the most common questions people have asking and value what is the difference between super of the system and internet jet-set basically internet jet-set is just a course is a 12-week course of with step-by-step course then it’s a part of super affiliate system and there are a lot more tools and resources inside super clear system internet that says just one of the forces and I this is my super fair system on my website smartflex a sense if you are interested you can click on the link in the description area to go and take a look at this in-depth review I’m sure this is going to work your time if you are interested of their marketing and if you have the intention to purchase super clear system or anything basically Unversed I was very skeptical about this program so I’ve have purchased their courses and try it out myself to see what it really is and this is the order details I have purchased have purchased internet jet set system that cause a forty seven dollars and not jets an extreme upgrade that cost one hundred and eighty seven dollars so in total this review is worth more than two hundred thirty-four dollars USD dollars so I’m sure this is this review well worth your time and so first you can you can search for drama christening online real all of these reviews and but I won’t go into details about movie strong you stunning because you can’t read them online yourself just won’t show you that John christening is yet another another internet marketer marketer that has been showing off his Lambo his luxury mansions cars and his lifestyles on anything in his YouTube video and disorders and so this is just one of the signal one of the thing that you have you should beware be aware of because that is a hint to a skin so let’s go into what super affiliate system really is and what is the funnel behind so first like I’ve said I’ve the first hand experience with SAS so I know exactly what they are providing you with and what you will be asked to purchase and everything so let me review this funnel to you so that you know what to expect if you want to buy this or not so first john christening will drive on the traffic everywhere from facebook instagram youtube or his website you drag here he’ll drive all the traffic to his webinar language and this weber is a one hour she talks about how to build your own online business and in the end he’ll be selling you the Internet Jet Set product which costs forty seven dollars per month oh but you don’t have to go through this webinar and sign up for a if you don’t want because this webinar is available on youtube this is the webinar now he will be on through after sign up or you just have to search free life training how to build your online business from nothing just your study and this one or flat-ass webinar you can view it free on youtube so if you’re interested you just go and search searching online and you will be able able to do it what’s most important or important is once it’s behind this webinar let’s take a look at next to those two steps so in turn ingest step program is the product that you will be will be promoting after the webinar and immediately after there will be an upsell that cost one hundred eighty seven dollars about extra case studies so this episode is very immediate right after you put you put in your credit all details to purchase internet jet program and you’ll be being linked to this upsell page and this is the web this is the web web run web your armpit signup page and this is the upsell page so I have purchased this Super Affiliate System Review  up sell myself by accident efforts I don’t want to purchase this observe because I thought it was enough to just use the internet just for the seven dollar membership to test drive this system and see what it is inside but as you can see if you like if you click on this button I was I was expecting to be leaked believe to another payment processing page to put in my credit card details and everything but instead I have put in my credit card details before or to purchase the Internet Jessop now when I click on this yes button I was immediately lead to a page that says thank you for purchasing so Matt I have purchased this Internet just said extra case study or what it was over by accident so I was really annoyed and pissed off for this one next let’s take a look at what it is inside internet jet-set and what other forces so image asset is a platform that basically have three main components the first is the 12-week step by step towards that have have talked about and you can see all the topics for the conflicts courses here basically marketing choosing your niche tours of worst landing page facebook and google adwords and so on and so on so this is a very decent tough except step by step worse in fact the cost is above average you can learn a lot a lot of things from these of weeks so it is this part is okay and next jessa life is a monthly webinar where you you can you can get extra guidance and tips related to online marketing about different topics so and number three the extra extreme case study archive is the upsell they have accidentally purchased and this is just an extra interview series from some other internet marketers or or influencers so i don’t think if it’s worth hundred eighty seven dollars they also have some of their marketing pros to help you grow your online business however these tools are all third party tools which means these are not the post / Jong Christine themselves it’s actually pause from other companies and they are just providing your view there a clear link to purchase that this respect it was for you to use so basically I feel that this page is worthless because it’s all about a glimmer of Li marketing and generating baths and money for it Jean Pierre sign because all these are affiliate links to all other products that you have to purchase all right so this Pfizer no no so when you go through what I like about this system and what I don’t like about this so first I got like I’ve said though the top with course is a it’s a very decent and above every every step-by-step training and they have pre-built templates of as landing page and campaigns for you to utilize so as a complete you know you don’t have to worry about all the how to create your own as your landing page to sell your stuffs so that is a good point and number three they offer a money-back guarantee and they do give you money back because I have purchased a forty seven dollars membership lat and exited absorb one hundred eighty seven dollars and after going through and testing the system system myself I request a refund and they do give me the money back 100% so this part is pretty good now now comes to the things that that is I don’t really like and it’s very scary number one drunk christening offers a lot of unrealistic claims for example at first live you tell you that you can earn your first Commission in less than two hours I’m going to tell you how they help you able to give their promise in the first place but when you see all the emails and Oddie all the advertisements by John to study you will see that a lot of kiss promotional emails promotional things are all about time are all about unrealistic claims like how you’ve got going to make money within a very short period of time like this one this is the emails I receive from journalists on from 0 to L $800 by Monday 15 minutes to 45 point to five dollars earn online money in two hours so on and so forth he is all about promoting unrealistic dreams and hopes that is basically impossible because I am a experienced in the internet marketer and I know this death this is absolutely impossible for beginners because internet marketing or affiliate marketing or anything online or any business written has a steep learning curve and is not just possible to make your first dollar in within a certain period of time there’s a process behind and unique the system and training to get this result so let me review to you how how the members earn their first Commission within two hours so basically John Christine you will ask you to claim someone else’s website as themselves and like to Amazon Amazon Associates like Amazon to claim them these websites are theirs to apply for Amazon Associates membership so if you have the Amazon associate membership you can you can promote a flip products on Amazon to make money so first they are asked you to lie to Amazon that some someone else’s websites doors and get approved fast for the membership after that you grab the affiliate link from Amazon and promote it then post it on your Facebook or tell a friend to purchase it and then you earn your first Commission simple as that but that is not real a flea market is it’s not sustainable sustainable and it is not the right way to do it because it’s just not natural it’s it’s just a way for beginners to feel their old in this affiliate system works and that is to get a view of how this thing works so next no tools are provided within the super yes system like I’ve said all the tools they recommend to you are here of their things and they own no towards next they have a very every sport and there’s points only via email you your take very long to get a reply from them so this is not good and lastly they are very very sell see as you can see from all their ass here promotional emails all this they are very selfie and promotional they claim a lot of unrealistic promises and they they give you fake hope spouse hopes to beginners so I think this is very pretty clear that super affiliate system on internet Jet Set is a scam it is told a total scam despite that they have a decent training step-by-step training other than that of all the panels and nerd the other parts of the system is just scams they are making post-post promises and all this so please stay away from super affiliate system or internet just set now if you want to really build another marketing business online and make a real income without using these unethical methods I would recommend you to check out my number one recommendation and that is wealthy of live here is a quick quick comparison between wealthy elite and super affiliate system so as you can see like I’ve said just now super fiercest and most zero tools they don’t have any tools for you to to use and build your online business but wealthy affiliate has a lot of boost would help you view your online business for example they have web hosting website builder keyword research tool live chat comments feedback exchange platform so on and so forth number two wealthy affiliate has a 24 hours site support so you can literally get us a reply from their support team within minutes after your submitted support ticket and this is impossible for super of their system because they used a very slow email support system and next wealthy affiliate head of weekly live webinar instead of a monthly webinar on super affiliate system and the weekly live webinar is by their by wealthy affiliate life’s training coach and he’ll cover a lot of different topics in a flea market and McCowan marketing which is very beneficial in my opinion and once the affiliate also has a fully integrated community that the community members are very helpful to contribute to the community into the discussions to help other people grow well super of this system only has a really ordinary form of very traditional forum that is planets active and helpful and wealthy affiliate and wealthier flavor was created back in 2005 and to now they are in your 13th year of business Wow super athleticism was liquor in 2016 which is just two years from two years from now as of the price wealthy affiliate charges you $49 per month with no top sales you can choose to pay three hundred and sixty-nine dollars per year and there will be around less than $30 per month and there’s no further ourselves unlike superfluous system but you need to pay forty seven dollars a month and $187 episode and that is a really quick comparison between these two half of my wealthy affiliate is my topic a little platform for you to learn and earn online so I hope after watching this review you have a clear understanding of what wealthy of Lyrae Supervia system really is and which one to choose so if you’re interested to sign up over the area is free to get started you just need to click on a link in the description area below and you’ll be brought to wealthy affiliate community very soon I’ll be there to guide you and connect with you once you are in and no critical information is required to sign up for wealthy affiliate with us which is a very big last point so I hope to see you there and I hope to connect with you and help you grow your own business thanks a lot for your time to watch this review and I wish you all the best in your online marketing journey

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