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Everybody Adam Payne here coming at you from central Japan with beers with Adam in the video marketing inside I just got a cup of hot coffee which is a bit of a silly thing to do because it’s 39 degrees outside here in Japan it’s crazy where I’m living in Nagoya that a few people actually pass away through heatstroke so I’m going to stay inside in the cool got the aircon on and I want to go through a product in this review video it’s called the super affiliate system that’s kind of a generic name but it’s definitely not a generic product it’s pretty intense and this video could go on a little bit longer than my average review period because there’s so much stuff to go through now before we get into the actual product if you go onto Google or YouTube and you search for super affiliate system review you’ll get a mismatch of information purely because of the generic name of the concept the product at certain products appear with related names which aren’t actually true you’ll get the usual people that will review it but then kind of bash it and promote their own stuff and there’ll be other reviews which are fine but they’re outdated and this course has been updated we’re now in or coming up to the end of July 2018 beginning of August and this has been updated to you know match today’s market because things change very quickly online and what worked yesterday doesn’t always work today things get updated very quickly and it’s really hard as a product creator and I create my own products you create a great product a few months down the line Facebook changing their interface Google AdWords has just changed recently so you couldn’t really keep on top of things and that’s one thing that I like about this product and the guy that made it is he does keep on the top of things now the guy that made it is called John crostini and John reached out to me privately on skype and just to prove I’m not lying I’m going to show you I’ve got a block off of some stuff cuz it’s a private conversation but this is John’s picture he reached out to me on skype I’ll bring him down there look John crostini there is and told me about his product would I be interested in taking a look he set me up with the review copy so I’ve been going for it this past couple of days and it’s Wow is all I can say now I have personally spent more money on trying to learn and master affiliate marketing than any other kind of marketing because affiliate marketing suits me you know some people are introverted they don’t want to get on video no I don’t mind getting on video because video is my thing but a lot of people are introverted and they wonder you know just promote stuff without actually being out there a lot of people don’t want to create products and services so they lean towards affiliate marketing but what you need to know about affiliate marketing is it’s not easy it’s difficult and it’s like a huge jigsaw puzzle and if you have a missing piece or a couple of missing pieces it’s just not going to work and the trouble is that most products out there especially the cheaper products they teach you about a couple of pieces of the puzzle but they don’t tell you about the rest of the stuff because they don’t know or you know they’re ignoring telling you so you still remain confused and you buy a product off the products of theirs to try and fix it all together so I want to just say affiliate marketing is not easy it’s hard and there are lots of different skills you can master but if you become relative you’re not the best in the world if you become relatively good at affiliate marketing you can make a lot of money I mean I’ve affiliate marketing has basically allowed me to more than replace my my main job in career I’ve got experience as a teacher here in Japan in universities yeah I make more of affiliate marketing working less and I ever did teach him but it wasn’t overnight you know and I do either stuff as well I have my own products and services I’ve my membership site but affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online but you gotta learn a skill set so gonna go for this product but please be aware that if you buy it you’re gonna have to invest time to go through it you’re gonna have to invest a little bit of money not only buying the product but on running some traffic potentially getting a few tools but if you’ve got the right mindset this is the place to be for affiliate marketing so let’s go through John Chris Tommy’s super affiliate system so when you log in you get a nice slick membership site and it’s all very easy to follow so if we click on the little plus sign it opens up and it goes through a quick guide to everything so we have the course outline targeting data ad swipes please pages networks and more ad networks and I can’t show you everything period because some of this stuff is you know it’s confidential basically if I show you stuff you can swipe it and that’s not really fair to jump but I’m going to go through it briefly so the first thing when you’re an affiliate marketer is you have to what is your end goal you know is your end goal to sell a product in a specific niche do you want to get into the singing niche do you want to get into the diet niche you want to get into the biz op niche depending on the niche you chose that a variety of different networks that you need to join now networks are places where you can find products to promote and you join the network you find a product and you get a unique link and the easy way of me saying this is you put that link in throught in front of people that have a problem that the product solves and if they click on it and buy you the product through your link you get paid a commission straight into your PayPal account or to your bank depending on the network but of course it’s not that simple so you’re going to need a website so this shows you how to set up your website because if you send all of if you send all of your traffic directly to the sales page most people aren’t going to buy it and you’ve lost them but if you have your own website you can capture people’s information for example you can build an email list or you can build what’s called a pixel on Facebook or Google AdWords so that may be a bit advanced to you right now but it allows you to build your own list of people that you can then promote to again and again and again you say show you how to set up your pre sale page so rather than what everybody else does is send traffic to the main sales page use up your own page which is different with a unique spin a unique take on stuff which really do sleep into the pain point of that person and you’re gonna better get a better chance of getting the sale he shows you how to set up Facebook Ads in a compliant whitehat way we do not want to be you know getting our account slapped cut going back a little bit once I spend ten thousand dollars to join the CPA mastermind amazing support amazing training but unfortunately it was very very technical and advocated blackhat stuff no I don’t mind blackhat stuff but if your accounts get slapped or banned you’ve basically got to write up a new account with a new credit-card new bank account and for me living in Japan that’s not feasible it may be easier if we’re in the US or the UK but it’s a hassle I’d rather run a business following the rules of the network so I can just chill out and relax better how to work with affiliate networks is also very important you need to have a good relationship with your network as well now if we just click on one of these I’ll just show you what it kind of looks like you click on it and it will open up into a new page and there will be a video sometimes it will be John talking this one’s half an hour long and sometimes it will be over the shoulder tutorials but we’re not talking two minute videos or just you know roughly put together PDF this is some good stuff that’s much worse week one so you can spend a whole week going through that if it takes you a little bit longer so beers maybe at your own pace week two is very very important it’s researching your niche choosing your offer choosing your network and how to really delve deep into the customer avatar what are the pain points that your customers are having and how can you craft your materials to touch on those pain points to potentially get more sales and it also goes through mindset as well which is very very important and one of the best things I like here is understanding intent so let’s think I come on to Facebook as a regular guy I’m not coming on to Facebook to hopefully find an affiliate offer if an affiliate offer comes in front of me or someone’s trying to sell something unless it really is something that I’m interested in I’m gonna skip over it and even if I am interested in it I didn’t come on to Facebook to find it but if I come on to YouTube for example or Google and I type in how to get rid of herpes then maybe you know that I’m doing that because I might suffer from that condition and I want to find find out and if I can find a glib bit of content which teaches me and recommends you know a solution I’ve got a much better potential for that person of being a buyer because the intent of me physically searching something as to me just you know surfing on Facebook is very very different so you need to market to different people differently marketing skills so good copywriting now copywriting is not just writing sales pages that’s writing Facebook Ads that’s writing emails that’s writing headlines that’s crafting opt-in pages really important and that’s a very very important skill to master you don’t actually have to become a professional copywriter but you do need to hone your copy skills and that’s something I’ve also spent a lot of time and effort in doing and I’m not perfect by a longshot I’m I’ve still got lots to learn I I’m not a copywriter but I’m much better at writing copy than I was when I started and you just got to put in the effort there’s no way around it we go through Facebook ads and we go through AdWords here which is really really important these are two biggest you know traffic sources online Facebook and Google AdWords and then my favorite YouTube ads the reason it’s my favorite is because that’s what I do along with organic YouTube and there’s less competition so if you understand YouTube ads that’s a great skill set to have go through native ads as well native ads are when you know when you kind of scroll to the bottom of a blog post and it’s like you may also like now with the fake news clamp down a lot of that stuff’s disappeared but as long as you’re honest and open as long as your headlines are true and you’re not lying you can still run these kind of ads we didn’t go through how to scale up once you’ve got some successes how do you scale up correctly how do you automate the process so it saves you time we’ve got some other ad campaigns here some advanced software some other affiliate programs now come down here this is really cool ready to launch campaigns so these are different campaigns some of these are not in English but you can still run them even if you speak English especially if you utilize YouTube I’ll speak more about that later but let’s just say you wanted to go into skincare you’d click on skincare and I’m going to have to cover some of this stuff up because again you can you know potentially I’m not saying you would but it’s somebody might come across this and try and steal the information but there’s videos about it there’s different products you can promote this landing pages there’s ad copy there’s how to target and this is really really good stuff now you’ve got a this is a Facebook ad these are more native ads different things here but you can just you know you can use these for inspiration and you can run ads here you can use these for YouTube thumbnails you can use these for Facebook ads you can use these for native ads depending on you know what it is want to do one thing I’m not going to show you right now but one thing they do have in this course which is absolutely amazing is they have custom audiences of proven buyers so they have spreadsheets and this is worth the course in itself they have spreadsheets of email addresses of people that have bought stuff in that particular niche now you can upload that custom audience to your Facebook account your ads account and then you can create a look-alike audience Facebook or growl and it will go and find you know 1 million or 2 million people living in for example the US or Canada Australia there are very very similar to the people that are proven buyers and then you can run your ads to those people and potentially get much better sales on Facebook rather than just you know targeting by interest you know somebody that likes beauty or somebody that reads a specific magazine that is worth its weight in gold we’ve got ad swipe files here this is the target this is the data by the way I was talking about here I’m not gonna open that up but now that it’s in there you’ve got ad swipe so you can click on this and you can get different things that you can swipe use it for inspiration for your campaigns John he’s an expert CPA and affiliate marketers even Rutgers our network that is ran so you got swipes for like dating mortgage gold diets and German Muscle some of these niches will be Facebook some of these niches will be better for Adwords or different systems you’ve got to pick and choose the one that’s right for you you don’t have to go to all of them you even get presale pages now that you can download and you can integrate or you can upload to your own domains which is which is really really cool now if we come back I think it’s this one here ok wait it’s not that is this here you’ll also get access to tons of other stuff you could enjoy in John’s own Network if you want to maybe you don’t need to but you can he provides you certain traffic sources some of these of course you gonna need a lot of money to use some of these and I’m not a fan of like the silo ads one but one thing that’s really cool is this here this is amazing click on bonus material this gives you access to a lot of sorry weapon there this gives you a lot of access to tons of training on specific aspects of marketing this course here this launch jacking course by Pyong Kim which is part of the rib which jerk launched this in itself if we click on this and we open this this that this is like you know several hundred dollars worth in itself I mean you can go through here and there are tons and tons of videos of how he approaches high-end launch jacking so he’ll actually get you know promote these big launches and he’ll get his content ranked so that when the launch goes live his stuff is already out there he talked you through the basics of finding launches and getting domains he actually shows you from live link building so he actually goes out and buys links there’s tons of good stuff in there and that’s just that one you know how to create authority review sites Facebook Ads econ with Aidan booth you get a few downloads for PDFs and ebooks that’s just in there there’s tons of stuff so I mean super affiliate system is full on high level affiliate marketing stuff but you can approach this if you’re a complete beginner and work through it at your own pace they’ve got a Facebook group that you can join as well and you can get your questions answered they have webinars weekly webinars where John’s on live and you can check that out there are tons of things you can get involved with with this course I mean you could probably buy this course and if you take part in the course you implement and you are active in the community you probably wouldn’t need to buy an affiliate marketing you know course ever again now for those of you that have my vmi course you’ve got some really cool techniques when it comes to video you know you could promote this I mean this is a great product to promote you get some great commissions but you can learn inside of this course different ways that promoting different products you know you can promote VMI you can promote super affiliate system you can promote cpa offers high end offers tons of stuff now you make a lot of money but just be prepared to put in the work put in the effort and have a little bit of money for paid traffic because you are gonna need to test stuff if you’re completely broke you know i’d rather just put some money aside and say up until you can afford something like this now below this video there will be a link to my full review on my abeer zoo items site I do have a little bonus but I don’t want to create one of these massive bonuses because there’s so much content in here it would just it would be overwhelmed for me to create a huge bonus and oh this planet does not need a bonus to be perfectly honest because it’s so in-depth as it is and I’ve just decide that my mindset is there are certain people that are going to people in certain things I personally bit of a you go but I personally think I should be one of the go-to people when it comes to video marketing you know my friend Chris Blair is my go-to guy when it comes to e-commerce I’ve got a friend called James who’s one of my go-to guys for SEO and for his mindset and mentoring and all that kind of stuff junker Stanley should be one of your go-to guys for affiliate marketing or CPA that being said I hope you’ve enjoyed the super affiliate system review again please let me know in the comments on youtube or on the blog if you have any questions feedback whatever it is you want to know and they’ll be linked below to pick it up click on the link and you know just if you’d like to access my bonus just once you’ve purchased shoot me over an email and I’ll be more than happy to deliver your bonus manually because you know if your body through my link that’s why I promised so thank you for watching I appreciate your time that’s my super affiliate system reviewed by John Chris Donnie have a nice day

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