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Video Transcript of the Super Affiliate system 3.0 by John Crestani:

Super affiliate system 3.0 by John Crestani I purchased the course of being through the six weeks of training and now in this video I’m gonna be showing you inside the members area sharing everything that you actually get giving you my honest opinion and review on the super affiliate system so very very shortly we’re gonna jump to the computer guys but before we do jump in that if you enjoy this video and you like what you see you interested in joining the super affiliate system if you use the link in the description down below that is gonna be an affiliate link okay if you purchase through that link I will earn a small Commission okay but as a thank you for using that link I’m actually gonna give you a discount okay if you use that link down there it’s gonna give you the best discount available at this time especially for you viewers alright so make sure you use that link down there if you are interested in joining this course so this course it focuses on getting paid traffic to affiliate offers okay it’s gonna teach you everything that you need to know about that so let’s jump on computer I’ll show you inside the members area and everything that you get so let’s go alright thank I so welcome to the inside members area of John crostinis super affiliate system just gonna give you a quick rundown I don’t wanna make this video too long and boring and I also can’t give away too much information I can’t show you too much because then what will be the point in him you know selling this course alright so I’m gonna show you as much as I possibly can give you a good idea of what this course is all about so as you can see right here we have six weeks of different things right here okay set up a profile goals week one week two YouTube and certification for week five weeks six okay so this is a six week course mainly focusing on running paid traffic to affiliate offers okay to promote affiliate offers through Facebook Ads Google Ads YouTube ads and all of that good stuff okay running paid traffic to promote affiliate offers that is what this course is mainly about and you’re gonna get six weeks of training and it is jam-packed guys is a lot I’ll show you inside the actual course in just a moment but trust me there’s a lot of information and a lot of training inside this course you get a lot of value for your money and on top of this training that he provides you you also get some other stuff as well you got a lot good resources and is a great community as well where John himself is actually commenting replying to different posts and threads inside there and hundreds of other members also replying to comments everyone helping each other out which I’ll show you again very very shortly in this video I’ll just show you the dashboard very very quickly Before we jump into the main part the actual course and the training ok so this is the the dashboard it gets to the home page you’ve got tools and applications a collection of tools and applications to aid in building your marketing business everything that you need is right here ok they’ve got a calendar for all the different trainings which I’ll mention a bit more later on ok these live webinars latest posts ok posts in the forum the best ones that the most active ones the top posts right here ok everything that you need to know all the questions are talked about that you know this is gonna be answered right here the main questions will be right here and it says please search the form K this is gonna go into more detail about that again later as well but don’t forget to search the forum if you have any questions the forum is the first place to go okay because there’s a lot of questions being answered in there already I’ll show you later there’s a search button that you can use to actually find any answer that you’re looking for ok so let’s jump straight to the main part of this is with this one this is the part that everyone is looking forward to the most so let’s jump into this this is the co actual course itself as you can see guys it says 0 percent compared I’ve just reset this just to see you just to show you what it’s actually gonna look like when you sign up ok so this is it guys this is it 6 weeks of training and if I try to skip through to here if I try to skip into one of these ones see it won’t let me okay you have to watch them one by one that is what he wants you to do because that’s the best way if you’re just going through skipping all the videos you’re gonna miss a lot of important steps you’re gonna get things wrong you’re gonna make mistakes the mistakes are going to cost you money so trust him guys trust the way he wants you to do it don’t skip the videos just be patient go through the videos follow everything that he shows you step by step and you are going to have some success ok if he’s skipping through you know getting bold watching random videos you’re gonna make a lot of mistakes trust me a lot of mistakes will be made and I said they will cost you money every single small mistake you make it could cost you a lot of money so let’s have a look at this so this is week one the system setup so like you can see the length of the videos right here so there’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 videos just in week 1 ok week 1 is 10 videos about 5 minutes 14 minutes 20 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes ok all different varieties of lens and basically this is that you know this is the very basics this is week 1 this is getting you into it letting you know what you’re getting yourself into the system set up a case setting up your system on here joining an affiliate network is going to help you find an affiliate network to join setting up a website you know making a website pre sale pages all of these preset pages and stuff he’s got those in the resources right here for you ok so anything that you need in here he’ll mentioned in the videos you can just go to the resources and find everything right there ok so basically guys this is telling you what this is about getting you started then the week’s coming after that guys as you can see we’ve got week 2 Google Ads set up got some long videos in here guys 30 minute videos right here week 3 YouTube ads week for advanced and tactics using Facebook and stuff like that week 5 pre-sale pages and scaling your business case scaling your ads and stuff like that that’s when you can start actually making some money and can afford to start scaling by this point week 5 you should be able to do that guys alright on week 6 product selection ok so there we go like I said I can’t actually show you inside the videos because well be the point then you know like I said you won’t be any point in him selling this so I’m not gonna show you inside the videos like you can actually skip ahead guys I don’t recommend this at all but you can if you want click click here to start washing then I’m just gonna click that for now just wanna show you this very very quickly ok if you go to the languages right here I’ll play just a few seconds of this ok just to show you that they do have how do i mute this just to show you ok they do have closed captions in the videos as well so if you were if you don’t understand English refer to another language I do have a lot of different languages for you to choose from as well I got Dutch Spanish French Portuguese is that Russian I have no idea and then Chinese maybe Korean okay I’m not entirely sure how are those languages are but they’ve got most languages covered inside here so you can understand this no matter what language you speak okay assuming your view will be understanding English if you watch my videos though but they have got other options if you prefer to have some subtitles to understand it better okay but yeah guys so that is pretty much all there is to us I could not recommend it enough the value you get from this is incredible okay is really really really good value for your money six weeks of the pretty intense training guys is pretty in-depth highly highly recommend going through it you’re gonna learn a lot about setting up ads getting paid traffic to promote affiliate offers you can get a good good start on affiliate marketing and actually making a good income online okay I’m Phillip marketing after it’s all set up guys it’s basically passive income okay it takes a while to get set up but it is definitely worth it you’re gonna be earning money basically while you sleep with all of these ads running for you automatically you know overnight while he’s sleeping while you travel the world these ads are going to be constantly running is not much to do once they’re all set up there is not much to do at all okay passive income into your bank accounts it’s be 24/7 and he will teach you exactly how to do that in this course so like I said he does have resources for you as well he will mention in the videos when you need to access these resources when he tells you to just click this button right here and you’ll be taken to this page right here okay so you got resource links loads and loads of good stuff in here as well you got ads swipes so these are just you know things you can copy and paste basically pre subpages affiliate networks that you can join advertising networks legal resources so if you have any queries about you know anything you’re worried you’re gonna be doing something illegal you can check on the facebook policies the google policies u2 policies and all of that stuff all of the resources read all of these resources are in the side here as well loads of different stuff you can see right here loads and loads of tough stuff things to help you with with google finding keywords and stuff at that keyword research loads of things and then you’ve got the module resources right here okay so these ones like I said when you’re watching those videos he will mention I’ll check the week one resources and there’ll be some things in there for you okay check the week two ones there’ll be some things in there okay that’s how this will work loads of different things inside here resources to help you on your journey with becoming an affiliate marketer and finally guys I want to show you the community area okay this is the forum basically I’ve already opened it so it’s gonna click it right here so this is the forum and again loads of different threads and it’s got daily posts new people are pretty active in here not super super active but you can expect a reply from somebody pretty quickly okay so loads of different threads upcoming events before you get started so basic rules that everyone must follow so before you start anything he highly recommends that you read these okay read these rules right here those different things this is the most popular one a super affiliate system discussion let’s click in here I’ll just show you a few things so week one discussion loads of different things there and then here’s some threads that people have stopped star themselves and post people started okay and as you can see guys replies to 1223 for to you know not super active they you know 31 minutes ago somebody replied in this one hour ago five hours ago five hours ago pretty much daily you know daily updates in here people asking questions and you they do have a search function as well so if you do have a question any queries whatsoever you can do a quick search in here and it will find something you know that your question might have been answered already if it hasn’t then you can leave a post in here and somebody will get back to you okay alright and finally guys the last thing I want to show you is that he does do live weekly webinars okay these webinars he’s going to be actually doing these himself again he’s gonna be live he’s gonna be recording himself live answering any questions that anybody has okay so how you recommend watching these every time he goes live highly highly highly recommend watching these live streams okay you can click that right here says weekly calls I’ve just reset my account so it’s not gonna show me yeah okay so register for weekly training but it’s very very easy to do to click the button and basically just register and then you will get access to these live weekly webinars highly highly highly recommend these guys sign up to them there’s actually one what date is tomorrow okay it’s a webinar tomorrow there’s another one a week later another one a week later okay he does these every single week all you have to do enter your name email address and then boom you’re gonna be inside okay very very easy to do it says right here get your questions answered live every single week by 10 into weekly super affiliate system coaching calls make sure you attend on a desktop laptop computer and have a working microphone if you want to ask questions not all questions will be answered but we will try to get through as many as we can so there we go guys that is pretty much it highly recommend this system Jean Christine super affiliate system very very very good training inside very in-depth and it’s gonna give you a very good idea of how you can run paid traffic to promote affiliate offers using YouTube ads Facebook ads Google ads all sorts of ads this is going to be passive income for you once all of this has set up once you’ve gone through the training your ads are running on autopilot it’s gonna be passive income for you alright guys and that is it that is the super affiliate system by John Christine Ian that is my review on it and my honest opinion I really really enjoy the training I learned a lot from it I think the value for the money that you pay is absolutely great okay highly highly recommend you check this out you will learn a lot and you can learn how to make some big big money using paid advertisements to get paid traffic to your affiliate programs right everything you need to know is in the training and like I said he does those live webinars every single week as well you’ve got the community to help you if you need if you stuck with anything okay everything that you possibly need is inside this course inside this system and like I said to start this video if you are interested in joining use the link in the description down below that’s gonna get you the cheapest price available at this time okay I’ve got a special discount for you using that link as a thank you because like I said it is an affiliate link I will earn a small commission but as a thank you I’m gonna give you the discount on top of that okay so thanks watch this video guys if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up subscribe share with anyone that’s gonna be interested in John crostinis course super affiliate system help them out as well but yeah thanks for watching I’ll catch you in the next video. 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