SEO Autopilot Ranking Review and Case Study Update 2018

SEO Autopilot Review

Hey guys welcome very very cool case study I’ve got here that I’m gonna be giving out to everyone who gets SEO autopilot because I have to say s and also I’m gonna be giving it out to browse EO customers as well so if you picked up SEO autopilot I’ll give you access to this as I’ll show you all of the the names the actual keywords its ranking for and exactly what I’ve done to get these results along with that you also get access to the SEO autopilot skype group which they run nothing to do with me and they have just a huge amount of strategies and their a lot of action a lot of activity a lot of good vibes in there people talking about rankings and how different diagrams are working for them and all that kind of stuff so that’s awesome and you you’ve got that but I’m also gonna give you is this I’m gonna actually give you the keywords that I’m ranking for the strategy to find the right kind of buyer keywords so that you’re going to definitely be getting the right kind of people come to your blog that’s the key the key the most important thing in anything that you do online especially building websites and trying to you know make money you know you need to make sure that the keywords that you’re targeting with SEO are going to be bringing you leads gonna be bringing you potential customers okay so I’ll show you that exact strategy these are gonna be blurred out but I’m gonna keep I’m gonna show I’m just gonna keep that kind of I’ll have what I’ll do is I’m gonna blur these out but I’m gonna have a screenshot that I’m gonna show you and below the video you can click on that and you can see the main keywords blurred out but your you’ll be able to see the the review the keywords that these are based around so before and after review reviews reviews before and after for sale samples you know eye cream side effects reviews alternatives reviews reviews reviews price reviews so basically what these are are all buyer keywords much every single one of the keywords that I’m targeting here are buyer keywords that’s how I structured and I’ve targeted those keywords in in in order to make sure that when people come to my side they’re to be interested in what I’m selling or what is being sold this is purely an affiliate site it’s a CPA site I don’t even have any links on the page yet to actually sell a product and it’s just literally right now ranking case studies should get it into the Google SERPs using SEO autopilot so this is in also as I said earlier in the video it’s not just the case study for SEO so pilot it’s also an endorsement so to speak it’s just I have to say probably the best link building tool out there unbelievable support open chat the whole time you’re able to just communicate with the owners device are constantly updating the tool every single thing works in the to a hundred percent success rates are possible in average you get about 95% 96% success rates which is phenomenal absolutely phenomenal for link building tool it just shows how on top of it these guys are and SEO autopilot is responsible for pushing this site up the rankings and I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve used SEO autopilot using a little bit different than the guys are showing in the group although the guys are telling you what’s working for them which is awesome so I’m I’m the strategy that I’d use this is a little bit once removed and I’m using a lot of protection and making sure that I’m just really pushing power through different feeder sites and I’ll show you exactly how I did that if you pick up SEO so pilot or yeah so you need to have SEO also pilot otherwise it’s just not going to work for you because you need to use SEO autopilot to to get this to work in this way so if you you know if you’ve picked it up and you don’t have browse eyo I’ll give you accesses show you absolutely everything again and if you don’t have grout and if you do a browse EO and haven’t actually picked up SEO type either yet then you know please do and I will give you access to this as well I just don’t want it out there going to anyone and everyone right now so so this is what I just want to I don’t want to show basically I don’t want to be showing my site and this because it’s it’s it’s got potential as well and and I’m hoping that you know the the few people that are going to actually get access to it after buying SEO autopilot or browse your owners on I’m sure you guys are not gonna be messing with this sighs so I want to see how far we can take this side so that’s why I don’t want it just to be an open case study for everyone so you get access to so you do need to at least buy a co-pilot or have browser so with that being said let’s just move forward I’m gonna show you the results that we’ve got here so I’m not gonna use this is all cute and everything and I have to say very unnatural very inaccurate so if you’re thinking already five minutes ago this is inaccurate why you showing me the search console yeah of course we know this and that’s what I want to show you that don’t you can’t build that base anything on this this is completely inaccurate information however they are showing you keywords that are appearing across the entire spectrum of of Google right so I picked out 80 keywords about a month ago and just been tracking them now it’s got like 300 keywords and it’s apparently ranking for somewhere yeah 286 keywords that it’s appeared for will say in search right so I think it’s pretty pretty pretty nice number for just a month or so and I haven’t really hadn’t done anything to this site in a month I bought the domain added a couple of posts used SEO autopilot and a few other things but all with SEO autopilot and these are the results what google webmaster consoles sending me showing me that I I’m ranking for and what I did was again I I grabbed some of the keywords about a month ago when there were only 80 keywords so I literally grabbed all of the keywords and then I went and I put them into se ranking which is a rank tracker and it has a few other things but I only use it for the rank tracking and right now after doing nothing running one or two campaigns with one major one one very minor one and again I’ll go into strategy exactly what I did this is just showing you the case study and the results that you can get very easily really very easily here is seventy-seven up as of today updated yesterday 37 down that’s not so bad it’s just sort of I’m leaving I’m literally I’ve left it for about a month now so it’s time for another campaign and some more links I’m doing it very very slowly so as you can see a lot of ups look this one went up 27 places how many total what does it said how many it should tell me somewhere the amount I don’t know exactly where it is but it’s look we’ve got eight eleven I mean it’s up a lot a number so uh 77 positions there you go okay but no because this one here is up forty fifty I mean this alone here this is up a lot more than 77 positions I’m not sure where the right info is anyway regardless of that again this is going to be blurred out in the video I’m gonna have in the bottom you’ll see the the less blurred out version showing that their buyer keywords okay so this is again using SEO autopilot at the core with some other very very safe strategies just little safety nets that I’ve used and I’ll share with you and show you exactly I’ve done that so if you’re if you’ve got sites that are really you know you you’re very paranoid to use and you don’t want to just go ahead and blast it I would this is exactly why I’ve done it this way because it’s as safe as it could possibly be and it really works as well so here we have just keywords these will be blurred out but again in below there’ll be a image with all of the so you’ll be able to see reviews reviews reviews and you know by by review before and after ingredients like questions and like money keywords so we have again so it what is so very interesting and what actually prompted me to make this video is I want to motivate people so just you shouldn’t have to just don’t just rely and think it’s it you needs lots of traffic to start seeing results because and and and and also not to just rely on what Google’s telling you especially over here in the webmasters it says eight clicks in the last twenty eight days if we look over here at analytics it’s more than that I mean this is the last ninety days so if we look in the last twenty eight days analytics is saying twenty four users and on average nearly two minutes compared to flipping Korea mean it’s it’s all curated content none of it’s actually written it’s probably about 20 words maximum or I don’t know 10 20 30 words maximum on each page are actually written the rest of it is just curated and and and and again that’s what you’ll see you’ll see exactly how this site has literally cost nothing’s put together it is an expired domain so that’s another little bonus bit of info give you right there that isn’t expired domain you do need to make sure that you know what you’re looking for when you’re picking expired domains and and use them in this way you get to circumvent all of the initial sort of two three four months of you know being really really careful with your sites so and you get instant rankings for really really really easy keywords when using these expired domains instant meaning you know if it’s expired probably about a week you’ll it’ll come out of this little sandbox and and then you know if it’s if it’s never been dropped in that kind but we’re not gonna get into that right now I mean I’m getting up in a little bit Anjan I know the videos starting to get on we’re already about 10 minutes and I want to end it soon and this is how I’m gonna end it you’re actually gonna end it now you’ve seen the small amount of traffic that this site has has got here that it’s saying right so 24 users in the last month search console saying 8 in the last 28 days although it says that it appeared somewhere in results for 300 keywords or so but in the very few of them are actually in the top results the some of them RNA is driving traffic and the reason I know is simply based on my autoresponder because this is actually where the money is really it’s not on the front end building out that it’s not it’s not really on the front end selling these affiliate products because it can be very profitable to do it that way but by building yourself something that’s gonna be a little bit more especially if you’re just building these affiliate sites and so when you see this site you’ll see wow that’s just my pre it’s not a very nice-looking site and however this is what prompted me to actually look into it a little bit more is I noticed one of my streams with it in the autoresponder had 21 leads in it and there was no name so I had to go search through the tags and I found the only tag that I forgot about was when I added a an opt-in page about three weeks ago to this to this case studies I figured you know what I’m getting a couple of hits I might as well add an opt-in form and look at this I added the form just before the 20th I think I think what happened on the round about the 20th is the site started to get a little bit more traffic and as you can see February 20th 2018 this is real time this is happening now every day one or two to three here one on the 22nd 226th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and here’s me when I opted in on one of this that’s because I’m already in another list say yeah and there we go look the 20 22nd March 6th up until yesterday March 11 2008 and p.m.

Someone has opted into this horrible looking site horrible nothing I think up there and content is just literally curated to the most minimal degree and it’s ranking it’s getting traffic and now is the time to start adding real content maybe one of the I think I have actually updated one or two of the posts to have decent content but by and large out of there I think 9 and 10 9 or so posts on there eight or seven out of the nine posts which are all generating traffic have got just very minimal content and that’s how the site was actually started with very very minimal content and then I only recently added the other longer articles when I saw it started to get a little bit more attraction and that did bring it up a little bit in the rankings and started to make it a little bit more of an authority site and not just having purely curated content so that’s our end the video now if you again pick up SEO autopilot I’m gonna go ahead to Cherie with you the exact strategy that I used exactly the site that’s ranking and and I’ll show you the site give you all the information so that you have another just bit of motivation to know that this is a strategy that you can follow and know that you’re going to be bringing in the right visitors okay all the using SEO autopilot in in there are so many different ways building backlinks this is not really gonna be how I’ll show you how but it’s not just about that it’s about bringing in the right keyword so that when they come to your site they’re gonna be opting in like this with the smallest amount of traffic I’m probably getting ten visitors a day maybe probably even less and these people are just opting in and these are real emails I mean Yahoo cost on their STM Gmail Gmail okay these are obviously gonna be Verizon now I mean they’re blurred out I’m not gonna show you them obviously but I mean I think that’s that probably says it all hasn’t it I’m gonna end the video and if you’ve got any questions and comment below I’m gonna post this in the group also on youtube and wherever you see this just comment below and let me know if you’ve any questions you

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