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Hey guys brian panel here hope you’re doing well I just wanted to come back to you with some ranking proof I I am loving SEO autopilot but I am loving the domain Authority stacking diagram that they’ve got within there and you know once you get in there you can actually create your own diagrams and things but the domain Authority stacking one is giving some real real power now remember this is an automated tool and automated tools or automate this automated tool is using web twos right web properties I got a high authority but normally you have to wait a little while before the juice that they create trickles through to your money site in my experience you have to wait a little bit longer than that a pbn now the reason you can get them to rank faster for longer tail keywords the more specific and the more Sniper it into a money keyword you are or the short of the money keyword the higher competition that just the longer it takes which kind of makes sense if you look at it from Google’s perspective you don’t want to you don’t want Google Google don’t want you thinking that you can create a load of these properties and then within two months your ranking on the first page the same word PPM’s really I have noticed that you you know you create your backlink you have you a bit of a dance and then after after six months even a year for really competitive terms you then notice that kind of got to start to settle out a little bit so don’t get disheartened that’s you know that’s just what I’m what I’m seeing now these inner paté this these rank this ranking improvement that you seen just in front of you here I did not send the links to any of the inner pages that I’m showing here in front of you I sent domain authority stacking just to the homepage okay and the reason for that was that I noticed that there was you know we were starting to get a little bit heavy on links internally on it to internal pages then the home page and we haven’t worked on the home page for a while so I thought right okay I’m gonna you know send this to the home page I indexed using the SEO autopilot indexer so a lot of the tier 1 links got indexed but I only used naked URL and brand name or brand names you know didn’t use keywords or anything because the key word with one of the keywords is actually in the business name so but from a reverse engineering perspective when you go and check out like the title tags go if you go into like majestic or a hate Refs you can see what the title tags are of the inbound links to your website or to your urls and stuff like that and that’s that’s what I did the articles were decent quality super spun articles that title had their you know the main keywords that this customer looks after their main niches there’s a couple different niches very closely related but very specific separated out keywords so yeah they there you go didn’t even send the links to the money pages I sent it to the home page to make sure that that home page had relevant backlinks but also more backlinks than the inner pages because that can be a bit of a flag to Google if you’ve got you know a home page there’s not very many backlinks and then loads of inner pages got lots of backlinks that can you know say to Google hey this is this sites being se owed so um yeah just I think this is just a great great little case study to say that didn’t even send the links to the money pages and the money pages have gone up this is about a week ago maybe a little bit less than a week that I got everything in all the tier ones indexed and like I say I’m not worried about it getting penalized because it’s just either naked URLs or the brand name or variations of the brand name like limited spelt Li M ited instead of you know let’s just show you let me just them I’ll tell you what let me just give you a so the actual links that were in the article itself would be URL and then URL variations so you know you can remember you can have HTTP without WW or with WW right and then you’ve got the actual thing and then KO don’t you okay and then with all without the trailing slash okay so you can have this just this part here as a clickable link variation yeah you can have just this bit another variation and then you can add on the trailing slashes yeah I know lots of you know this guys and no but there’s lots of people on my list that don’t so you know just bear with me while I’m all I do this and then so that was that’s like the URL variations and then the names would be ABC ABC limited a space C limited now I know this doesn’t help from a Google my business perspective but that’s not what I’m what we’re trying to do here this is this is purely trying to get your a few more backlinks to the homepage that won’t get you penalized and then obviously yeah our bloomin exile you would have limited spoke like that the ABC didn’t come off so I think it’s because I’ve got stuff running in the background and that was it now just bear in mind that this client does have a keyword in his actual name okay so that can that can help all right but then the articles or the post titles would be you know ABC limited being serving so in Birmingham for 100 years you you know and obviously this is this will be spun Birmingham can be here in the UK we we say Birmingham and we can also say rum okay so you know that can that can help and then you’d have it spun like that just so on and so forth okay try and make sure you’ve got your keyword in the title or an arrow it can be broadly related but as closely related as possible yeah you know if they do plumbing and gas like most plumbers over here or most gas men over here are plumbers and you know vice versa so you know you can have best plumber and gas man right I know these are you know these are stupid examples I’m just trying to get this over to you just just so you could you get the idea of what I have done to get this to to happen right plumber gas man Korky registered which is a like an association kind of thing that you know you have to gas man all right and you know you can go on as long as you can go on but then once that’s spun okay this is spin it spin syntax once that’s spun only one of these will get kicked out okay so you know the title I’m gonna say the title I’m talking about things like let’s bring this over here a minute let’s just go this so the title I’m talking about is like this here right that is the title but if but sometimes Google brings its own title out of makes it up so if I hover over here you say plummet you can see it says plumbers and plumbing service in Burma and West Midlands Gumtree okay that is the title so when you make creating these posts it’s got the keyword in here we actually got a couple of them in here because you’ve got plumbers and plumbing service in Birmingham okay and that’s pop from the URL that’s the one of the main things that Google reads and it passes the relevancy and all of that down through so despite the fact that we’re not using loads of anchor text we’re getting relevancy from the title of that page okay and it’s working really really well and it’s working really really well with SEO autopilot okay all right then guys all the best cheers for now bye bye

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Originally posted 2019-06-28 15:10:12.