SENuke TNG vs SEO AutoPilot Review [Overview | Walkthrough] Backlinking Software

SEO AutoPilot Review

Hey hey guys Brian ponal here thank you for all the messages I’ve had lots and lots of emails since my email this morning main question being does software still work with building backlinks and also people confirming to me that they’re even though they bought lifetime licenses or whatever of SE nuke they’re still just having having issues with it I do still use software to build backlinks not as aggressively as I once used to and I definitely do not create thousands and thousands of backlinks using software but first I just wanted to just show you that this is just something for ram.4 SE nuke and you know look at all these red fails and that that’s actually posting the article so where is black I don’t know if it’s it might be a bit difficult to see but this here means that there it wasn’t didn’t manage to create an account but where is black so that’s gray and this is the this is black it’s create an account but it still can’t post to these sites which to me just makes it pretty goddamn useless and so I haven’t used SE nuke for a long time but I have been using SEO autopilot and what I like about SEO autopilot is its success rates with regards to the backlinks to the bills okay so this is a fresh copy that I’ve just put onto my laptop just managed to get some extra licenses for myself while I’m doing this doing this for the guys because you know they they were extremely extremely hard on making sure that the size or the software builds builds the backlinks but has these has a high success rate okay so I’m just gonna just very quickly show you what I would do to create a campaign so I’m gonna go over to where wicked article creator am in it and I’m going to type in yes yeah I search engine I’m just going to create a campaign of a lot of different sites all to do with SEO with in SEO autopilot and I just want to show you what what I believe is the best way to use this tool especially in the beginning now I’ve got lots of friends who will blast directly straight at money pages and I don’t do that but that’s because I just think that’s a little bit too aggressive however you can water down any backlink or anchor text just to diversify and make it look a bit more brand heavy or you are out naked URL heavy to the to the site if you’re going to do that make sure that the the content is is decent content you know super spun articles are great if you’re interested in that let me know and I can tell you a bit more about that but just high quality articles which is not what I’m going to be doing right now okay so we’ve got let’s go back to wicked article creator I wonder what’s going on here oh it looks like it’s crashed my bad my bad yeah it’s crashed okay let’s try this again this machine hasn’t been turned off too sometimes so could be having a bit of a mare right now so let’s go to keyword let’s go to search nation here we go and just gonna spin this you can actually spin it in the program here at while it’s doing that I’m gonna add a campaign so I’m going to call this SEO auto pilot on okay and I’m gonna choose a am I gonna choose a diagram I’m going to do one my own never go let’s just do it web directly to the money site just it was nice and quick I’m gonna go yep let’s do that primary keywords because government this is only a rip their high quality contextual backlinks okay they take a little bit longer for Google to actually pass the juice through in my in my experience but that doesn’t mean you know not to use them doesn’t mean that at all so I’m just gonna say Muslim do the plain you are out one hundred percent and then I’m gonna put the threads up which I’m not going to go all the way cuz that’s just asking for trouble that’s that’s good too I don’t know how many proxies are put in here just do that post instantly what I would normally do is I would actually go and I would don’t find some images and some Europe videos that are related and I’d put these in here okay and you can actually do you know google embed stuff in here as well so tags I’m just going to miss you too I’m gonna come back to this article put that into there and then you can do indexing and all that kind of stuff but I’ve not got that set up in here post title just gonna come back say I’ve got no keywords so I am going to excuse me if you can hear that come out of here I’m going to do titles those that do that games with a I’m going mess something up yep put that in there and what I’m going to do this is what I want to show you I want to make sure that I’ve got variation of my keywords in the title so SEO water pilot and then I’m going to pipe it type it review pipe reviews okay so sometimes it will have just SEO autopilot I have down that wrong do that do that space in between there and now if I preview it every time it’s gonna have a CA water pileup I see a water pilot I see a water pilot okay so it’s got my main keyword in there and then it’s gonna be the naked URL you’re not yeah it’s very very difficult to get penalized by using naked URL but we’re passing here great Authority here in the title okay and then blog subdomain here I would SEO come to the numbers wherever they are now this year auto pilot leave it at that this one here is going to be Oh keeping doing that get in and that’s just the numbers are there just to you know if it’s already taken and things okay and as I said earlier I would normally go in here and put some images and it will just randomly take images and then it puts the position in then you couldn’t embed like maps and whatever else you wanna you want to embed into them so I just click on to create what I might actually do turn that up as high as possible okay you can see here they’re all they’re all high-quality ones okay now if I click start now might fall over a bits of what did up as high as possible and I’m doing Camtasia okay Camtasia you know it does eat up a lot of bandwidth width of a gutful takes up a lot of processing power so it’s starting it’s thinking about it and it’s gonna go through and it’s gonna create these web okay now what I want to show you here is in one of these in SE nuke tumblers in here but it just fails every time for click onto account creation premium social networks right tumblr it’s never ever worked see that zero percent so where it’s not where the ticks are with it where it’s not green is where it’s where it’s failed basically you know and these that these are the only premium networks that they’ve got in here yeah I don’t know what that is 30 maybe and so you’ve got say you’ve got 50 1 2 3 4 5 so there’s 8 there now if I come in and have a look in here out of the eight two of them then wouldn’t even didn’t even couldn’t add an article in you know so the IP addresses that are in this software in SE nuke the same IP addresses that I’ve got in here and there you go it’s creating an account discuss ok so it’s thinking about it it’s gonna do you know 10 at a time but you know I’d rather it take care take it sweet last time there you go done another one brave net now okay so that yeah that’s that’s how I would recommend you guys use it is if you’re going to go to a money page naked URLs as your links and then have your keyword in your title and also if you’re going to a money page use some decent content because you can get these things to rank by themselves as well okay and you can you know you can make up tiers and all that kind of stuff but that’s for another video I just wanted to show you that you know here we are we’ve got another ones created so it’s already created for even WordPress it’s got another one here yeah it’s just creating them you can see right in front of you okay I will blur these out so you don’t go in and try and mess with them but all right that’s it that’s it for now okay geez for now bye bye you

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