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Menterprise Review - Detailed Dashboard Walkthrough - Marketing Software

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All right Paul here with me to price that I own just going to give you a quick overview or run through you guys some enterprise okay up here is the seed keyword really in all fairness you don’t need to go anywhere to get articles you don’t have to do any research you just need to put in a seed keyword once you’ve done that and you said generate you the system will go out on your behalf because we’ve got dedicated servers on your behalf trying to look for information related to that keyword now it can be a local keyword a national keyword or an international keyword as long as there’s some volume with it our system will actually be able to generate content now each one of these is an article it’s a unique article every one of these it’s got its own amount of wording and it’s got its own set of statements in it whatever you want it to be okay so it’s all unique now the this area here is modules now the modules is what dictates what comes into these articles you can do one by one you can have variants with this article that’s different to that one this article that’s different to those two as long as you use these modules and we’ll go into that in a minute the options is what dictates what types of articles the length of the article what’s search results we’re going to use like the search engines how many word count it’s going to have like down here I’ve got 800 that seems to be my normal I tend to have my articles on regular because for my purposes I tend to use it for math page building and math link building so I want really good content rather than some of the other rubbish out there but I don’t want it to take too long and this is an extremely productive program this search term here took only 400 seconds to render 14 articles right they’re all unique it went out to Google dot the time I’ve got to Google you K so this is the United Kingdom was where I was searching for on I can just change that as the area here I like the United Kingdom for instance I’m doing all my work into the United Kingdom even though I reside in Australia okay so I can actually modify this if I’m here in Australia but I want to sell stuff into the UK it would be best if I use a language or the information that’s relevant in the UK if I want to sell into the American market I would probably use the dot-com from Australia so I can modify that as the I can modify that as the country of origin okay I can use different numbers of words to be a created per article 400 seems to be really good for image descriptions in YouTube descriptions I tend to use the 800 for my builds some of the users are using 1000 to 1200 and to be quite blunt we’re finding that from research not our own research but from some of these experts in the industry that once you hit around the 2,000 word mark you’re not actually getting much more benefit than if it was a 1 to 1200 word count in your articles now bear in mind too this is a general very amount like over here you can see that this 816 808 17 797 well that’s trying to do is that’s what we’re trying to build because that’s what you’ve asked for all right so this one here you can see that we’re trying to get 800 words but we don’t want to break up areas like it’s going to try and render a complete sentence and a complete paragraph we don’t want it to get to the bottom here and say okay now we’re at 800 and we’re going to drop off that you know it wouldn’t make any sense so we’re going to try to keep the integrity of what we’re doing okay so with these here you go like here at the very end we’re not getting a lot of information here so I could say I could use any information this article but what I’m going to do is I’m just going to hide it because I don’t want to make any mistakes what I tend to do is when I’m doing my bills as soon as I finish with this article by the way it’s got a lot of periods if you just grab this and you resubmit it and Riesman and resubmit it you’ve got thousands of variances on this particular article I’ll get to the regenerate in a moment I just tend to hide it if I want it back or some reason I just go over here I unselected I don’t hide it anymore I go back here and you can see it’s back here this button here I’ll show you in a few moments alright so we’ve done regular we’ve gone to the 30 pages on the Serbs mostly 30 results on the service we’re wanting to have around the 800 mark in our articles and reviews different search areas all right so that took 400 seconds to render this that’s a lot of pages in a lot of words all randomly created for spintax now with this particular area here you can copy that that particular article by hitting this and that would be a flat I’ll call it a page right that you could use it for your posts alright it’s got the attributes that are in here but this particular one right now it would just be an article I can copy it here at HTML or I can copy it here as HTML this here is the spintax of this article so if I was to view this you can see in here that’s all the spintax or that particular article with all the different words or spun through it now that’s okay you know now I can be used these articles or whatever I want now we’ve also got very readable for my purposes very readable is just going to slow my process down I don’t need it however say our graphic artist is using this for instead of getting or paying two hundred to five hundred dollars per article for her post for clients now she can use this it takes a couple of minutes and it’s like about 80 to 85 percent of the way there for her you can spend twenty to thirty minutes you know just checking it editing it to her purposes rather than taking up to a day and in to be blood she could have like ten articles in here that she could just choose and charge your clients you know 50 to $100 per article per month and because we’re rendering all these this information live this is not archived information it’s not stuff that’s out on the internet that you pay a couple of cents or you scavenge somehow it’s not what we’re trying to do we’re trying to create relevant two days information now up here and headers now this is an area that you can create your titles and also your H tags so I don’t just do is I just grab an area here with keywords I’ve got a couple of keywords here I can either hand put type them or put them in here now obviously I’ve purposefully created this with errors in it I can just change that I will just put men that’s easy now what’s going to happen here is if I say okay to this and then I preview it and regenerate it that flattened page that only had text your component in it now will have H tags all in the page with this sort of spin in it so these palaces or long tails or keywords not just the keyword within the information in a document but we can force it to go and create a title now a title could be just this button here so you just hit that you could put it into your tiles we’d say a mess link builder and we would just say okay so this is the article we just hit you to regenerate because we’re regenerating this particular article with that attribute there you go and only took what a couple of seconds don’t like it like that okay I’ve got it set that it’s going to do it every three so I don’t like it every three so let’s change that around let’s just move this button personally I like it every two or three so I’ll just say okay use that particular article change this attributes there it is so it’s randomly going to put two or three in there so now I tend to try and get five to six H tags in the page and this will automatically do it I can view the spin text so I can see the H ones up there I’ve got all that textual component all in through here very very simple and it what takes a few seconds I can copy that HTML with all this in here or I can just copy the spintax and put it into my Wow whatever I’m using it for images love this I just love this I’m just going to put a couple of images in here I tend to use my for my clients a large number of images that I have on HRD Amazon s3 now what I can do is I can actually see what the image is I can just go through it and you can see here there’s a different image I’m just going to go through a couple so I can check here it is okay now notice here it’s it’s blank what I’ve told it to do at the moment is just go and put these images randomly within my content every three or four so I’ll just say mister Dirie three or four so we’ve got our H tags it’s an image okay now to be honest I don’t like it at the top so I’ll just hit regenerate and it will put it in randomly regenerate you go aren’t quite like this sort of not see that one I don’t quite like I can just hit regenerate it does not count any words up here when you how many times you regenerate or to a reef in okay that’s pretty good but to be quite honest I am thinking I might just do it every for now you notice that blank space that we saw before we can actually grab these keywords or LSI’s with this randomness within here and put it as an alt text and our images so now we’ve got attributes that are actually hidden so now it’s with the schema so I will just say okay we’ll just preview that particular one there and there you go there’s the images but have a look here notice it’s already done for you so all QuickStart you don’t even have to think about what you’re going to put in behind it it’s already in there I could go to this one notice this is just one long bit of content I can regenerate it with these two attributes in here here you go all done one two seconds very very cool videos as we know videos are a big deal so what we can do is we can just Rev our own YouTube videos it could be a client’s YouTube videos we can see we can just make sure that they’re all okay you can force them to the top bottom top or bottom is a randomness or random or never at the top personally I don’t use these I tend to like random so let’s have a look look at this it this is the same article with different attributes this video okay I don’t quite like that I’ll just hit again don’t mind like that on this video at the bottom alright or let’s go back over here I don’t like my images like that so on for smear before and my videos I could have them at the mountains back at the top alright different article so now we’ve got thousands and thousands of different variables now that would never be the same the articles that will never have been the same the the output will never be the same because now you’ve got images with alt text in them videos etc images all with everything that you need in them now raw this is an area that if you’ve got a little bit of an understanding you’ll be able to really blitz the competition or at least have a an idea ahead of everybody else you can just say I’ve got a map for instance very very simple there’s a map I tend to do this again I’d quite like it at the top I could have it as an interval every whatever I can have it just I could just drag this once all I wanted is once or a randomness you know just put some randomness in there right say okay now if I go back to the article now Wow look I’ve already created 20 different articles now the video at the top we’ve got the map in there told it to us obviously I don’t read it a couple of times so I’m just going to put the position random say okay regenerate this article notice the word count hasn’t changed 316 up there okay that’s just a bit of a mess so let’s make it even better for us we go to video at the top DISA hastags some images this the map another image pretty cool it’s not up just my standard at the moment I’ll just go there try and that’s way better all right now with raw also if you do one the map up there you can or you can actually add by entering a couple of times the name address and phone number in here as well now it needs to have a enter enter in there so that it’s separated from the rest of the content so we’ll just say you regenerate alright we’ve got a good video up there here’s the map and this the name and address and phone number now we could say that most people would tend to want this at the top so we’ll just do that again we’ll grab another article rather than having him at the top now we’ve got the rep and there’s the name another video but to be honest don’t like that so we’ve got the map video image here you go pretty quick now copy the HTML to put it into a post copy there spintax with all these attributes by just hitting that button now we do have what we would call a redirect now notice these are pages are slightly different now you know they were about the 800 mark now they’re a little bit different because we’ve spun them a couple of times we manage them a little bit different so they will have different attributes than the ones that were there before redirect I will warn you on this one this is only available for expert and extreme users because they obviously know how redirects work and for my purposes when I’m doing masse page builds or link building that scenario would create about a thousand pages and with Google maybe a percentage of those will come up on the SERPs so what we’ve done is we’ve said okay instead of it just going from page down to another link to another page and another link what we’ll get that often the pages that we’ve created on a tier 3 or 4 or even a 2 or 1 do get indexed and often ahead of the actual company or the business so what we’ve got here is we’ll just say we’re going to use a well let’s make it really random a page that’s on the net at the moment that we can use we’ll just put it in here and it’s just about pest control and we’ll just say ok we’ll just grab one of these articles regenerate it now it might flicker for a second and then take us to Wikipedia that’s where we told the page to go to Wikipedia okay now we can have all now see this is another one now if I’ve got all this pretty worked out I went it’s already random it’s you know headers are every whenever their images whenever I can go through or each one of these here and these articles one by one and attribute them as what I hope whatever I like now this page here and this page here and this page here they’re all simple in the you know content what I can do is I can hit this button up here as we generate all these so these 14 pages will have all these attributes which is three seconds so now I’ve got this page here it’s going to forward directly to the Wikipedia this one’s going to forward to the Wikipedia if I don’t want that one to have this one in here I can clear it and say okay that looks pretty cool but obviously I have to tell it there you go I like that one this is very cool is the specialist and bug removal yes so we’ve got content that’s related to our keyword which is London pest control and we’ve also got all the size and related keywords in our H tags and our images also have those LSI keywords in embedding the thing as well okay regenerate you can download this to be blunt there is enough content and speed with our systems that we want you to have the latest so if you come back to London pest control in a week or two or three weeks the content in Google will have changed or you want it from a different area and you want it with a different word count or you want to change it a little bit you can use spin sentences or spin paragraphs by the way if you use this one there is a warning this will affect our modules work because it will randomize things to such a degree sometimes you’ll have information on there that are from there the modules and sometimes you won’t because that’s what random means up here I just want to do this quickly you can change the mode personally I like the dark mode and this is very very clean dark mode for me is a lot easier on the eyes you can manage your subscription so if you started today with a entry level and at the moment we’ve got a 10% reduction on your membership ongoing and then suddenly like some of our people have within the first week on from here to say expert couple have actually gone to extreme now how we’ve done this this is a truly enterprise version and this is not a cheap software it’s taken us since January February 2018 and then through 2019 to develop this to this point so it’s it’s very very powerful so it goes by engines this is one engine one engine with more words this is two engines and this is four engines I like extreme because I do quite a lot of work and I also go through quite a lot of words I’d blow through four million words within two weeks which I can show you up here in a moment so this four engines is necessarily four times faster than one engine it’s like it’s expansion intial exponential sorry where it’s you know it’s four times something and it’s up to 16 times faster in some other aspects because we’re threading things together engines just work mind low glowingly far so imagine if this was say ten minutes to generate 14 articles this would be say five or six minutes and this would be three to four minutes you’ve also got a huge advantage here there will be advanced modules that are only available here like the redirect there will be other things here with feature requests some of our users are already asking or suggesting that we add certain things to our modules some of them will be available to all users some of them will be exclusive to these groups here you can change your membership at any time if you listen to this before we go live and submit September then you will save the temp sent on your initial purchase as well as your ongoing membership okay up here this is an extreme package that I’ve just upgraded to for instance I had an expert with two engines so you can see here it’s provisioning in the next two so when they have been provisioned which normally takes two to three days these will go for green lights here is my word count for the month I started using this on the 24th of July I’ve already gone through nearly four million words so I did go through about eight or nine million per month this has just been introduced this is where we will give you some quick news a little feature require updates and things like that we’re constantly upgrading our systems to make it better so in all fairness if you came here today and you only had these if you hit any of these this area here and you said okay I want to produce something for paintball Ontario you just hit generate new or clear pages and say generate new and then it would just take a few minutes to be able to do that and then you can control some of it what you put in here you can clear them all or if you’re in this these areas they will allow you to clear any of the modules within that area if you needed to experiment all right this is something very new it’s extremely fast you don’t lose word count every time you regenerate nope it’s free regeneration if Yuri spin it’s free so those 14 articles that I had there before I could use again and again and again now the purpose for me is to use it for mass linking strategies and math pages we’ve got people using the articles for their clients whether using it on their posts our web designer uses it for our clients on their posts or you know monthlies we charge anywhere between 250 and thousand dollars a month for that some people are all really starting to sell the articles because they can generate articles in seconds and sell them for twenty to fifty dollars with or without spintax okay now I hope that helps you I wish you very much success do remember that we are updating and you know redesigning things as we go along and there you go I hope you have a wonderful day bye for now

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