SEO Auto Pilot Review | SEO AP Best Link Building Software

SEO Auto Pilot Review | SEO AP Best Link Building Software Link Building

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Hi good afternoon Rick Porter here and I’m going to be talking about today new software it’s coming out it’s actually launching tomorrow it’s called SEO autopilot probably been if you’re in the community you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about it and actually for good reason it is it’s got some huge success rates going on the web tool which is something at a level I’ve never seen and I’m going to walk you through some of the things so this is a review if you see some reviews out there some people have had access to it but most of the reviews you’re probably going to see they never even reviewed it I’ve been working very intensely with it for the last two three weeks and working with the owner to help them find extra bugs put a few suggestions in and so now they’ve got it to a point where they’re confident with the rollout and I’ll launch tomorrow and it’s it’s really it’s a really great software I can tell you that and I can tell you from experience of I have a lifetime license the SE nuke I don’t use it anymore I have 18 lifetime licenses with GSA I haven’t used it in probably over a year the only ones I use right now are magic submitter to do web profiles and I use money robot to do web 2 profiles now the downside with money robot is you get about a 50% success rate and the success rate you’re getting is with all the middle domain authority platforms like between 40s and 50s and they’re all in the same platform too so they only have to keep like three scripts updated for those 20 for you to get like it 25 submissions now with SEO autopilot you’re getting the ones that are in the 90s and the 80s for example WordPress tumblr LiveJournal edu blogs all the tough ones that no SEO software our manages to be able to keep up so the first question that came to my mind really was okay I’ve worked with every SEO software when they first come out they have pretty good success rate now what’s going to make you different how are you going to keep these success rates up and he told me that because they initially they made this he’s got an SEO company in Greece his name is Elias and because they made this as a solution because they didn’t like the other software’s out there that couldn’t get these higher levels of middles he decided to make his own so they’re using this for their clients and they need to keep it up for their clients now now he’s going to start charging people from the outside so they can make some money on it and I am going to continue to press him as long as I’m using the software I’m going to press him to keep those scripts updated I’m going to make him keep his word on that because you get in about fifty six out of fifty eight web two sometimes even a hundred percent with fifty eight and then right now it also has social bookmarks and I’m getting about a hundred success out of one hundred and fifteen and then you’ve got URL shortener so it’s got three platforms right now the one I’m mainly interested in is the the web twos it’s been awesome and I’m going to walk you through that right now so this is a legitimate review someone that’s been using it for a few weeks and I’m definitely impressed and I don’t recommend anything anymore unless I’m actually using it so let me show you why I like this so far okay so let’s get going let’s dig right in see what this has got first off if you’re not familiar with automation software SEO software there is going to be a bit of a learning curve here there are a lot of details that you need to enter to really run a great campaign now they make it as easy as they can but still if you haven’t used automation software I’m going to tell you it’s not going to be the easiest thing for you to get going if you are familiar with automation software you’ll actually find the learning curve is very very simple pretty much intuitive and you’ll get campaign started quickly so one of the first things here let me show you when you’re creating a campaign so we’ll call this test one now right now they’ve got just four different diagrams in here you can go to the diagram editor and make your own but there’s really there’s only three platforms in here you’ve got web to which is really what I’m impressed with right now and then you’ve got URL shorteners and social bookmarking and those really I use more so just to help the indexing of the web to the actually the URL shorteners help to index the social bookmarks the social bookmarks help to index your web twos so it’s actually for only having three of these types of links it works they are going to be adding in phases all different types I’ll cover that at the end of this video but they’ve got some very impressive plans and they’re not trying to roll it out all in one time because they can’t they can’t handle that they can’t handle all the new customers coming on the potential amount of bugs they need to be able to bring on members that and have a manageable service then they can manage the tech support of so that I believe they’re really rolling this out the smart way so here’s I will say that diagram there now what that is is you got two web twos you’ve got some URL shorteners now I wouldn’t use these URL shorteners to a money site but let’s say this is a Tier one page or a video or something then that’s that’s just fine okay so right here this is probably going to be hard to say because my resolution on this VPS is is so small but I’m going to just run through the sites with you here so there’s 58 web twos there’s tumblr WordPress livejournal brave net Goodreads ever no over blog those are just ones with a DA of ninety then you’ve got blog da f c2 Jimdo webs edu blogs Hackney blog pure volume Shutterfly those are horns with an eighty then going into the 70s we’ve got sky rock Kiwi box black planet well inside and then you’ve got even Joomla my blog jig Z spruce soup and then you get a bunch of these platforms that are in the 50s and 40s and then you’ve got some that are the lowest one is with 20 inspected e co-op some of the 40 so overall you’ve got 58 web twos and if you only want to use high da you could just use these as a Tier one and just use the others as the web 2 tier okay so selecting a huge huge strong point about this software is the control that you have over anchor text so you’ve got and living in the penguin world and even penguin 3 you know that anchor text is a source of a lot of potentials down down Falls penalties theories you name it whatever ratio you want to use you can make it very precise so first of all you’ve got your primary keywords so for example let’s say I’m going to be very cliche today say dog training so if dog training was your keyword and you’re going to have that for 10% now plain URL you click on that okay well I want a plain URL right first of all you put all your urls in here playing URL okay well I want that 15% you know what that is that’s just a naked link it’s clickable then you’ve got your generic it’s got all these generics loaded up in here and you can add more if you want so you can say all right I want 25% generic now branded keywords now we know how important having a brand is that’s very very important to use a brand keyword people are using it anywhere from thirty to fifty percent so in this example let’s just say 50 and we’ll call it dog training buddy so if we had like a URL dog training buddy calm then that’s our brand and it’s going to use 50% of the time now this is something that I haven’t seen much in any other software it’s just a text URL and these actual text citations that aren’t clickable they are HTML have actually been proven to help and have a an impact on rankings so and it’s actually normal to have some of your URLs out there that aren’t clickable that someone just throws it on their page or they’re talking about you they just throw the URL on there the other one is domain as anchor so let’s say I have a whole bunch of these I have a bunch of inner URLs for dog training buddy so forward slash one /to so these picture these as longer ones like you know pet toys dog food you could say domain as anchor and instead of using the entire URL as the anchor it will point to your enter URL and just use dog training buddy calm because that’s also another natural way that people point to other sites now you’ve got partial match and this is where I would go in and add add some mix in there so and you can generate that in any language what it’s going to do is really look at all the Google’s suggests and LSI keywords and it’s going to put that there in automatic and it’s always a good good idea then to definitely clean one of these lists before you use it if you were doing a anything towards a money site because there’s some really irrelevant things in here they’re relevant but not not going to be relevant to your site so putting part of them there and then another thing I haven’t seen before is the keyword format probability you can use bold keywords and you can use italic keywords so your keyword is in there and maybe 10% of the time it’s going to italic maybe 15% at the time it’s going to be bold and that actually just adds another another variation for you and kind of emphasizes the link now you’ve got a place for authority links so you can’t put in an authority keyword how to put in a random amount of you know Authority links and the probability here all right so moving into the platform so this is the first thing you’re going to fill out you’re also going to put in your CAPTCHA provider they’ve got it only set up for to capture right now which is one of the best ones as far as success rate they’ll probably add more so you do your browser threads and your HTTP threads this is completely dependent on the the on your VPS the speed the power I like to put the browser threads at about four or five and that’s for web twos it’s using the browsers to sign into web twos HTTP threads this is what it’s using for bookmarks and URL shorteners so you can put that in a much higher level I just put it it I’m not in a big rush then you could schedule you could say instant post or you can do posts per day or scheduled posts so there is a good scheduling system in here so that’s everything you come on page this this section right here now go to web to specifically now here’s you can use put in your account preset these are already accounts that I have set up so I’ve got backlinks indexer and I want to put one link per article you can do random and here’s your blog name that’s pretty standard you can put in your own custom subdomains here it even has a button here to use well you had default default values now post title it it can populate that for you if you have a keyword and so you’ve got your spun title spun article it’s got three four spinners in it now well you’ve got a free spinner spin rewriter word spero chief I prefer spin rewriter probably the best one and only $77 a year where were day I fifty bucks a month and I don’t see that much more of an advantage of it so you’re at six hundred a year or 77 a year you decide I’ll go with spin right or any day okay so you do have a preview button you got tags here it even has a part where you can get an article from you know Buzzle ezinearticles article forge I don’t really recommend any of those at this point and unless you’re just doing like lower tiers I’d like to use more original content original spun very very spun articles and to get better success within the indexing okay so then you put your image URLs in here your YouTube video URLs you can position them how many do you want and that’s the first set of web two so that would be these right here then web twos here that’s going to be this set of web tools you can put in a completely different account preset so backlinks and ducks or two and we do the same thing just go through and do the same exact thing as you did on one but put in a different article put in different images YouTube URLs just make it more random so that you have two different two different mixed up things going here now the third okay social bookmarking again you put pick your account preset you got your title and your description and you do that for all as you can see here there’s one two three four so the good thing there is you’re putting in four unique bookmark titles and descriptions so that that’s a big help right there just in indexing and originality and then the last one then are these the URL shorteners so you don’t have to do anything on those it just submits them and it does it pretty quickly and URL shorteners some some actually passed a little bit of domain Authority some actually could get you alized if you are linking them directly to your site now I haven’t looked at the DA on those but you’re not going to have a lot of high DA ones but they do have some like Google well like Google GL tinyurl so you’ve got some of it our DA’s 90s 80 60s those you could actually pretty safely direct link to your home site it’s just a shortener from a high da it’s it’s normal and going down well I got something going to the e and that’s why we can just do a blanket submission to my site of URL shorteners because there’s some in there I don’t really I don’t really want linking to my site and I don’t wouldn’t want that happening all at once so very easy to set up especially if you already have the kind of tools like spin rewriter you already have articles to go with you have to catch you pretty much can just set this up and run with it so let’s see I’m going to close out of this and talk about the rest of this interface here so you’ve got a log right here you’re going to be able to see what’s happening you’re going to be able to see when a site is unable to log in maybe part of the part of the site is not clickable so that might mean that the the script has changed and they move something somewhere else well the software developers are going to see the logs every single day and they’re trying to make those changes every single day so and now you’re going to see let’s see a button what’s new and you could see all the all the updates here so this is just that just started posting updates and just this month alone well since I started working with them and helping them find a lot of bugs I started working with them right around here probably about two weeks ago and no actually that’s four twelve okay I forgot in other countries the in a month right there okay yeah I started working with them right here about the 4th of April and so they’ve been for everything they find everyday they are fixing and they’re fixing the scripts so that we can keep this level of high submission success rate so you can see here is a one that Iran is this is the first web 2 blogs you’re going to see over here what your success was I got 55 out of 58 on this one 57 out of 58 and let’s web twos that’s pretty awesome bookmarks I’m pre consistent 99 and 115 and then I had some problems and we actually figured out what they found out what the problem was in there why I got the low success rate and they fixed it you can look at detail at the task so let’s look at that first one and you can see success on tumblr WordPress livejournal brave net Goodreads ever no / blog failed on / – blog failed on sky rock and I think there was what about 4 and then failed on Kiwi box and I mean I don’t even care about that if I get those top ones and a majority of the ones in 60s 70s that’s fine with me the easy ones are these down here they’re all on the same platform they don’t require any work to keep them up or or fix them I think both of these between those maybe 20 or so though they’re all on maybe three or four different platforms so it’s the same script so it’s it’s simple for the developers to keep that up but these are the tough ones tumblr they can change that every day WordPress can change it every day edu blogs all these can change multiple times per week rendering a software pretty useless and that’s what we’re looking to avoid here the next stuff in the settings here okay you’ve got new basic settings okay I’ve got an arrow log you can clear that die grand editor your submissions put your proxies in third party aap is like to CAPTCHA and this is a to generate spun title so that you can do it the pound sign signifies your keyword so then if you would just Auto generating a title it you could have one gigantic spun title that you put in here and a placeholder for your keyword let’s see another pretty nice feature if you’re running an agency or you have clients is the reporting function so you’ve got these different layouts so this is just one of the bells and whistles here where you can put your own logo a title company name the company URL and you can make the links act as clickable and you can click the theme template so Wow go with on them there doesn’t really matter but it can you can also generate reports to have a complete have all the user names passwords so it does become like a really powerful account creator and I used to talk about how FCS networker had the best account creator well that’s no more for right now I feel autopilot definitely the best account creator you could come in here and use it to just generate 58 web twos with your client keywords in the URLs and then you could use those and just put manual articles on them if you want and so there’s a there’s different ways you can use this I personally love the account creator on this now and you will get unbelievable success rate on your submissions so and you can continue to generate unlimited accounts letting up unlimited profiles the document documentation is a little short right now they don’t have a lot of videos on this so you’re going to have to be patient and I think we’ve asked if I might do some also which I will probably do to try to make it easier to ramp up for people so video tutorials are a little short but they’ll tell you and show you the basics now if you go through my link of course I’m an affiliate and but I do recommend this I’m using it and it is going to be one of the few software that I recommend you can go through my affiliate link or you can put in the coupon code 20 off Rick and you’re going to get 20% off and 20% off of let me tell you the phases are rolling out in the starter plan which is what I have on my desktop right now white-label reporting web 2 bookmarks and shorteners 59 dollars a month so if you put in the Rick 20 off you’re going to be grandfathered in at 40 about 47 48 dollars a month whatever 20% of is 59 I’m not a mathematician nor have I ever claimed to be but it brings it down in the high 40s so Rick 20 off is your coupon code and June now this is where really gets exciting if things truly follow through with their plans this is then June they’re going to be adding authority links and edu websites I’m not sure what they mean by authority links that has yet to be seen I didn’t ask Elias what he meant by that but it’ll be quite interesting because what I would see that being is complete non platform type of links maybe your web web to profiles on super-high DA sites and then edu websites those are the kind of things you you have done on Fiverr but they’re going to keep a stock of good populated ones going that into August on top of that they plan on adding PDF upload websites wiki websites and forum profiles now I like PDF for tier 1 wiki I don’t like so much anymore but it’s ok on your bottom tiers and forum profiles same thing it’s ok on your bottom tiers I don’t know that it helps that much it can help in indexing and if they’re decent high domain Authority they might actually give a little more power to the pyramids you create now then coming into October so they’re really they’re really for casting out quite aways now they’re adding gov backlinks article directories and miscellaneous so for many new platforms that are invented maybe status net or some social sharing who knows but I really want them to focus on right now the web to blogs keeping a success rate at like 98 percent like it is right now that in itself I’d be happy with this $59 a month set up right here because that is a great value and getting all the web twos on the high platforms so in order to get those on some of your job or places like Fiverr or concur so are some of these places that do tasks you’re going to pay ten fifteen bucks to have somebody do a whole set of those web twos for you you could crank out as many of them as you want providing you keep your VPS going full speed and I would recommend running this on a VPS because it is going to take up your resources and if you’re running it on your desktop then run it on your desktop when you go to bed turn on we turn it on and let it run but if you’re trying to compete with you’re doing work on your desktop and you’ve got this running you’re going to notice something slowing down but you don’t need a super high-end VPS you can get a pretty basic one and it’s going to run this so that is what that’s all I halfway on this I think it sums up what what they have now what’s coming and what are some of the benefits of this and as I promised I will keep on them about keeping those success rates high because that is the one paramount thing that makes this special it makes it different than everybody else is the success rate and the high web twos so all the other things I don’t really care about I want that high web to success rate because nobody else has it nobody else maintains it so again if you want to get this get it for twenty percent off through my link Rick 20 off and I’ll be doing some videos on it I’ll do some more in-depth training videos on it and also as a bonus I have set up my own personal training site and so far I have about four videos four videos done um for probably about at least an hour and a half of training and that’s all training that I put together this month so it’s very new it’s fresh it’s relevant and anybody that gets something through one of my links or if you get Lightspeed indexer which is one of my products then any request I can give you access to that training also so this combined with Lightspeed indexer which is our indexing tool so I’m running on a VPS right now I put two thousand links in here and I’ve got 87% of them indexed so far and it’s going to keep running until I get to about a hundred so we’ve just recently made an upgrade on this where we can use OCR rather than to capture that’s pretty exciting does have some limitations though so getting back to what we were talking about SEO autopilot I can’t lose by trying it out for a month or two if you new remember there’s going to be a learning curve if you’re old hat at this then you’ll pick it right up and you’ll be able to hit the ground running on day one so that’s it talk to you later you you

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