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Video Transcript:

Hey everyone its Chaz and I want to thank you for ordering our link building service our authority niche placements um I’m doing this video for anybody that ordered this basically it’s gonna be a little micro training on link building on what we look for links so our link building is a lot different there’s a ton of misinformation out there about what makes a quality Lake right things like domain Authority and page Authority and you don’t understand how many times people PM me like hey what’s the domain Authority or the page Authority on these and my response is I don’t care about domain Authority page Authority domain rating URL rating trust flow site I don’t care about anything those are all completely made-up metrics they have absolutely nothing to do with what makes a quality link a quality link in Google’s eyes so I’m gonna use this little video today to show you from my research and the years I’ve spent doing this what I discovered makes a quality link a quality link okay so we’re gonna be able after this video the goal is for you to be able to identify what makes a good link and we’re gonna look at what Google actually says about this stuff so googoo actually has a whole list of research papers and patent papers and published documents about what they consider a good link in the elements they look at we’re going to look at that um before we get into the Nitty Gritty of that stuff though we’re gonna start by looking at what our link looks like okay and so we’re gonna we’re gonna start from a clean slate so I want you to throw out any notion about domain authority page Authority TF CF you our ratings all that throw it away and start from a clean slate okay so we’re gonna check a link here we’re just gonna grab one this this report was uploaded on 322 so about a month ago we’re gonna check this one here here’s our anchor text and yes this is our link reporting bored that when your links come back it’ll all be look it’ll look like this you’ll have your the date the report was uploaded it’s the links were placed a few days before this the anchor text used the target URL and then the live link and P just means Authority nice placement it just helps us segregate those out from guest pose right um so we’re gonna take a look at this one here’s our link reseller SEO service and you can see has the word SEO right next to it um digital marketing which a similar remarketing reseller right and it’s a blog post that’s talking about a bunch of off-site search engine optimization on site so it’s it’s it’s relevant on this page and what I like to look for is keywords or variations of our keywords close by our anchor text links and later on you actually understand why we look for this if we throw this pop this over an eight refs we’ll take a look again I have I could care less about the Europe you are rating or the dr there this does look nice there are some that don’t what I care about is referring to means I care about organic keywords I care about organic traffic this is what we guarantee we guarantee that your links will have referring domains on them and we like to we like to choose sites that have organic keywords or organic traffic we don’t guarantee what they’re gonna have we just look to make sure they do have either or or some of them it helps us reaffirm that these are real sites and not some link farm or pbn right so these are real sites we get that by one checking out these metrics here but the big metric that we guarantee is a minimum number of referring domains based on what a trust shows us you can see this site has 127 referring domains according H refs referring domains why don’t we look at these other metrics and only look at this well the reason is pretty simple google tells us that it’s when it comes to links it’s about keyword relevance and it’s about the back-leg graph of the site that the site that you’re getting links from okay they look at those things and obviously if a domain of the site that you’re getting links from has a lot of incoming links and domains coming into it that means those links are pushing PageRank link equity and yes PageRank is still a thing even in 2018 just don’t buy them based on PageRank because it hasn’t been updated in five years or whatever but the actual algorithm that looks and and relates and weighs the backlink graph of the web is PageRank that’s literally the name of the system Google invented this is pushing PageRank into that site and then obviously the site because it has navigation menus and it has internal linking going on that pushes helps push PageRank out through and into these other pages where we get the links on so you’re gonna get some PageRank from that it’s gonna slow flow from these referring domains into the site and around that site and then out towards the site that we’re linked that we’re targeting with the links right that’s how it works and then the page the specific page that your link is placed on so this page here the specific page is where it has to be relevant content and we like to get it very close to your link because PageRank specifically tells us that it looks at the that not only does it look at the anchor text but it also looks at the words nearby your link to determine relevancy so when we talk about neesh relevancy this is where you get your niche relevancy from okay niche and now I’ll show you the actual writings in a little bit this is your niche relevancy though I don’t care about the site itself I care about this specific page that your link is placed on that’s nice relevancy and I’ll show you that um we can throw it in Moz you can see that based on the map you can just see how the metrics very how this information varies between eight trusts and laws we use a tres just because it’s it’s more of the guard that go to to tool that we use and we think it’s higher quality but again we don’t look at any of this we would only look at you root domains here is majestic right digital marketing advertising you can see how just off this tropical trust flow is this is just off it’s a it’s a site about digital marketing but maybe even if it wasn’t the page that our link his own is definitely about SEO and digital marketing and that is what Google looks for all right that’s one of the number one factors that they’re looking for on assigning relevancy on links assigning relevancy on on page or semantics is a little different but when it comes to page rank and how page rank functions it functions based on this this is relevancy according to page rank throw this out that it doesn’t mean anything what the tropical is like the topic the topics at Majestic are showing or just completely off I don’t even look at them and again you can just see how the how these numbers are just vary across the different platform is they mean absolutely nothing what actually means something is this report was uploaded on 322 so that means our link was placed a few days and maybe a week before that what actually means something is when you go to your your SERP tracker for this specific keyword and you can see some Varon here was this link was place that was probably placed somewhere around here you can see a small dips and ups and downs and then look what happened we went from position hundred or ninety bam up to thirty with one link right there you can see went from the 80’s and 90’s not found this is probably when they first discovered the link and they were testing us it bounced up a little bit and now it’s settled into the 30s from one link from one link to that page so that’s what makes a quality link um the next part of this video so I’m probably to do a two part video the next part of this will actually be going into the actual patents and research papers published by Google I’m not going to go into all of them I have a very advanced course on this that’s available just to my platinum group um so I’m not going to go I’m not going to give you access to that unfortunately unless you’re a member of the platinum group then you get that and a bunch more um but this is going to be a quick overview of some of the important stuff about links and about understanding when it comes to SEO and your link building and you’re doing off page SEO throw out your idea of what we talked about these third party metrics mean nothing right third parties telling you what the topic of a website means absolutely means nothing when it comes to Google we’re gonna look at the patents what they actually say and you’re going to understand what makes a quality linking Google’s eyes so thanks for watching this video States stay tuned for part two which is coming up next

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