How To Use SEO Back-Links And Content To Improve Google Rankings

How To Use SEO Back-Links And Content To Improve Google Rankings Link Building

Hi, this is Justin Meadows with another website
news update. Today in the second SEO video, I’m going
to be covering links and how you should be getting links and using links in order to
best improve your Google rankings. So, links to your website is basically Google’s
way of seeing how popular and valuable your website is. The rationality is that if lots of other websites
are referencing you on a certain topic or when they’re talking about a certain topic,
then you’re obviously a valuable resource on that topic and by looking at how much you
are talked about and linked to and referenced in a variety of different websites all over
the Internet, they can see how popular you really are. When people go searching for these topics,
if you’re the most popular website around on that topic and relevant to that topic then
your website will be pushed up towards the top of the search engines. The best way that you can be taking advantage
of this is by publishing regular content.

I know I say this a lot but it really is the
most important way of getting great results from your website. Now what you want to be doing is publishing
a variety of different types of content on your website. Videos are great, images are great, text,
articles, pdfs, graphs, charts, as much different types of content as possible Apart from just
publishing this content onto your blog itself, you also want to be publishing it out to other
different parts of the Internet using different social media channels and different content
syndication networks. What I mean by that is things like YouTube
and Vimeo and different video sharing sites, image sharing sites like Pinterest, using
pdf sites like Scribd, PowerPoint sites like SlideShare. These kinds of sites are going to distribute
your information and give people the chance to comment on it and share and link to it
and by also publishing out to Facebook and to Twitter and LinkedIn and Google Plus. That gives you a better chance for that viral
exposure. If you’re publishing good quality content,
then people are going to share it with their friends.

People are going to share it with other people
who might be interested or simply they might hit Like on it because if they got value out
of it, there’s a good chance that they’re going to Like it or share it or Tweet it. Other great ways to get a great number of
links from a variety of different sources that really establishes you as a strong brand
is to be publishing press releases. These get syndicated out to a number of different
news networks. You can also be doing things like publishing
posts onto other people’s blogs or helping out people in forums and sharing your content
with people in forums or on blogs and on other social media sites like Web 2.0 social media
sites. All these sort of things, if you do this on
a regular basis, you’re going to get a very strong online presence and Google is going
to see you as an authority that publishes valuable information and that’s what is
going to get you to the top of the search engine rankings. I know that you’re busy and I know that
you probably don’t have the time or the inclination go about creating videos and images,
and press releases and publishing them out and building your blog.

How To Use SEO Back-Links And Content To Improve Google Rankings Link Building

So you can take advantage of our blogging
services if you want to make this happen. If you really want to get to the top of the
search engines, that’s what you need to be doing. Some common mistakes that a lot of people
make when they are building links is to get links, site-wide links or maybe they might
have a friend that has a large website and they put a link back to their website in the
footer so it’s on every page and the same anchor text points back to the home page. Doing that creates what’s called an unbalanced
link ratio. Google now looks at how many links and what
types of links and if you’re doing the sort of things that looks a bit spammy like having
a thousand links with the same key word from the same website pointing to the same page
on your site, Google now filters you out of the search engines or might just give you
a penalty for that particular key word or that page. That’s what you don’t want to be doing
and even if you are getting links from a variety of different sources, you don’t want to
be using the same key word linking that back to the same page on your website.

You want to be using a variety of different
sources from social media sites to other websites, blogs, news sites, video sites … you want
to get a variety of different sources with a variety of different key words that they
are linking to and link to a variety of different pages on your website. Doing that gives you a more natural link profile
and will mean that you’re safe from any of Google’s filters that might penalize
you or drop you from the search engine rankings.

If you want to find out more about this, feel
free to either E-mail me at or simply comment below and I’ll be happy
to answer your questions right here. I’m Justin Meadows. This is Evergreen Profit. I’ll talk to you soon..

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