How to rank video in youtube using Easy Backlinks with Shortcuts

How to rank video in youtube using Easy Backlinks with Shortcuts



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Okay in this video I’m going to show you how to easy rank video in youtube using shortcuts and update latest updates I made for video submission services so actually I go to publish and video here I have already set up a few YouTube accounts and now I will add video posting so I click Add button first of all I will add shortcut here I click add shortcut I’m going to create city shortcut here so actually we have the option here to get cities which are in them a few miles from the particular zip so I enter my zip code paste 50 miles and click find cities ok and system provided me a list of the cities which are in the radius 50 miles from this zip I will call this Circuit City so actually why I do all this often it’s very difficult to rank site or video for particular city because so huge competition around but we may submit video not for this particular city but for the cities around this our city we tried to run for and people will look in for them which live around find your site and call you and order your services that’s why we use this approach now I will hit OK next I will set up my video submit item I choose video file next I will give this video file name which will be posted so I copy just file name paste it here and we’ll replace real real city name this shortcut so I hit city and on this place also and set tak takes moreover I can upload some nails which will be used for our video submissions so I have to prepare a few images which I like to use some nails put it into zip archive and upload using this applaud button if you will click help button you will see the descriptions at two megabytes maximum for video sub nails if you don’t have on sub nails you can tick this check box and easy Beckman’s will randomly create some nails for each of video submitted some nail support is available for a confirm by phone number YouTube accounts only please pay attention so your every of your accounts have to be confirmed by phone number only after this you are allowed to submit some nails and give us a check box post all shortcuts possible so if I tick it let me click Edit City to explain some easy backings will do submission for all shortcuts you have provided so actually there will be many videos submitted during this process let me check how many it is so actually we have more than 100 of cities got by this zip operation to actually 200 and there will be 200 of videos submitted each video will have unique city name and hopefully we will get some of this video ranked immediately on the first page of Google our submit item is ready so I hit create actually mimic also before to see if all is correct hit preview button as you see in first spin we have this city same city here same city in the description same city in the tags and also if I hit preview again there will be other city this city is in the title in the description in our tags and also in video file name ok nice so I hit create let’s wait till video file is uploaded ok our video submit item is created I’ve just will select YouTube accounts I help and hit publish schedule it button so actually this submission will spread for 7 days and as I’ve selected 11 accounts each of these accounts will get 10 videos and hit publish button and publishing is successfully started okay actually I forget to mention that when you upload one video for each submission is the Beckman’s will change each video file to make it unique for the YouTube this allows us to submit the same video about span for one account many times and actually YouTube will accept all our videos because it will think that every video is different of course the good it will be if you use confirmed by phone number like YouTube accounts and easy buttons will create different something else for each of the video and now I would like to show you some random ranking I got so I go to link manager you see me a few videos are submitted already and I like to show you real ranking I’ve just received from sub just from submission all these a few videos so a plumber’s versus Columbia on the first page we have our video plumbers will give a also video on first page plumbers karate on so actually the video is number one on this page one best prosperity video is on the page number one here’s number two on page number one plumbers chicken will curious pumper State Park video is number one plumber’s kayaking video is on the page number one okay as you see this approach helps to easy rank videos for different kind of local keywords hopefully you find this video available thank you for watching.

How to rank video in youtube using Easy Backlinks with Shortcuts Link Building
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