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Hey guys child’s floats here and welcome to the dear fly link store in this video I’ll be giving you a quick rundown of exactly how to use our stores interface so that you can get the most return investment for your money spent on your on your link building campaigns now on the home page you’re going to want to skip straight past all of this information if you’re a beginner because generally when you’re a beginner it can be a pretty daunting task buying links because you can you probably heard all the horror stories it’s probably a lot of misinformation out there and there’s probably a lot of things going through your mind when you are going to buy links but don’t worry we have you covered with this site there’s a ton of information on this site so you are in safe hands as well as to the fact that if you’re spending over fifteen hundred dollars that you will get that was actually pretty distant to you of course you can use a coupon code to put a pre discount if you’re spending over fifteen hundred dollars then we can actually choose the anchors and do competitive analysis for you so that you don’t even have to worry about that so that you can be completely safe in your thinking’s from our british-trained SEO experts who are a customer support staff so when you’re if you’re new to SEO if your needs a link building if you’re new to buying links you’re going to want to go straight to the home page and going to actually skip past this initial the initial menu in the initial options here and you’re going to want to scroll up to the bottom of the home page this is because this is where the FAQ section is the frequently asked questions this is where you’re going to find out about do it accept foreign sites do what is our turnaround time what payment methods do you accept to have it do your alpha and you know there are services what niches you spike all of these different kinds of questions that you can’t answer in a 1 to 2 to 3 minute video once you’ve done that if you want to do a custom audio and you can’t find anything that you want to do on this site don’t worry we have you covered for that as well all you have to do is reach out to us directly we also supply site builds and authority links but you have to reach out to us directly because we cannot currently supply these on our site yet we will supply these soon but you can reach such as here if you’re doing bulk orders as well if you want bigger discounts if you wanting to resell our links etc then you can reach us through here through the contact from here and we’ll get back to you one of our agents will get back to you within 48 hours now back to actual sites itself there’s several parts to this site that you’re going to want to look at first it depends what kind of Link’s you’re going to want to be looking at and what kind of budget you’re playing with but the first accident we have is guest posts all of our guest posts are custom outreach links they’re from a database of over 50,000 different sites that we have in our database and we can we can actually do any metric possible that your own you’re looking for but you can buy our flat metrics on here which are going to have a minimum requirement anyway so for example you can borrow @dr 30 plus links these are gonna be our 30 plus and have a minimum of 500 plus organic visitors if you’re doing gambling all you have to do is click this link and it will go take you to the gambling one which adds an extra surplus of $25 to the overall price of it if you wanted to be gambling any of the needs though you can do there as long as it’s got an English anchor text you can do it to foreign sites you just need to make sure that everything something in an English anchor text unfortunately we do not currently accept foreign anchor texts and once you’ve done guest posts as well I highly recommend if you are doing the dr 45 plus or the d ICT 2 person you’re doing really competitive link building i highly recommend doing that tier 2 power-ups these are only $20 pre discount these are really worthwhile just to power up these these really expensive tier 1 links and that’s what’s gonna give you the most the most bang for your buck because you’re going to be missing out on link juice if you’re not powering up your tier 1 links ok on to me shadow it’s nice shallots of course of the infamous kind of link supplied from the one true seller of them all who is pretty much throughout the groups once you’re in here we’re gonna be checking out the different varieties that we have we have our dr 20 to 35 s dr 35 to 50 and dr 50 to 75 s we actually offered deer 75 pluses but they are really hard to get so you actually have to be a VIP member to get these so if you are buying a lot you can actually apply for a custom order and will be able to supply you with dr 75 plus links otherwise though you can just go ahead and buy these in either 1 3 5 or 10 packs so for example if you wanted to buy some dr 35 to 50 ones you go through here and then you should you select your individual pack of which one you want to your one your 5 or your 10 these are all discounted depending on which one you buy so that you get the most value fuel money as well getting 10 dr 35 to 50 links for $1,250 with a guaranteed replacement for 6 months is a pretty pretty good deal considering in the current state of the economic sort of link building right right now next up we have pbn links unfortunately right now we have a Tijuana coming soon in our Tier one rentals coming soon hopefully we’ll be able to have our one-time fee PBM links within the next 7 to 10 days so within this second or third week of March our monthly rental PBM links these probably won’t be out for another two three months until kind of the end of April to the start of May time otherwise though we have our tier 2 ppm links which you can go ahead and buy there like I said all you have to do is go here and buy them like I actually recommend buying between 1 and 5 links per tier one and I only recommend doing tier two power-ups on dr 4 to 5 + and dr 60 + sites ideally you want deer 60 plus so that you then you can get you know the three to five tier two powerup links and then that one individual link even though it’s going to cost you three hundred and sixty dollars or so is going to be insanely strong it’s gonna be one of the strongest links actually currently available on the market for that kind of money next up we have a link packs these the individual link packs both one time and monthly fee packs that we have available these are in the format’s of kind of chests their formats that we have here so we have our foundation package this is for sites either for example client sites ecommerce sites local site Allegiant sites CPA sites and you want to do foundation package on that if you can get a physical address then you want to do a foundation package with this and this will give you a really strong boost on here and be able to actually rank you for pretty much anything in terms of a local SERP but obviously we actually have specific local SEO packages which are highly recommend you go for the thousand dollar local SEO package rather than rather than thousand dollar foundation package if you’re specifically trying to rank a local website otherwise go for a foundation package and do that for client-side ecommerce site subsets like I said CPA sites that kind of stuff for local specific sites going local packages there next we have the white knight package this is for people who are wanting to do guest posts in the modern era these are tier 2 P B and powered guest posts these are really strong for $1,300 you get 5 tier 1 links with 22 to aged pbn links that’s really powerful and really strong Black Knight package arguably get a higher bang for a buck because you’re paying only a thousand dollars and you’re getting ten links with a thousand social signals but obviously you also come with a risk from these edits which are which get replaced for those 10 links you’re probably gonna have to replace one of them within that six month period so that actually comes with its own risks etc associated with it and but of course that that ends up being a much cheaper alternative for some people it depends on what you’re wanting to go with and if it’s a client or not next that we have the the two special edition packages of these why not might not the raid this is 5dr 3550 nice edits and 3d are 60-plus guest posts 5zr 45 Plus guest posts and 20 tier 2 PBM links for $2,700 that is an insanely powerful package that one package would probably rank you for a hundred thousand monthly search keyword it’s a dis and insanely strong packet right now and that in terms of how links are as long as you have really good on page etc as well as the fact that don’t don’t forget this that you don’t need to put one URL on here we do you recommend that you put between one and three URLs in that one package and that one package is supposed to rank you for high competition keywords these are not these these packages are generally not for low competition keywords these are for medium to high competition these these two are for medium and these these two are for high competition ones Black Knight the assault package this is 5000 social signals so this is actually five times the the black male original package with ten dr twenty to thirty five minutes i actually recommend putting those ten dr twenty to thirty five minutes a supporting content rather than putting it on money pages just purely because putting eighteen weeks that’s like one or two many pages is in a short amount of time isn’t the greatest of ideas so splitting up across the supporting content is a much safer alternative in terms of electronic strategy yes or if you want to put it in many pages then you can obviously or this package and just request to jet feeder over three months and you’ll be good to go next that we have our monthly subscription packages these are our slow burner package this is you for five hundred dollars a month you get three words three 800 words supporting blog posts eight so you get 3d hard new edits these add up those three supporting blog posts are actually you get the supporting blog post first so within about 10 to 14 days of ordering it you’ll get your first three blog posts and then about two weeks after that you’ll get your niche edits for your supporting content and for your money page this is actually a slightly slow burner slow burner package is actually supposed to rank low to medium competition affiliate sites where you have like one two three money pages where you don’t have any supporting content yourself I’ve seen so many affiliate sites and I’ve doing consults what people aren’t building the supporting content and they just don’t know what to do so if you’re ordering this package and we plan the supporting content for you for five hundred dollars you’re getting a really good deal for that because you’re ending up you’re ending up with this site that’s actually going to age over time and build out and be able to flex its muscles and potentially even generate clicks generate ad revenue etc from the supporting blog posts if you obviously go ahead and set those blog posts up yourself correctly with with on-page research of themselves next up we have the white knight monthly package this is 3dr thirty five to fifteen shed its thirty or forty five-plus guest posts in nine tio 2 PB ends this again is exactly the same as a white knight package but which is flexing an extra additional amount of T to PB ends and niche edits as well on top for a thousand dollars a month that’s a really good deal and you may be out probably pair up want to medium to high competition many pages for that every single month without so you know if you’ve got if you’ve got a twenty page monies if you got twenty money page affiliate website within a year you gonna be able to pair up every single one of those pages for twelve thousand dollars so you’re gonna be able to rank your sites for twelve thousand dollars pre discount bear in mind with that discount we’re in a really safe manner and also bear in mind because you’re doing monthly packages we you’ll be able to get anchor anchor text selection support from our british-trained SEO support stuff again exact same for Black Knight monthly package again the exact same kind of similar scenario you just get you just get an additional amount of tier 1 links rather than getting the tier 2 links oh it’s just preferential treatment depending on if you want guest post versus if you want just niche edits if you want the TTP and B ends versus if you want the Rd from the tier two of the knee centers already it depends on what you want and then we have the big boy package this this guy is the big authority take over monthly package so you actually get a monthly on page checkup by Daniel coverage himself you get a monthly disavow update by Jack Vivian you get five one thousand word supporting blog posts you get five D are twenty to thirty five minutes at those supporting blog posts are actually you get a link for each blog post and yet blog post each obviously those would be optimized to internally link back so many pages and then you get 3d are 35 to 50 nice edits at your money pages and 9 tier 2 PB ends over a price of $2,700 and then we’ve got some descriptions of both packages in a bit more detail as long as it get in touch form if you want to ask for any additions or any edits to these specific packages rather than just getting these once individually before you ordering next up we have our local SEO packages which is our final part and then we have the actual final bits which is our on my account and support pages as well and so on local SEO packages these are on page ordinate citations and these edits in guest posts so for our starter package which is $500 you get 30 plus citations I think you actually also get social profiles set up with that as well you get 4dr 20 to 35 minutes and you get a brief on page audit that’s probably like a page optimizer pro audit it’s not really you know one of the more detailed orders which is up with the next package with an intermediate package that 60 plus citations for dr 2035 nice edits for dr 30 to 5 to 50 shallots and an on-page audit that’s for $1000 that on page audit of that’s not gonna be a pay doctors pro that’s a custom on-page audit by Daniel carriage himself again for a small on page for a small local size obviously 5 to 10 page local site and then for the professional package that would be a 10 to kind of 25 local page site there’ll be a hundred plus citations as well as a load as well as all of your major social profiles set up as well so social profile branding you get 40 are 20 to 35 minutes for dr thirty five to fifteen shallots and one just that 50 75 minutes as well as a comprehensive on-page audit by daniel courage himself once more so with that professional package you would basically be able to rank any local who me site obviously with with the exceptions of if you’re going with things like new york lawyer or you know something really really out there and really really competitive that’s with the exceptions but generally speaking if you’re going with plumber in any city you can rank this you can rank it with this specific package and again we offer jet feeding on every single one of them there’s more information on the bottom of these pages on every single part of this as well as in the descriptions of these you’ll actually be I’ll to find more information on the descriptions so normally as well if you’re buying Nisha it’s a lot of people know me have a ton of questions on Nisha it’s if you actually go to any of the niche edit specific product pages you’ll be able to then see a full niche at its FAQ at the bottom of the page here which will give you a ton of information about niche edits themselves on there so I hope you enjoyed this video oh yeah as well as for their my account information sorry so you need to actually register to be able to see in there but that will be able to see your orders as want to see all your other information as well you’ll try to click my orders new LC every suit everything all of your orders well as well to contact support in there and then contacts our support this will be able to go through and you’ll be able to just please get in touch and get in touch through here and put in all of your information this is either you know Bob by inquiries further requires if you’ve already made an order if you want to do custom iqs custom packages etc and when to actually made an order as well you’ll be able to input your URLs and hanky’s either via and a cloud spreadsheets it’s a Google Drive or Microsoft Excel online or you’ll be able to do a submitted Excel document submission through the website itself so you’ll be able to upload your excel sheet with your with your URLs and Hank is already in there for yourself or you’ll be able to request support for your euros bankers where we will wear one of my British SEO trained staff will email you directly and they will ask you for your information on the euros that you want to rank and then we will do analysis for you but that was again only for people who spend over fifteen hundred dollars pre discount I hope you enjoyed this video I hope this gave you some really good information about how you can use the deer foil ink service to better off your overall understanding of link building and hopefully use this to really impact your link building campaigns I’ve been Charles loads peace

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