How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2017 - Part #1 Get Backlinks
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How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2017 – Part #1

00:05 Xavier Kelly: Hey guys, it’s Xavier Kelly back at you with another video. This video I’m gonna walk you through how to get high quality backlinks, this is gonna be a five-part series, this is part one. So make sure you stay tuned, you’re gonna learn more about how to get high quality backlinks. 00:22 XK: Like always, guys, I’m gonna leave all the links in resources and descriptions, so make sure you check that out at the end of the video. The first one is gonna be testimonials. And basically you wanna give testimonials to different products that you’re using or basically all products that you’re using if possible.

And the reason why you do that, ’cause most testimonials link back to your actual website, and especially if you can actually choose the anchor text that you get so that you get high profile companies that link back to your website. And most of them, if possible, they do follow-up links as well. So this is a good way to build those extra links, also helping out the actual company that you like and enjoy, so it’s a good way to build those extra links if you’re looking in that area. 01:11 XK: Two, blogger reviews. If you have a software, a course, or basically any digital product that you possibly have and you’re thinking about selling, basically you can give reviews out to bloggers in your niche or in your industry and basically have them review it, and then they’ll review it and they’ll put a blog post or a video up about it, which will help you get links back to your actual page of where they’ll find the information at.

And also it helps to tap into their audience, which is another big stream as well, and especially if they give you a good review it brings their credibility over to your product, which helps you sell more of your product. 01:56 XK: Three, cement your site to different website feedback sites, and the reason why you wanna do this right here is ’cause most times on these sites… I’ll show you the link down below of a couple sites you can do this with, you actually get a link that comes back to your website, and you actually, most times, can choose anchor text that you get to use.

How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2017 - Part #1 Get Backlinks

And this is pretty good, ’cause you get people to go through and review your website, you get that feedback as well, but also review your products and different things on that that gives you good authority and especially if you have got a pretty good website that you wanna show off, then this is a good way to get some extra exposure and get those links back to you. 02:39 XK: Four, take your RSS feed if you have a blog post or have a podcast, take your RSS feeds and then submit those to RSS feed directories, and this is good right here ’cause there are tons of directories that give big links back to you and they have high quality links and they have PRs of seven and above, so this is a good way to build your authority up and also to build traffic from those sites as well and getting direct traffic in not just the SEO and juice that you get provided with that as well.

But it’s a good thing to go find some different directories you can do this for. I’m gonna leave a list down below of some that I have found, so make sure you check that out in the description. 03:23 XK: Five, submit your articles and your blog posts to StumbleUpon, so create a StumbleUpon, and just do a smaller version of your article. People really like it when you do a more storied version with adding actually images into them and put them on StumbleUpon. This right here gives you extra boost ’cause it gives you a possibility for your article to go viral or to get picked up by another news chain as well. 03:55 XK: Thank you, guys, for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video, hope this video helps you figure out how to get high quality backlinks. Like I said before, this is just part one; we have four more parts coming out so make sure you stay tuned for those parts. And if you liked this video, then go ahead and give me a thumbs up.

Comment down in the descriptions of different strategies and tips that you may have or if you use some of these and how they work for you, any questions you may have. Don’t forget to share this video and smash that subscribe button right now to learn more about SEO tactics and how to sell your products online. I’m Xavier Kelly, and I’ll see you in the next one. .

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