How to Get a Celebrity Endorsement to Promote your Product Marketing Software
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How to Get a Celebrity Endorsement to Promote your Product

How to Promote your Product with a Celebrity Endorsement

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Video Transcript of How to Get a Celebrity Endorsement to Promote your Product:

Using celebrities is not a new idea in marketing; it’s widely known that celebrity endorsements sell products. Megabiz makes it easy.
And while not all brands subscribe to the celebrity endorsement theory, it’s based in simple logic.

You may be asking how to get a celebrity to promote your business.

People idolize celebrities, so when famous people are seen in your client’s advertisements, audiences are prompted to use their products or services either subliminally or directly.

With A Few Mouse Clicks You Create High Quality Irresistible, Profit Producing Celebrity Videos using famous celebrity endorsements.

1. Access The MegaBiz Platform. It’s Fast and Easy To Use

Just log in and enter some information to get started! Once you have a client signed up, the celebrities are auto selected each month and a new video is rendered each and every month! Imagine having your own celebrity endorsed products!

Add Your Custom Info. Fill in The Blanks and Upload Images
This is almost effortless. No coding, no cropping. No video experience or needed just type, pick, plop easy as drag and drop.

2. Hit Process
3. Click And Make The Magic Happen

In just minutes your video will be customized and ready to post or share. The resulting videos are so impressive, anyone who sees them will virtually be tripping over themselves to sign up for your offer because of the famous endorsements.

Share, Sell, Profit. Promote Your Services To Your Clients
The personalized promotional videos make a powerful impression.

They make selling the service easy!

Your clients will be impressed by the Promo Version and the current celebrity endorsements, their prospects and customers will be impressed by the FULL version and you’ll be impressed by the recurring sales, month after month.

As Much As 16% of Buying Decisions Are Linked To Celebrity Affiliations . . .

Celebrities Inspire Consumer Confidence.

The brand value to your business is immediate and tangible.

Our monthly celebrity video provides an element of legitimacy, simply because of the power of the celebrity’s name.

Likability, reliability and attractiveness are transferable between the celebrity and the business they are advertising which will generate desirable campaign outcomes

Currently in the USA, millennials (age 18-34) make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases, with an estimated excess of a trillion dollars in direct buying power and huge influence on older generations (Millennial Marketing, 2015).

Millennials are a crucial market for many companies. This age group is known to value innovation and participation in marketing, leading companies to constantly look for new and smarter ways to reach them. Celebrities have been shown to be an effective met

Clients And Your Prospects Want . . . Results

That’s it. They want to know that you’re gonna deliver results! So, let me ask you a very important question . . . one that you already should be able to answer for yourself and for your clients.

So, let me ask you a very important question . . . one that you already should be able to answer for yourself and for your clients.

“What are you doing that is unique . . . something only you can offer or do?”

Having access to the MegaBiz Platform gives you that unique offering, because it doesn’t exist anywhere else!

Imagine how awesome it be would to show your prospective and existing clients a digital strategy they would immediately see the value in!

Something that requires NO explanation, because 99.9% of your clients will already understand and believe in the underlying principles.
Something that was easy to sell because they KNOW there is NO way they could do this on their own.
Well, Megabiz is just such a solution.

It will quickly and easily allow you to deliver stellar results for yourself and your clients.

MegaBiz gives you access to create customized “Celebrity Videos” for your clients with about the same amount of effort it takes to knock out a twitter post.

For Your Puny, But Brilliant Investment, You Will Get . . .

Access to the platform to sign up your clients for celebrity videos. (Having access to this celebrity video generation platform is a privilege because it can’t be found anywhere else).

The ability to create promotional videos to entice your current or future clients to buy a monthly celebrity video subscription from you.

Training on how to get digital marketing clients using this system, so you can work less and earn more!

Discounts on other products, which includes the best local video SEO platform on the Internet.

First rights to market other upcoming celebrity products. We have even more exciting products coming which will feature celebrities. YOU will be the first to offer these products.

An affiliate link to sell these memberships to others and make 15% every month.

An Iframe link to post on your website with the client’s promotional video. This way, the client can’t ever get to us. They HAVE to go through you.

The customized video mentioned in #2 above will be posted on your site to show to your client(s). Access to special webinars by industry experts on SEO and getting clients.

A client management interface which allows you to post sample videos for as many companies as you desire (refer to #2 above if you forgot already).

This interface will allow you to upload the business name, phone number, email, website address, logo image, business images, and street address so you can generate the promotional video for each prospect, if you desire.

The ability to get certified as one of our exclusive providers so we can refer done for you and SEO clients to you.

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