Free Unique Contents: How to Generate 100% unique article in minutes

Free Unique Contents: How to Generate 100% unique article in minutes Content Generation

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Hi in this video I’m going to be showing you how to generate free unit contents, absolutely unique when I mean unique 100 %. Unique first thing you need to do is to log on to this. Follow Craigslist forum is actually forums, dot, forums, dots, Craigslist, calm or I can just go onto google and type in and type in Craigslist forum forums rather and then you get to click on the first page. The first result there. So these are two e Craigslist for and then, when you come here, first thing you need to do is own this search box. Yet you just need to include you know. Whatever keyword you want to search for just type in the keyword here. Monkeys, I’m gon na type in I’m gon na be searching for, let’s say, weight loss, let’s see weight, loss, okay and then this you come here sheesh from the drop-down menu. You know something! Listen to you to your keyword. Okay, I’m gon na go for dieting. Excuse me: there click on search. Can you see you hi a couple of articles that are being written for that keyword I searched for so for you to know if these articles are unique or if it’s been used somewhere somewhere else in some other person’s website? What’S new to do it, though, just copy you know copy one of the one of the the articles yeah, you know you just copy. It highlights copy, then head over to this website called duplicate. Comm. Do please check our comm. So when you come on these websites, you come on this website. You know you click on you can, sir, this you need to improve restore text. Here you pasted is our test. We just copied from Craigslist for you paste it here and then you click on the search box, yet click on it.

Free Unique Contents: How to Generate 100% unique article in minutes Content Generation  As you can see it’s going to work with put it into work. So it’s searching online for similar articles if there is any thousand written. So what is what the owners actually does is that it searches online for similarly cause. If there is any article relating to this, it shows us, Commissioner, it’s easy no plagiarism detected. That means nobody sees it elsewhere. Can you see that this is hormones are essentially article? You could use for your website for your blog review review websites and all that this is what you could use it. All you to do is just copy these articles, this this somewhere, your notepad on your word processor, get to a decision. Probably you know edit one or two things you know, or you could just head over to to this website. Google translate cop, you know you just copied you copies come in here. You paste it here. Click on, let’s say: ok, Spanish! You know these. Actually, this website is called It’S actually are. You know on an unlined translating service from Google, so we just translated the the article from English to Spanish and then all you’re gon na do is colleges you’re gon na copy. This Spanish translation, you highlight it right, click and copy.


Ok, and then you highlight this other one highlight it copy that and then paste the Spanish translation here and then it’ll it’ll. It automatically translated cells back to English. Can you see that and then, if you want to complete this article to the one the original one we copied from from follow you’re gon na see a lot of difference here, let’s open our word processor and paste, it see the glad to see the difference yourself. So repairs the article here now we’re gon na get to we gon na compete with the original article and see difference. Okay, here is a okay here. Is it its original article? Can you see now? Okay, yes, the one we translated. He says: yeah. I’Ve always been. Naturally, thin and could lose one is easily by escape by skipping dinner, always been naturally thin and could be and could easily lose, and you see that it is then could loose and yeah it sees, could easily lose pound skipping dinner. Can you see here and there’s no pounds yet so if you get to read the article from top to bottom eager to see that it’s unique 100 % unique when I say unique, I mean unique. So this is how you get to generate articles. You know hundred percent unique article using Craig’s List. You don’t need to come all the way down here. If you don’t want to come all the way down, you could just you know stop here. You could just stop here after chicken through to play checker, and then you get to see that see article. This unique you should stop here and then edit it and get to work.



Originally posted 2020-10-30 10:21:02.