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hey babe this is Neil Napier hey and in this video I’m going to give you a walkthrough of content gorilla and I’m going to show you all the cool features that you’re getting as part of this awesome application so content gorilla at the very basic level helps you take content from YouTube videos those closed captions or subtitles that we talked about and turn them into a blog post so let’s first start by creating a blog post and then I’ll show you a few other features as well so the very first thing you see when you Landon it’s a dashboard where you can pick video URL or you can pick a search term as well so let’s say in my case I go for content marketing so I could order them by relevance or most recent and most viewed if I do that let me search and see what comes up so I’ve got all these different options but just to stay on the good side of Google and everyone else what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna choose videos and I’ve created a Creative Commons license what this means is license that allows me to reuse this video and I don’t even need to link back to this although you know you have to check all creative common license videos have different rules so you can just check that underneath the video just there once I’m happy with this one I’m just gonna go ahead and click on create post and when I do that what we do is we grab that content from YouTube and we turn that into a decent-looking blog post right over here so you can see what the video title is how long the video would be and also then how many words this text has as well as the post title if you want to change that you can do that as well so if content marketing 101 or you could say 101 rules of content marketing and you can then publish that then you’ve got your post right over here you can go ahead and make changes to it if you think something’s out of shape if you think some grammar does make sense you can just click here and it automatically corrects your grammar grammar irons out any issues that you post would otherwise have which makes it easy for you to then focus on the things that really matter which is creating more content all the time so I’ll wait for this one to stop there we go the grammar has been fixed and as you’ll see there is if you remember program an extra M&E that’s been taken out so this is what it looks like right now and I think it’s pretty good it’s good to go if I wanted to change it still I could spin the content so just by clicking this it automatically spins the content and make sure it is still human readable but again you can always check and ensure that that all fits together we also grab the image from the video so we also put an image here for you but you can click here and add your own image as well you can search images based not integrations too so once you’re happy with this going to featured image and again this is the video that we grabbed the image that we grabbed from this video I could click here and again let’s say upload an official mission my computer which is always good because you want to make sure it’s personalized then a lot of these videos that are ranking high getting a lot of views they have perfect tags as well so you want your blog post to have good tags as well these are the tags that you can use then if you wanted to you could use indication but this is part of the pro version just FYI then when you’re ready you can publish it so you can integrate multiple websites over here and what I can then do is say I wanted to I want to publish this and on categorized and content and I want to also include video in the post and video attribution I could take all that and I could publish this and that’s it it’s done that’s literally how fast the process is to create a new blog post if you wanted to you can then jump on into your blog and start editing out this post and just FYI you can add multiple sites right from over here so it’s very easy to add your own sites to this as well let me go into this one and I’ll show you the blog post that’s been published there so right here you can see this as a blog post that we made content marketing 101 and then if you were the test post going in here as well from a few other people so the multiple people using this access right now now with the bulk posting option you will be able to add multiple posts in a queue and automatically schedule them better than light so let me show you what I mean by that so say if I go for this particular website I can choose multiple different languages and all I need to do is put in some key words so something like and then I can select how many posts I want to schedule so it could be like say 10 and I could say I wanted to go out every 18 hours and then pick a category in the same blog and then I can just click on spin text and say include video and purses while I’m video attribution and then for the text as well so I could say that’s it it’s done I showed you the post and now all the personal automatically we configured to go out in the designated time frame so the next thing I want to show you is the post later option so then the post later option you can also find the video that you’re looking at earlier so that’s if I go back and I go for content marketing and I choose let’s say creative common license can I find this one I could click here and then it’s added to post later which means I can come back to it later on and then create a post for it so it’s really perfect if you have a team and you can have someone to log in and make sure that they find relevant videos for you that you can then later go in and configure the posts then we also have article rewriter so if you have an article that you have written before you can just insert it in here and you can also rewrite it based on our scale over here and remember again this is something we built exclusively for content gorilla and you get access to this as well we have integration option here as well which means you can integrate this with buffer if you wanted to publish out your post into your various different places and then finally you can manage all your settings here you can go to knowledgebase check out all the training or just click here and reach out to us while support desk this is Neil Napier I hope you enjoyed this very quick walkthrough of content gorilla I look forward to seeing you in the members area

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Originally posted 2020-03-10 08:21:03.