Article Forge Review  - BAD! - ArticleForge vs Article Builder Content Generation Tool Content Generation
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Article Forge Review – BAD! – ArticleForge vs Article Builder Content Generation Tool

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Video Transcript:

Hello, internet marketers, my name is Leon from how to webmaster, and today I am reviewing article forge – is a automatic content creation tool and created by word. Ai and I’ve actually made a review. Video of word AI, and I can tell you I did not like it. One bit so now, article Forge is another tool by word AI, and this is my first time using it. So what is article forge? It is a tool to get a limited, unique content and I’m gon na test out. If the content is actually any good, and here they promise generate high quality SEO content, and here is a sample and the good thing about article Forge the only good thing. I think is that it has a free trial for you to test out first before committing to the membership plan. Forty seven dollars a month, so it’s the same price as word: AI, pretty expensive for the average internet marketer. So here I am inside the dashboard. Basically, you enter a keyword and then it may be a sub keyword that you want and then choose your content needs.

Article Forge Review  - BAD! - ArticleForge vs Article Builder Content Generation Tool Content Generation  I stuck with the most readable because I want to see how readable it is cuz. If it’s not even readable, then it’s basically a worthless article. You can’t even use so there’s no point in going for the most variations if the most readable can’t even be useful article length, I want to stick with 750 since SEO content and the more words the better and, of course, quality content is the and a ton Of the headings, so I turned that on and I don’t care about the image or video for now or the links, keyword, links and article uniqueness. It’S basically it’ll see if copyscape match any of the articles to guarantee that the article is unique, which again it doesn’t really matter. If the content is not readable, I don’t care if it’s 100 % unique and then, of course you got the word AI. So I’m not sure why that’s even an integration with word AI, probably to suck more money out of you, but if article Forge already what is a guaranteed unique content, then why does it need word ai subscription? I don’t understand that part but anyways I tested out three articles, one is about dish washing and one is about affiliate marketing and the last one is about web hosting and I’ll post. These articles on my site check out the link below and you can view the quality yourself.


So let’s get started with this washing article, so I want to make an article about dishwasher, so I can promote Amazon, affiliate products or eBay. So, let’s see if this is any good, so right away, the this article already doesn’t make sense. It starts out with the dishwasher is not the same height Daniel counter, it isn’t the conclusion of the earth. So what does that even mean? I don’t even know how to edit that and then just some weird heading the lost secret of dishwasher, and this there’s just a lot of mistakes. A lot of things don’t make sense, and quite as many News’s as a typical mixer. So so far, this is not a good article. There’S so many things wrong with it. Romantical errors, confusing phrases and sentences put together. I’M pretty sure is unique. No doubt about that, because nothing makes sense. So, let’s go with affiliate marketing and right away. We have a field of marketing Diaries who even uses the word Diaries so right away. First sentence got something wrong here. In that case online affiliate marketing. It’S all you should succeed. So that’s right there. It’S wrong wording so right away. First sentence. Has the problem yeah. I can only imagine others, many more others who have issues so not good web hosting okay, so we’ve got some weird headings again.

Is it a scam choosing web hosting is simple, so right away, first sentence ready mistake: the server allows your site to remain in its very own safe zone. What does that even mean, and it’s unaffected by the other websites that are experiencing high traffic? So nothing makes sense introducing this sentence. I mean, if you’re gon, na post it on your blog. It’S not gon na go well. Yeah you’re gon na lose a lot of visitors and readers, so not even good, so article forge not a good product. I don’t like it, I don’t recommend it way over price for something that produce produces worthless articles for UT news again. I rather have quality content over a bunch of useless unique articles. So that’s my take on article forge. I hope this helps give you some ideas on whether or not Oracle Forge is a worthy product or not again, I will be posting these articles on my site for you to review and see for yourself if you want a better tool than article forge at creating An automatic contents at the push of a button article builder – it’s actually a lot better and I’ve reviewed article builder and you can check it out, check out the link in the description below this video. You see the article builder review thanks again for watching. Please subscribe to you how to webmaster for more internet marketing tips, tricks and review on more internet marketing products, tools and services thanks again and until next time, happy marketing,