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Cloud Stacking Poster – Stack Unlimited HTML to the Google Cloud


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Cloud Stacking Poster - Capture The Power of Google Authority Marketing Software
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Video Transcript:

I’d like to show you this new software they have developed which is called cloud staking poster and what it does is creates and uploads HTML pages unique HTML pages to six of the most powerful domains in the world which are Google cloud Amazon s3 Microsoft Azure digitalocean Alibaba cloud and p2 so what what what does is it creates an HTML page for you younique based on settings at your input very simple I’ll show you in a minute and this first HTML page links to your website or to your video limit it uploads that HTML file to Google cloud and it makes a public it gets a public URL I think grabs that URL creates another HTML page but this time it doesn’t link to your website that links to the Google cloud URL that are created earlier okay and then that uploads that to the Amazon s3 service and then it grabs that URL and creates another HTML page the stop pointing to the Amazon s3 service and it uploads that to Microsoft a zero and and so it carries on all the way through through Microsoft pete cloud digital arch and Alibaba cloud and then eventually it comes back to Google cloud where it closes the loop it’s very simple to set up what you need to do is you need to go to the cloud services obviously we’ll show you how to do that in tractions and you simply put in your username your password and then the keyword that you wish to make the title of your HTML page and you put that in for Google Cloud Emerson Azure as soon as Microsoft and then digitalization P cloud and Eddie Baba and then they are a couple of different of options you can choose to run only some of these only one of them only one of them as many iterations as you would like or you could run them all in one big class trip so the next setting is when you’re setting up your cloud services you can create buckets bucketz are simply folders there are folders that you will help load the HTML files that gets created – so in other words it’s easier after cite them some silly names yeah but these would actually be inside the URL of events or father gets uploaded ok next what we have here is on your mouth to target yeah this is the URL way the initial link will point to and we all the juice gets created in this big silo that gets created ultimately ends up on to this URL then we have a couple of different templates even years where we sang choose failure between what you need to do they is just have a file of keywords that you wish to be found for because this will use tiny URLs and my copper links which that gets a rich added to the HTML page and we found that helps quite a lot I’ll show you that in a minute okay then over here is where we can do some embedding now this is really powerful you can see yeah that I’ve got a YouTube video so this helps quite a bit with getting your youtube video ranking and it makes for a good-looking HTML page and then I’ve got the actual title again of that I’m wanting to be found for in the sky slimming ejection center which is a major city it’s a personal sub behind South Africa and then I’ve also got just a naked link to the website I’ve got slimming injections and a naked link to a Google map and then I’ve got some text and below that I actually have a Google map that I’m embedding in me that you can’t see yeah but it’s also just in an off-ramp okay the next setting is this is yeah we would actually create the tiny URL so you get a tiny or our API key and but you’re the j-team and a tracing or whatever you are whatever you are using and how many short URL so you want to create or save it to you in a minute okay next we have the actual was a week creator where you can butts this is similar to a wordpress blog and you can put in you spin anything yeah all the titles can spin images you can spoil everything but yeah I’m just targeting hcg injections and that’s going directly to my website okay and because one of the services in fact it’s digitalocean requires a capture key of input bar to capture details yeah okay and I’ll just blanked out the API key so if we have a look yeah under step one in Radium the CSP software creates a unique HTML page let me just show you what that looks like okay so if I search on google for the term hcg injections senton you can see some purses infect my Google my business this is my website but javea hcg injections Amazon s3 this has been created with class taking poster but one napping at the beginning that helps that helps a lot of good night one tag they opened and we were saying what’s there pill and and so they’re figure people love what’s happening because it’s free so you can also talk you can also call us obviously and then has an article and some images that this images get swapped out all the time that can be spun and then here is a map with the driving directions from sentence to our actual business and then there is a YouTube video and remember where we were talking about short URL settings over here how many show URLs who want to to input you can see I’ve got what it does is it takes your the list of keywords that you have and that creates a unique short URL so and and and these are in pretty well because when a word what you’re doing is you you’re linking with the skewered by a short URL to another page which is actually the Google page so all of the links in this page is actually linking to the Google page and the ones and this Google page will probably link back to the home page I can say in this pass you can see it’s a teaching excellence anthem so this is the the video that we were targeting young that’s a quick run through of the software so in step one it creates a page that looks like this okay and I put schema markup in I do all that for the stuff prior to you know in the settings and so that’s over yeah we’re not that’s doing that so the the order an auto generated HTML file is in uploaded to Google Cloud okay and that that page links to your website or video URL you saw how this one yeah was linking to the video okay so that’s where that’s what what I’m actually promoting their base Dixons injections alright then what it does is a tall grab the URL of this google with the the pages in this Google Cloud and it’ll generate a new HTML page and versus all Spanish all unique and it’ll upload that to you can see with a follow the green arrow they Adil uploaded to Amazon Web Services indigo gap it’ll grab that URL after it’s made public create another HTML page and then upload that to Microsoft Azure so what what you see now is the green arrows are where the pages are being uploaded to but the red arrows show where the pages are linking to in other words pushing the Jusuf upwards so the first one put links to your website with your URL the second page links to the first Club wait a second the third one means to the second club page and so it goes on in a proper silo fashion until one page has been uploaded to each one of the cloud platforms and then it closes a loop

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