The Best Spinner Comparison WordAi vs Spin Rewriter vs Chimp Rewriter vs SpinnerChief Article Spinning
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The Best Spinner Comparison WordAi vs Spin Rewriter vs Chimp Rewriter vs SpinnerChief

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Video Transcript of Best Article Spinner Rewriter:

Hello guys welcome to the final episode of my series of videos on reviewing article spinners and rewriters so we have here spin rewriter or de I spinner chief champ rewriter and spinner chief desktop version and the best spinner I’ve individually reviewed all these already and you can check them out on my channel on my website the links are below and I have produced a bunch of articles which you guys can see and compare yourselves the quality and uniqueness of the articles news copyscape to compare the articles Here I am at my comparison websites and we’re getting ready to crown the top article spinning tool and once again I tried them all I am a big user of article spinning and I’ve done a comprehensive review on video of each one of these five tools and you can see them on my website and the king of article spinning tools is spin rewriter here is the King my number one pick as the top article spinning tool on the market right now a new spin rewriter a couple years ago for the first time and instantly it blew my mind it created the best reviewing content I’ve ever seen and I purchased it almost right away and till this day I am still a subscriber of spin rewriter it is web-based and there’s nothing to download or install all the updates are free they are still the king of article spinning tools and in second place is the best spinner it does live up to his name as the best spinner well close to being the best is actually number two on my list but if only it was a web-based version or included event a web-based version it can easily take the number one spot no doubt about that a spin rewriter is $77 a year and the best spinner is 47 a year but I have a special coupon where you can get it for 37 a year so it’s half the price of spin rewriter and it produces the almost the same quality of rewritten articles to the spin rewriter and again a half the price and number three is simply Rider and it’s not as popular as any rider or the best spinner but it is very similar in article quality production it only comes as a downloadable software and the price is 99 year which is more expensive than the other two and it’s better chief it’s number four I think this tool has the most features bells and whistles compared with the other three it has both a downloadable software version which is very buggy and quite a hassle to install and a web-based version which I really like the quality of the articles produced was pretty good except for it has a low level of uniqueness compared with the others and the price is a year which is not too bad so it’s a good article spinner and now number five the most surprising review for sure since word is the most expensive out of the bunch at three hundred forty seven dollars a year and they claim to be the most intelligent human readable quality articles produced however as you can see in my review video it is not what as they claim I was totally not impressed under basic readable settings were they I produced a highly readable article but the unique uniqueness was barely around twenty percent or less so it was almost the same as the original article they barely changed it and if I start messing with their sentence shuffling and paragraph shuffling even under readable setting it produced a unreadable low-quality article and again you can see that in my video even though I would make the most affiliate Commission with word a eyes at three and forty seven dollars a year or fifty dollars a month in membership fees I will be making quite a bit with word III but I cannot recommend it any of these other four I would recommend of course I would recommend he the spin rewriter or the best bidder as my top recommendations of course but were they I I definitely don’t recommend it the most important thing I considered when choosing a article an article spinner is the automatic rewriting feature or the automatic spinning feature so I want to just use an article and have it automatically the spun and weave in and that’s how I measure each one of these article spinning tools so for example here I have article about stress management and I use the same article and tested it on each one of the article spinner and this is spin rewriter and this is the best spinner so under the best settings which is the most readable article I got a 30% article uniqueness and let’s compare that with spin rewriter 50 percent uniqueness under the best setting so that’s what I want I want a quality article under the best setting and I want make sure it’s unique so that way I can use it on my websites without worrying too much about duplication duplicate content so here’s chamber writer 26% article uniqueness here’s being your chief under the best setting 35% and word AI we have 25% so the best so far is spin rewriter under the highest quality setting we have the best uniqueness so let’s check out the next article so we have another article about internet marketing and under the best setting we have almost 70% article uniqueness the best spinner we have almost 70% that’s why these are my top two and under shimmery writer we have 30% article uniqueness spinner chief we have the lowest so far 16% and word AI oh no this is the lowest land percent readability so they pretty much where they die where they I barely even change the article it’s pretty much a duplicate article with only 10% unique so I should we see where the I has the worst results and let’s do the last article so this is about a web hosting article and under the best setting on spin rewriter we have 63% just really good 70% or above would be ideal and the best spinner got 52% Jim rewriter we have a little 30 percent it’s being her chief we have 30 percent so that’s why it’s being a chief and Jim rewriter are pretty close in my opinion that’s why they both got around a 3 point 9 out of 5 stars and spin rewriter and the best spinner set themselves apart when it comes to having the most readability and uniqueness compared with all the others and let’s talk now let’s go to word AI 20% again the lowest so two out of three articles word a I have the lowest article uniqueness compared with all the other tools and you guys can check out all these articles and make your own comparisons I even spun articles under the medium setting and the most unique and in the most unique and personally I never use articles under the most unique settings because it spits out a non readable gibberish very bad article and even under very unique settings were they I still isn’t even that unique as you can see here barely become 50% on all three of these test articles and with spin rewriter under very unique which is the lowest readability it’s always a high ninety percent if you really want unique articles again they’re they are not very good to read so there you have it folks that’s my ultimate comparison in to finding the best of the best article spinning tools on the web spin rewriter what’s the number one and a close second place the best bidder and again you can get the best spinner for $37 with just $10 off with my special coupon and spin rewriter has a five days free trial period I highly highly recommend you just try it out five days and you also get my special bonus for buying any of these articles meeting tools one-million here our articles stock photos music tracks video graphics marketing graphics and you get this free for everybody that buys through my link thanks again for watching my ultimate comparison video please subscribe to my youtube channel how to webmaster for more internet marketing videos tips and tricks and more internet marketing review videos on other tools like SEO email marketing and other traffic generation softwares and program okay thank you and happy spin. 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