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guys whereas my show I’m gonna do a review on spin rewriter and this is the lacing that’s just come out basically what spin have you heard of it before spin Tex was basically you can have a blog or you can have some form of text and in what you do is you push a button and what it does it mean whites in such a way that Google Den doesn’t see it as a copy so we’re going to demonstrate this and this is just one of the things which this actual rewrite will do it’s pretty awesome that is really good spin rewriter and it’s being released in the next couple of days so you know you want to keep keep your eyes open for this one it’ll be really really good for people who are doing exams as well because you could be doing an exam you could have been certain content and we’ve spin rewriter it working lead white it so then it won’t look like then you’ve just copied and pasted it and a lot of them gives a lot trouble when they’re doing their exams for stuff like that so this is the high end on spin rewriter I end of takes to spin basically so what we’re gonna do now is we’re going to click on a rewrite Oracle so we’re gonna give this a demonstration so check out the guest checkout and get started she talked oriole to take full of eyes you’ve spin rewriter and enjoy okay so we’re gonna do we never look online see let’s go to google but I’ll go you’ll what we’re going to do is we’re going to look for diet tips we’re gonna click on just 28-day kita okay and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to look for so let’s see we copy this alright spreading some of these don’t like to copy and paste so remember ctrl + C and then go back into the article ctrl + V alright so it’s opt in there like that and then what we’re going to do now is we’ve got a thing here says fix Graham out with perfect tints you want to use that that’s on suggest it might be an add-on we might say yep download and then you’ve got one-click rewrite and then you’ve got start me writing so I click on start me writing now you see the spin is working spin relies analyzing and Narus money for a process when it’s done now is basically re customized this text okay it’s just going through the whole of the process now by Sony at least look at this we have a little bit disability alright you’ll see what is done and if we go back to Google Chito you’ll see that there are some differences straightaway so you’ve got craving so if we go back into the rewriter you see that they’ve changed it to deliver big results so yeah it’s um it’s very good it looks very promising and so this is ideal if you want to redo content so if you can have it on so you can basically download at that particular text and then run it for a spin again and then it’s changed it again so what we’re gonna do now is we’re going to save for later so you click on there customized measurements the little bit results a to later okay and in that save so that saved that project right and then go to archive and then if I want to I can then save this and then I can import this into my wordpress or into my tongue bar or into my face book so there’s loads of things that you can do all right so that’s that side that’s that slider right guys let’s go back into so it’s a cloud-based software so that’s the reason why when I was clicking on that particular thing you notice that it was going into the thing this is the WordPress plugin integration so basically this video will explain to you how is that works how you can install it etc okay guys so that’s that side of it and then you’ve got B write multiple articles that’s a little check on there so bob boze we write multiples choose how you will provide the articles he says I were into articles into motion text bills text so basically he’s asking you to sue certain things so he can customize that template for you so it’s yeah it’s really good it’s very very good I know my daughter’s been after a real lawyer because she’s doing array levels and it makes over a bit of work rewriting out loads and loads of work suggesting we do certain things but he threw a text rewire and it won’t it will rewrite it I mean obviously you have to check to make sure the Spelling’s are all okay and everything else it’s very very important to do that and then here we go this is a tutorial so you get your sty video tutorial of course I’m got time to play this straightaway now guys so basically have a look at this you’ll see the link below the video all you need to do basically just click on that link and it will take you to a basically take you to a landing page or a page where you can you can actually access this but what you can do is you can use it think this has got a trial where you can run it for trials here we go on and also it gives you the ability of checking it out and having a look also the video tutorials are very good you’ll show you how to set it all up so if there’s any not quite sure of yeah this will help you and you just basically click on any of these the way you go spinning articles that are already spun so that’s a very good question so you know you’ve got all this here alright guys so you’ve got any questions obviously you feel welcome to give me a balance no problem you can email me on support at Darren brown WK I’m also giving you some bonuses with this and if you do purchase this we got to do is contact being on that email the email will be the link and then I will send you some unique bonuses which will hopefully help you in the future whether you’re doing issues budget Fiat marketing digital marking or try and start your own business okay guys so hopefully that’s cleared it up for you any questions gives a shell but basically that’s what’s being rewire is it’s basically a text document which you put through in basically an engine and it just redefines the words to make it sound like it’s the same but it’s a completely different customizable text okay guys thanks very much yes


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