The Best Free Online Article Spinner For PC or Mac – Spin Rewriter 5.0 Review

The Best Free Online Article Spinner For PC or Mac - Spin Rewriter 5.0 Review Article Spinning


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hey guys this is mario and i’m going to be talking about this a really amazing article rewriter called spin writer i’ve actually used some other article spinners which did a pretty decent job but I simply have found that the spin writer actually does a best of a job as I’ve seen here’s the the page that you come come to and right now they are having a five day free trial and they’re having a 70% launch discount and I will have these links at the bottom for you to go to but basically here’s their their page now I’m going to take you into the software itself and the difference between this software and others that I’ve used is that the the other software’s that I use have been desktop software’s where this is a web software or not software but a web application where you know you can pretty much login to it from wherever you’re at from any computer and you know the the great thing about this is that whether you’re a Mac user or a PC user you know you can log into it from whatever system that you that you have so anyhow let me let me log in real quick and I’ll actually show you a little bit about this this is my account rewrite obviously this is where you you would go rewrite your articles your archives are where you will be able to view of the the articles that you’ve written in the past and you can actually categorize them so that you can you know view them by category this is great if you have different niches that you’re you know trying to to do videos for or campaigns for and this is also great for offline marketing where you have if you have customers you can actually create categories for each particular customer you also have ap is which you can use for automatically using for you know other programs that allow you to put ap is and then they do offer an affiliate program which I am part of and you know that’s the link you’ll get so please support support me if not you can just go in and search for spin rewriter and buy it you don’t have to buy it from my link but I would greatly appreciate it anyhow let’s kind of see how this works so if I go to rewrite well I guess I didn’t save my my previous article so let me just go ahead and and say that I don’t know wait I did I’m sorry yeah let’s go back okay so it’ll ask you if you want to rewrite a single article or rewrite multiple articles which is great you don’t have to rewrite each article or Reis panitch article say you have five articles usually on the software’s that I’ve used in the past I’ve had to do them one at a time but with this one you can come down here enter you know your your articles if you go rewrite multiple articles you would enter your first one here article one and then you would add another article article to article at another three four five no six and it’ll do them all for you simultaneously which is a great option but for this review for this example we’ll just go rewrite a single article and I will pull up an article that I have and copy this and then paste it here so we have here the original article okay and it’s real simple it tells you how many you know says your take some things approximately 450 words it tells you how much how many words you have and then you can would you let give ‘s you the option of spinning your original checks on a paragraph and sentence level you can hit yes or no I just use the default of no and then all you do is you can either press I’m feeling lucky which gives you the option of generate as many suggestions as possible but you know that’s that as it states there it’s a high risk and the recommended setting is to use suggestions that you believe are correct spin rewriter it feels this correct so then you can also put protected keywords so you know say my my my keyword is in this case I’ll put the keyword that I’m trying to rank for and I will protect it so that it doesn’t you know spend that that particular phrase or word and then I can hit I’m feeling lucky or start the writing rewriting process I’ll put on filling your leggings as I’ve made some some changes on there and it’ll give you your progress bar and we’ll just wait for it to complete it’s pretty quick actually and here it is here’s your generated spun article and what you can do here is you can generate a unique version of it and then up here which is what I really like it you know gives you your uniqueness stats and it tells me the generator version is 95 percent unique when compared to my original checks so this version the the unique spun article is 95 percent unique versus the original article that I pasted on there and if I want to generate a different version I just hit there and now it goes to 94% and I can keep doing this you know well I mean this is 97% unique compared to the original checks I do have a copy scape account and if I hit copy skate it tells me copyscape returns for results that are from 3% to 5% Syria similar tells me this is great this is a great result your spun content should be very effective I mean that is simply amazing and just to kind of keep you guys in the original text that I the article that I that I pasted it I did get from other places and I just wanted to test this out to see how effective it was so it wasn’t even original content that I wrote it was from you know getting it from from a different place so this goes to show you that spin rewriter does an excellent job especially if you’re pressed for time you know how tedious and for me boring to write articles so if you have one original article that you’ve created and use it with the spin rewriter 3.0 I mean there is countless amount of articles that you can create using that one article that that that you’ve created so I can then go here article category okay and if I hit Uncategorized I can pick a category that I’ve already set up or I can make a completely new one here it says you can always add and edit your categories in your archive so if I go to my archives I can hit Arctic categories up here and I can you know create a category I can say for example create a category name sample and it will create I’ve got my original category and and this new one that I have which is called sample if I go to the article that I just spun and go and select sample and this use this category then like it’s categorized in that article it’s a sample the sample category which is great because if you want to come back to it at a later date to Rhys pin for a blog network or an article directory you can always refer back back to it so anyhow this is really really a great piece of software and not really a software it’s a web-based program but it’s been great so far for me to use it on my get anxious and help me you know promote my products out there and help me with my customers products by writing and being able to spin unique articles in order to help them rank on your first pages of the search engines so anyhow I will put all the links that you’ll need if you’re interested in trying out spin rewriter like I said it’s they do have a five day you know free trial and I believe if I’m not mistaken I paid somewhere like $59 for the year 59 $60 they do have the option of paying a monthly fee and I believe it’s $27 $30 don’t quote me on that but somewhere around there monthly basis but you know if you get it right now it’s a 70% discount for a full year service at 59 60 dollars compared to $27 that you’ll be paying monthly I mean it’s it’s a no-brainer so anyhow check it out and you know I have no doubt that this spin rewriter 3.0 will help help you in ranking your your products niches up first page of the search engines okay well I guess that’s it if there’s anything else that I can do I will leave my information or just post the comments to this video down below and as always please like my videos thank you and I look forward to doing another review for another product

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