Tech Talk Thursday #07 Top 5 Paid Article Spinners

Tech Talk Thursday  #07 Top 5 Paid Article Spinners Article Spinning

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Hello, this is Pacita and this is Tech Talk Thursday Episode number 7. Today I am going to bring you the five top paid article spinners. You will probably wonder or maybe some of you will wonder why am I even talking about this when a lot of people think that article spinners are bad SEO practices, SEO being Search Engine Optimization. If you watched my Episode number six, you’ll find the answers there.  Read More at Article Spinner Software Reviews


I believe that when done ethically, it’s actually, the article spinners are actually helpful. So for today, let me bring you the top five and they are: Word AI, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner, Chimp Rewriter, and Spinner Chief. So, without much ado, let’s go inside my computer and I’ll share you my screen. First up we have Word AI. This is the most famous content spinning service. It comes in two modes – a standard mode and a touring mode. Turing, of course, produces better results. I googled what Quora says about article spinners and the vote is out. It’s not hundred percent that they voted for WordAI, but it’s close to it. As you can see here according to the manufacturers, it creates human quality contents because of artificial intelligence and you can watch this video to learn more about Word AI.


It produces completely human readable and still quite unique. It’s a web interface so it’s easy to use and they give you a free 3-day trial it supports English Spanish French and Italian. The downside of WordAI is their pricing. As you could see on their pricing page they charge $49.95 per month if you do their yearly plan it’s $347 it has a monthly limit of words that you can spin but if you want more, of course, you are given the opportunity to do so but with additional charges.


Let’s look at Spin Rewriter also famous but it does not have different spinner modes like Word AI but it has a lot of settings which help control the quality of the output. The content produced seems better than the WordAI standard mode but it is not a match to the turing mode. It is web interfaced so, therefore, you can use it on different devices and it is extremely easy to use and intuitive to use and you have a 5-day risk-free trial. And it offers lifetime licenses, unlike Word AI they do not offer lifetime licenses.


Let’s look at the prices. They charge $47 a month or $197 a year but right now it’s the summer of 2017 they have a special deal that I believe it’s ah, let’s see, it’s only $77 a year and it has a lifetime access don’t know if I mentioned that. The third one of our five top paid article spinners is The Best Spinner. This is a desktop application and being a desktop application it gives a quick spin of your article. The downside of this is you cannot use it on any other device except the one where you installed it on. So if you installed it on your PC or your Mac laptop you can’t use it for a different computer. The quality of the spun article is good but it is worse than the two content spinners that were mentioned – the Word AI and Spin Rewriter. It supports other languages just like Word AI and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


It compares two articles side by side and has a content generation tool which creates snippets for a large variety of popular topics and much more. It gives you tips of this large variety of popular topics. As I said before the down side of The Best Spinner is it’s not a web interfaced and it does not offer a free trial. Let’s see how much does it offer or how much does it cost. The Best Spinner only cost $47 per year so that’s a real bargain compared with Word AI and Spin Rewriter. Word Ai is almost 50 bucks per month same as Spin Rewriter but the difference between the two is that Spin Rewriter is cheaper if you do their special or even their regular yearly price and they do have, I believe 400 and something dollars, ah, Spin Rewriter, don’t quote me on that, but I think it is.


Yes, it is $497 single payment and you have a lifetime access. Moving on to our fourth top paid article spinner is Chimp Rewriter. This is also a desktop application and it provides random version of the spin. The quality of the spin article is good but it is worse than the 3 contents spinners that we’ve mentioned or I have mentioned. It could still pass readability but it reads like someone who doesn’t know English very well wrote it.


The good thing about it is that it uses research. As you can see here it says backed by scientific research. It’s called a natural language processing that is NLP which is different from neuro-linguistic programming, they’re totally different, okay? And national language processing is used in order to understand the words that have been used in the article and it offers of 14 day free trial and the price is $15 per month and you can opt out at any time on this one you can use it on two computers and they give you a bonus too and if you want a yearly payment it’s $99 and it’s also renewable every year and their bonuses are these – a second license, an article pack, and an amazing guide. This is all from Chimp Rewriter. The last the five top article spinners is Spinner Chief. This also comes in two modes the default and the super spin modules or mode.


The default mode’s quality of content is quite low and the readability is not that good either. It’s readable but it does not sound like a human wrote it. Super spin is much better and it can pass as human readable. And has a completely free basic version, which is the default mode, I suspect. The downside of that is it doesn’t give you refunds. So once you, once you paid for a month, that’s it. Even if you say I don’t want it anymore you paid for it and they won’t give you a refund they’ll stop charging you but they are not going to give you a refund.


So there’s no free trial for the more advanced version which is the super spin. With respect to prices they have different versions but this one is their default version and I believe these 3 are their super spin versions. But there’s a $127 one-time fee for the 5 Elite version and there’s also different price for the ultimate version and another high price for their super spin 5 team version this one means other people can use it. In summary, these are the rankings of the five different article spinners When it comes to content quality Word AI is the best. Followed very closely by Spin Rewriter and the Spinner Chief. the super spin has the third place. But when it comes to manual spinning WordAI is the worst of the five mainly because it doesn’t offer manual spinning it does it automatically. The Best Spin Writer, manual spinning is the best. The Ease of Use, it’s Word AI followed closely by Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner and so on and so forth.


And of course for the Cost-Effectiveness Word AI is number 3 because it is expensive. Spin Rewriter is 1 it’s cheaper and The Best Spinner is number 2. So I would say if you want to try the paid article spinners I will go with either one of this three. Word AI if you have the money, Spin Rewriter or The Best Spinner. There you have it. I have given you enough information for you to decide which one of these five are you going to try. The data I used for the information I compiled in this video is from the staff of a company called I do not have enough dough to buy all the spinners or article spinners because they are not cheap. Some of them are but not all. But next week on episode number 8 I’m going to show you five free article spinners and also give you an idea of how they work and how they compare with each other. Until then, this is Pacita Florida from The Emboldened Life and if you are watching this on Facebook, please like it or give a comment below and if you’re watching this on YouTube please subscribe to my channel.


Until then goodbye!.


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