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Best Content Creator on the Planet – Menterprise

Best Content Creator on the Planet – Menterprise

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hi my name is arrow and I like to introduce you so I think one of the best content creators right now I gonna explain it with two things an affiliate site and client side so that you really can see what it can do for you we start with an affiliate products called keto diet and our Cato diet I’m not sure how you say these names but anyway I choose for this long tail how to start keto diet for weight loss I already separated some things you seen a lot of keywords but I can use this for to get the right content so what I do is I go to this system it’s called mental price I already put this in you see some buttons tabs you see spin text it’s spinning as well you can if you want readable very readable or whatever you can make a choice you can say sentences spin-spin paragraphs you stopped ten that means that it’s gonna have a look to the top ten websites who are ranking with this keyword well the long tail keyword I choose for long tail because there’s the keto diet is in it and the waitress is in it and how to start it’s also a question so what else you can put a question mark in it the rest is is you can make a choice between thousand words twelve on that I think I’ll get to goes to two thousand I want to use this for two different kinds of web boosts that means I use money robots and I use SEO autopilot for this so I want readable content but in still there it is really good that Google will see it and will say okay digital state index this is what we want of course so I’m gonna show you how this works I come to choose two thousand words and I choose the United States doesn’t you can also say if you say okay I don’t want the the key where of the the words the content from the United States you also can say okay I gonna create a situation that you are looking from Andorra on so you always will have different kind of content so we had come from Morocco Kimia whatever but I keep it in the United States and so I say okay generate you this goes very quickly probably it’s under minutes or yeah let’s see okay as you see we have all be twenty pages can go to number four now so we have totally 61 616 pages anyway preview let’s have a look to the first preview it’s not bad at all ketogenic diet plan this is really what I want I want just the information that it is readable for Google that it is really about it in addition yeah that there’s a lot of relevance in it loge our group ketosis this what I also wanted to see okay it’s not bad so the same with dissipates it’s really a readable perfect keto base whenever you wish okay let’s say we are happy which I’m happy which kind of use it for many many money robot campaigns and SEO out the pilot so what I’m doing is because yeah there is it’s only content you know it’s you need also the headers to H one two two three four maybe five so if you cannot put this in a money robot campaign or even for a PBM for your websites you use for for link building it takes a lot of time to put all this Harrison so here’s the solution what’s this you put the keywords in here and so now there is a template in here it’s already in it you can see it a little bit probably but you can change everything what you want if you you see here the five X’s if you create your own how to say your own lines and you put in the the X’s it kind of it kind of put the keywords in itself these are the keywords I want in the header I say send results also because I was among in copy our results I would say the header frequency is between 4 & 5 you’re gonna see later what it is what it means and regenerate so he’s generating all the 16 pages or very fast I preview it and here are your your headers can you imagine if you have your own template and can put it in it’s not bad this if I do a wrist pain you’re gonna see that it also changed not only the because it’s already spin you can easy this the spin text but it also changed the place of the headers so this is also really good that means that if if you gonna do a campaign link building campaign and you post all this content on let’s say thousand blocks of pages it’s really good that the headers are somewhere else we cannot go on now because I want images I say scrape images from seeds you can put your own images but you’re talking now about an affiliate products I mean if you have a G and B for example you want to boost that you can put the images from your G and B in it or whatever so I’m I’m okay with this okay import and now you also see here that the old text is already coming in it that because we created in the headers the we added the keywords inside so I’ll say okay let me see this Jimmy’s okay so now we’re gonna generate again this is two three four seconds and it’s done and now you have images it’s pretty cool and rich peanuts other images it’s certainly incredible it’s really so fast how this works we spin and it’s all the time images are in different kind of places I gonna do with the videos I could have the same so I got a scrape you can of course you can see hundreds I do hundred because I kind of use this for a lot of campaigns probably I kind of do 50 or 60 campaigns so I need a lot of different videos okay no problem here they come now you can say random and it will top I always I prefer to have most of the time on the bottom so is it okay videos are on but you always have to generate it and there we are and look here videos it’s not on the it’s not on the bottom by the way no idea why but let’s see to come back bottom I want to read the bottom okay generate it and it’s almost it’s almost on the bottom okay by the way support is the best I ever saw the owner name is Paul it’s really a nice guy and if you have some problems with the software that you think what’s going on you can reach him on skype and really in depends of course where you live but they are from Australia but he reacts very very very quickly now we have some I passed the replace about the later the role is also more for if you do client work that you want to add how you say that you want to add I frame so this affiliate product I really don’t need a friend for now but maybe for for if I created backlinks which battling factory for example then I have I friends with with a lot of links in in a Google sheet well I can maybe I can show you because probably I’ve done here let’s see here I have a lot of sites already iframes I don’t think of iframes in here let me see this is the over here if I frame I kind of put it in so you can see what’s going on so I kind of put in the wrong let me move this add section I put this in I want this let me see I want on top no I want on button okay always regenerate ready ready and look there it is I don’t know if you know what is what this is but this is a AG sheet if I click on the distance I I created this with a cloud sticker so this is if I really want to boost big big time I create a lot of this kind of things and I put in a money robot Sorina as your outer pilot campaign next redirect this is pretty cool I couldn’t show you how this works let’s say this is my affiliate link I want that the post I create I want them that if people see them in Google they click on it I want them to go directly to affiliate product with my affiliate link of course units you have a choice you can say none let’s let’s do this for example yeah I’m going to HTML so preview and you cannot see because I’m in the disease in the United States I go straight to the affiliate products so that means that this script if the thing is indexed the URL and people see it in the browser and they click on it they go straight to your affiliate product what is the benefits of this well I see it like this you know if you if your content is very good and Google is will index it if you have your link in here you know you don’t have to do so many things anymore and if you for example if you say no I want I want to gated three weeks so you can make it before that that redirect starts you have to look at one day three days I always do three which because I like let it go you know give it three weeks because you can also do link building to all the lazy create and you can of course you can crawl it with scrolling Cree or whatever so if you do three weeks I kind of put it in and here is your your article and if you create this with this money robot always well I don’t know if you know this I also use su autopilot if you if you use this for open your web tools and they rank you really have the post and the possibility they rank in the top ten of basis with with lots of long tail keywords so it’s for sure you can create you can make money whistles I create it in two things I want to redirect in it over three weeks but I also want the link in the money robot to a monocyte which I have so I sent it to to a money site for to push to rake that money sites with the cattle diet so even if that redirect over three weeks is working then still the URL the article is still linking to my money site so you what what you have you have two things then it goes the the juice the SEO juice goes to your money site so your monies I have a rank and still that URL that article what is created will be stay indexed and if people cannot find it you know in they click on it they go straight to your affiliate product so if to benefits of it if you use the content creator of money robot you get a lot of rubbish of course but if you put good content in it like what I showed you with the system you really gonna stay indexed and I must say this is true because I’m using money robot for more than five years now and I still have from that time I have really URLs blocks but they are still indexed because the content is the content is good so now I want to show you what you can do with if you have a company so it’s a little bit different than with affiliate product okay okay this is for niches like pest control I gonna show you how it works with if you have a J&B for example so I gonna start with pest control I have a Dutch client most of the time I do Dutch content link building enterprise is I must say for English perfect for Dutch I can get the content which is pretty good only it cannot spin unfortunately but it’s not meant to prices fall because it’s very difficult to spin this anyway I still use it also in Dutch but for also for Dutch clients I sometimes use English content with Dutch keywords mixed in it this works this really works anyway we kind of start with pest control icon let me see color generate new articles on United States okay here we are we have six pages which is enough foreign link building campaign let’s have a look this is already in because I didn’t change this so the headers forget the headers for right now that control is what we went what he wants if I refine its control of this is good enough for me again I’m only thinking in in a way of making a link building campaigns with money robots with your outer pilots on a high level I want that Google likes the content because it’s in the top ten already this kind of content but the snippets it takes this system takes snippets out of it and make a combination of it which is pretty cool because that’s the way you do you can do link building in on high level so I’m not using mentor price right now for for a money site you can do but then you have to put this in very readable and then of course still you have to do something with the content and in my own opinion is that if you really want the best best of the best content for a money site a use of enterprise give to your writer an article so they have something for to start with anyway we have a couple of articles if I look here it’s keep in mind that back control of but I know pest control websites are not full with blocks and then the perfect content but this is also use useful for in an money robot campaign so the headers I put already in the keywords and I say sentry so to image alt text copy results we’re gonna regenerate it we have a look and we see here the headers now the headers are a little bit stupid I know but you can change this to use the template you can create your own for example if I say how or where let me see okay where to find and then you do one two three four five near me near me best name I find here call here whatever Icona it’s spin by the way I I guess you know what this means if you spin it so this will be spent and kind of put it to the image alt text copy results I’m gonna generate it or regenerate it in this case can I have look local pest control services need me call pest control beds here I scraped the images now I cannot scrape hang on somehow pest control is not working I found that so now I scrape kind of where it now going to scrape images 100 and there they come I said import them all as you see the alt text is already in here because it comes from the head is straight so in your every image what will be in the article you will already have the alt text which is important you can say I want three four whatever images in an article it’s 800 art 8 on that word so I don’t need for I go for I go for between one and two okay generate again preview and there it is perfect right canary spin only one two okay so okay it’s good enough for me videos we cannot take video let’s see what you can have if you have your own videos you can put them in here already so and I suggest it’s always better to have especially if it’s for clients to have the video from your client I want in the bottom it’s okay I generate preview and I hope it’s in the bottom it’s almost in the bottom somehow it takes the contents a little bit here but that’s okay we go to the raw this is cool we gonna say add from templates because this in this case I want GMB and or an NAB I said gonna put n IP I already have the name the address the phone number email address let’s see if I can create something info reps and the link so what I do here is because it’s Dutch I say I also can spin this there’s also really good so you can put all your keywords you you can put them in here but I do only it’s in Dutch so do it like this is an ad nap so that’s done to precision top again and then I gonna start again this is pretty cool right because keep in mind also the number is a if you click on it you directly go to your phone so this is not not bad at all so let’s say we kind of take this now we have another thing let’s say you want your it’s for a clients and it’s you kind of make around thousand articles which it’s easy to do you can make ten thousand and they gonna if you if you choose all this together and you put this in one the money robot campaign or you can make fifty campaigns without problem with duplicate content so let’s say you want to redirect to your clients so I gonna you have to keep in mind that if you want for your clients for yourself for your own company if you want that it redirects straight to your money site of your client or even your gene be this really is very good idea because if you think about it the URL will have where to find pest control or whatever you know where to find blah blah if you add for example in here in the headers let’s say new New York this will be a URL link so if you come on a WordPress or a G site or an a blogger website bet best control New York namby it’s going to be very powerful so if you create a redirect and you say okay I gave it three weeks for to index and you can index for sure this kind of content that we’re really powerful if people click on add a immediately go to the URL new one so can be your money site can can be from you whatever you want you know so I hope you can see the possibilities with this kind of stuff the role also there’s coming a lot of things that add from template you can put they’re busy with things you can put schema units in the in the near future you have call to actions the call to action can be better I think that’s a little bit boring you can let’s say call to action and of course you can spin this also but let’s say you have to go for yellow in this case go for this you say do something very okay this it’s a little bit simple but anyway let’s say we cannot do it we say on top let me see do it like this you have to keep in mind you can put not sure but you can put a link on it so if I generate it here call to action so you can put a link so if you have if the content is hundred percent good and spins and very very readable and you really wanted to spread it on thousand blocks then call to action is it’s a good idea but keep in mind that if this if there is a redirect in it and that redirect starts over three weeks still the links you put in with money robot or su autopilot they still will send the juice to where you want it so it’s not that you’ll lose the juice the only thing is that it is a redirect but this is okay too you know so you have to benefits from it anyway there are some things maybe for you to know if you say I want all the articles the five articles you just put this in and you see copied five articles and normally what I do is I put these five for articles in in a money robot campaign or an SEO out to pilot campaign so you have all you can use this well 50 times for sure without any problem every article will be different the headers will be different the images will be different they will be on different kind of places etc so I do a lot of link building for clients and also for our own products and affiliate products so this is something for you really to think about what what what you can do with this kind of stuff and it’s not cheap but I can tell you I used a lot of content software get really tired sometimes I had to wait two hours for some some little bit contents yeah if you see how easy you can change the things I kind of put special space species replacer I kind of put in Baltimore okay after a spinet control of types control or belt amore you see it changing the word so that that really can be handy because in a way you can if you see for example you have more cities and you want to change something you can in the replacer you can say Baltimore you can say New York Amsterdam I’m sorry I’m from Amsterdam and then what will happen this color change every time you want it here you’re going to see if the weight is coming if you enter them Baltimore you see Amsterdam okay if you have questions asking the group and I hope you enjoy to watch the show okay bye bye

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