Vpi Nomad Reviews – VPI Nomad – The perfect bedside companion!

Vpi Nomad Reviews - VPI Nomad - The perfect bedside companion! Insurance

Vpi Nomad Reviews – Review

Such a lovely product the VPI Industries Inc.’s NOMAD! From now on it shall remain by my bedside! I hope many of you will consider a Nomad for your office, bedroom, or even your main system if this might be your first foray into the sweet sounds of analog.



The VPI Nomad is the first all in one high-end entry level turntable. Complete with a headphone amplifier, phonostage, and pre-mounted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge on a 10 inch Gimballed / Yoke bearing tonearm, it is the perfect solution to enjoying your records! It also has standard RCA connections providing the ability to connect to a standard amplifier and desktop/floor standing speakers.

The Nomad turntable is a precision instrument that has been thoroughly tested to create the musical experience you’re looking for!


For more info or if you wish to schedule an appointment to audition the Nomad please contact Oz @ Let There Be Sound at: (954) 465-5040 • www.lettherebesound.com

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