Solar Energy World Reviews – Genius Energy Solar World Solar Panels Review

Solar Energy World Reviews - Genius Energy Solar World Solar Panels Review Insurance

Solar Energy World Reviews – 7 Tips

“The Oldest and Most Experienced Manufacturer in the World” Solarworld”s Sunmodule Plus modules are top in their class for; durability, safety, workmanship, performance and guarantee.

We only provide the best here at Genius Energy to maximise your energy savings and more importantly the extra cash it will generate for you.

In fact, there are many existing customers of Genius Energy who are extremely happy with not only the savings we have made them, but the speed and ease of installation and the feeling of going ‘green’ once and for all.

It isn’t just solar that we specialise in. We help make savings across the board from lighting to insulation and much more. Due to the Government’s excellent FIT (Feed in Tariff) scheme, solar energy has essentially been kick started and it is no wonder not only residential properties are going solar, but companies and businesses worldwide.

These solar panels are extremely efficient and provide a very low reflective rate, meaning they can retain a lot of the heat that the sunlight generates. And if you are thinking that solar panels don’t work well in colder environments, this is also false. If there is cloud cover or rain, the panels can still generate electricity. Solar potential does of course decrease the further north or south you go below or above the equator.

Solar panels are also very hardy and can withstand many of the most harsh elements thrown at them, as seen in the above video. This is especially reassuring for people contemplating getting solar panels, as this is perhaps one of the biggest reservations of going solar. If a golf ball, brick or such hits the panels, then the damage will most likely be non-existing to minimal.

So, get in touch with Genius Energy today and find out how much we can save you. You will be extremely surprised…

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