Rapidadvance Reviews – Rapid Advance Review

Rapidadvance Reviews - Rapid Advance Review Insurance

Rapidadvance Reviews – Highest Rated?

Rapid Advance Review. This video shows the Rapid Advance Review.
Rapid Advance offers standard, select, and preferred loans

For standard loans:
$5,000 – $1 million available
Terms: 4 to 12 months
Your company must have annual revenue of $120,000 or more
You must have a personal FICO Score of 580 or better
Minimum time in business: 2 years
1.16 to 1.30 factor rate

For select loans:
$15,000 – $1 million available
Terms: 6 to 15 months
Must have annual revenue of $240,000+
Must have personal FICO Score of 620+
Minimum time in business: 3 years
1.12 to 1.31 factor rate

For preferred loans with Rapid Advance:
$15k – $200k
Terms: 9 to 18 months
Must have annual revenue of $240,000 or more
Must have personal FICO Score of 660 or better
Minimum time in business: 6 years
Must have minimum bank balance of $10,000 or more
Borrowers must have at least 10 deposits from 5 different sources every month
1.11 to 1.25 factor rate
Advantages are a few choices for loan types
Maximum amounts available are high
Disadvantages are minimum bank balance requirements are fairly high
Annual revenue requirements are also high.

by: Ty Crandall 2/16/2018

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