People’s Tax Relief Reviews – 5 ways to get rid of IRS Tax debt in 2021| IRS Tax Relief programs

People's Tax Relief Reviews - 5 ways to get rid of IRS Tax debt in 2021| IRS Tax Relief programs Insurance

People’s Tax Relief Reviews – 6 Tips

How to get rid of IRS tax debt & fix your IRS tax problems in 2021. We offer a Free Case Review 855-712-7419. Get rid of your IRS back tax problems!
*** 5 steps to a successful IRS OIC detailed:

Here are 5 ways to stop the IRS, and fix your tax problems. If you are considering hiring a tax attorney or a tax relief firm, this is useful info to know beforehand.

We can review your case & provide an honest & thorough review with no commitment. Additional Information is available to help you get rid of your IRS tax debt.

These 5 tax resolution programs have different guidelines & qualifications. The key to these 5 tax relief programs is that they prevent the IRS from taking any collection against you, such as:
IRS Wage Garnishments
IRS Bank Levies
IRS Federal Tax Liens

We exposed one of the IRS biggest secrets, the 10 year IRS Collection rule. This is known as the statute date when the IRS loses the right to collect. Also known as the Collection Statute Expiration Date or CSED. pronounced “SEE SAID”

The IRS does not want you to know about the Secret since that is considered very valuable to getting rid of your tax debt.

Once you make the request to the IRS for one of the following programs, you completely stop the IRS. These tax resolution programs are designed to settle your back taxes, or completely eliminate your tax debt.

That is the key to Items # 2 & 3 below, in which the IRS debt is completely eliminated since they would have to write off the balance after the CSED

The 5 ways or Tax Relief programs that settle or lower you IRS tax balance are the following:
1. IRS Offer in Compromise. Also known as an IRS OIC has been expanded throughout the years.

The IRS OIC or Offer in Compromise completely eliminates the IRS Tax debt, IRS Penalties & IRS interest on your Account. This is the #01 program that helps get rid of your IRS back taxes.

The IRS OIC is an amount you offer the IRS, and if the IRS accepts your offer, the rest of the back taxes are forgiven. That is why the O.I.C is the #01 Tax Relief program. The OIC completely gets rid of you IRS back taxes that you owe.

Getting an OIC accepted gives you the fresh start you deserve.

2. IRS Currently Non-Collectible Status or CNC program comes close to the OIC as a way to get rid of your back taxes. as stated above, being granted CNC by the IRS does not toll the CSED date.

CNC is when the IRS considers you to have a financial hardship and you are not able to pay anything to the IRS.

Sometimes the C.N.C option is better than an OIC in some cases. This might be the case in the following example: Lets say you owe for an older tax year and the CSED is only 1 year away. If you are placed on CNC, the IRS will write off the balance on the CSED date and the amount you owe will be $0.

While you are on CNC the IRS will write off the balance and you have eliminated your back taxes owed!

3 IRS Financials Hardship Payment Plan, also known as the Partial Payment Installment Agreement or PPIA.

PPIA works as a way to make payments on the IRS taxes owed, however, the amount is based on your ability to pay, rather than the amount you owe.

PPIA is a great solution since it does not extend the CSED date and a great way to get rid of your IRS Debt.

While you are on a PPIA the IRS will write off the balance and you have eliminated your back taxes owed!

4. IRS Innocent Spouse Relief is available to a spouse who is left responsible for the tax debt when it would be completely unfair to you. The Innocent Spouse Relief eliminates the IRS back taxes and holds your ex-spouse responsible for the balance owed to the IRS. Innocent Spouse Relief is a great tax relief program that helps you get rid of your IRS tax debt.

5. Re-File missing tax returns in which replaced the IRS Substitute for Return, which is when the IRS files your tax return for you.

If you have not filed a tax return, the IRS does it for you. This process is known as an SFR return. If you file your tax return, which replaces the one filed by he IRS, you can reduce your back taxes you owe to the IRS, and you can completely eliminate & get rid of your IRS taxes.

It is important to get in a tax relief program so that the IRS stops all collection action against you. visit for additional tax relief solutions and other ways to get rid of your IRS back taxes without overpaying a tax attorney, saving you time & money.

We have helped many people fix their tax problems and have gotten great results in getting rid of IRS debt!

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