Mobile Reviews Eh – I Bought/Tested Over 65 iPhone 12 Cases – Which Were Best?

Mobile Reviews Eh - I Bought/Tested Over 65 iPhone 12 Cases - Which Were Best? Insurance

Mobile Reviews Eh – Review

We spent over $1300 dollars on iPhone 12 cases in the last month. Most of them were pretty bad. Some were great. Which ones were best?

With the up-designed iPhone 12, we had to adjust our scoring system. We’ve put more emphasis on using the iPhone 12 and little less on durability given that the iPhone 12 is the toughest iPhone to date.

Here’s are the power rankings along with our affiliate links as wells as codes that we’ve collected over the last few years:

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2. Casetify Ultra Impact –
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4. Ghostek Iron Armor 3 –
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7. Otter+Pop Symmetry –
8. Urban Armor Gear Monarch –
9. Rhinoshield MOD NX/SolidSuit –
10. Apple Silicone MagSafe Case –

We’re reviewers, not influencers. No influencer is going to drop $1300 dollars on cases to figure out which one is best. Reviewers do that. This channel is un-sponsered, our videos are sponser-free and we plan on keeping it that way.

In this video:

0:00 Intro
0:48 Above Average Cases (7-10)
7:26 Pretty Great Cases (4-6)
12:52 Cream of the Crop Cases (2-3)
16:17 The Fallen
18:59 The Best of the Best

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MagSafe Case Teardown:

Best Accessories for the iPhone 12?

Best Charging Cables –

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I do have to point out the cases that were proverbial residents on my Top 10 lists for years and after the iPhone 12, have fallen out of the top 10.

The first are the Grip cases from Speck. They’ve dropped down to #19. They’ve been updated for the iPhone 12 and instead of having grips on the cases being made from the grippy and semi-soft TPU material that cradles your iPhone, it’s now just extensions of the PC back.

Which means this case now slides around almost like an air hockey puck and the ribs on the case are hard which makes the case feel way too abrasive.

The second case that seems to make the Top 10 all the time is the Spigen Tough Armor. It’s #11 so it barely make the cut.

The Tough Armor is still a great case. Handles decently, is tough BUT the Apple Silicone case beats it out because you can use the Magsafe features on the iPhone 12.

Other notable cases that didn’t make the Top 10 cut include the Magbak due to build quality issues, the Raptic Lux because dropping a case with a metal bumper is terrible, and the Tech 21 Evo Check because it comes off like an old sock.

Do I sound annoyed? It’s because I am because dropping $100’s of dollars on cases that are terrible, is a really hard thing to do. Stuff like this Mellow case that cost more than my #1 case and doesn’t fit my iPhone properly, or having to pay shipping and custom fees to bring over the Incipio case that handles like a wet bar of soap.
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