Florida Career College Reviews – Florida Career College is a Scam

Florida Career College Reviews - Florida Career College is a Scam Insurance

Florida Career College Reviews – Review

School is a total rip off they should be a lawsuit against these kinds of schools. I have seen so many students getting screw over. Meanwhile, no knows where the owner of the school is. He a CEO owns about tons of houses ripping people hopes and dreams.

This school promises me a job for 3D animation (They take down course cuz they not making money), After I grad now stuck with large debt with a job very hard to get in to. Also, they suppose help me with any problem but never did. All of that is changed now they don’t help you. Don’t go to this school.

If i was you go to a community College screw this place RUN!..Some of these ratings are employees/Hacks/friends of there from the school it’s fake. When I graduated didn’t receive my diploma, I had to come to the school asking for it after 9 yr. They use a photocopy machine after asking me to pay 90 bucks for the diploma/grad attire when all of that should be included.

This school nothing but a scamming business they have no connection to outside hospital or Business to guarantee to get you a job this large ass Debt. Can someone tell me which lawyer to contact undo this please it’s all I ask left alone? I was homeless, it’s been hard to pay this off. This place was better off as supermarket.

Since I live around the area in a trailer park. every day I come by in a bike listen to people complain. that they have to pay more complete certification. Also, lack of misinformation to complete their course. if you want more information or can help me give me a solution. Facebook Joel escribla

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