Craigslist Camper Van – Craigslist Van and RV Shopping Tips

Craigslist Camper Van - Craigslist Van and RV Shopping Tips Insurance

Craigslist Camper Van – 6 Tips

Looking for a van or RV on Craigslist can be frustrating. Use these tips to help you efficiently find that special Van or RV you’ve been longing for.

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Questions to ask when shopping for a Van or RV:
1. How many owners?
2. Name on title?
3. Clear Title?
4. Mileage?
5. Why Selling?
6. How was vehicle acquired? Auction, trade-in?
7. Vehicle Condition? Paint, body, engine, interior?
8. Dents or Rust?
9. Any Leaks?
10. Is Transition Shift smooth?
11. Which oil has been used?
12. Any accidents?
13. Service Records available?
14. Tire tread %
15. Brake pad % – squeaks?
16. What service has been recently done – records?
17. Cruise Control?
18. Previous Smoker?

Pre-Purchase Inspection Check-List:
Exterior –
1. Check body for scratches, dents and rust. Look for misaligned fenders & doors – use magnet on suspected body repair.
2. Look under car and inside wheel wells for rust. Check bottom of doors – use flashlight.
3. Open and gently close each door, inspect rubber seals for tearing and rot.
4. Check for chips in windshield
5. Have dealer/owner show that all lights & reverse lights work.
6. Check that all tires are the same and check tread left, wear and side walls.
7. Look for damage/rust on roof

Interior –
1. Smell for odors inside vehicle
2. Remove floor mats and check for wet spots in the carpet – look for signs of rust.
3. Check seats for damage & tears, make sure the adjustments work.
4. Check pedal wear
5. Test radio and speakers
6. Check headliner for damage or sagging
7. Check for tire jack and tools

Engine –
1. Check engine for cleanliness and leaks both inside engine compartment on the ground
2. Check hoses – should be firm and supple, not cracked or rock-hard or mushy
3. Oil should be dark brown or black – newly changed oil will be honey colored – look for water droplets – indicates possible cracked engine block or blown head gasket
4. Transmission should be pink, not brown and smell like oil not burnt – be wary of visible pieces of metal on rag from dipstick.
5. Radiator – coolant should be green or orange – not milky or rust colored
6. Check tailpipe – Tailpipe smudge should be dark gray and dry not black and greasy

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