Camper Van Review – Plasti Dip Camper Van – 1 Year Review

Camper Van Review - Plasti Dip Camper Van - 1 Year Review Insurance

Camper Van Review – Whats The Best?

Last year we installed plasti dip on our camper van after a quick cost/benefit analysis. This is a review on how the plasti dip durability was.

Our Parts List for this Project:
6 Gallons:
4 Gallons:
Sprayer Bundle:
DYC Install Kit:
Cleaning Kit:
Drill (for mixing dip)

Original Video:

How-To Blog Post:

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We built a 100% DIY Campervan so we could travel full-time and take adventures around North America. Want to see how we built it? Check out this playlist:

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Nate and Steph are a couple of crazy adventurers who decided that life was too short to spend their time and money accumulating “stuff.” So, they set out in an RV in January 2016 to travel North America and replace their stuff with experiences. In March 2017, they sold their RV and bought a Sprinter Van, which they built out into a campervan to continue their travels and adventures in #vanlife style.

Both originally from the small town of Blanchard, Oklahoma, Nate and Steph enjoy learning about new cultures and experiencing different ways of life across the world. They like to meet new people from all walks of life and just sit and have a beer with whoever shows up. It’s all about spontaneity in this life!

They travel with their two pups, Pyros and Sparta, who have become great travelers and adventure pups as well.
Video filmed with all of (or some of) this equipment:
Main Camera:
Main Vlogging Lens:
Camera Stabilizer:
Quick Release Plate:
On Camera Microphone:
Editing Software:
35mm lens:
Backup camera & Kit lenses:
GoPro HERO 6:
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