Camper Van Review – Mini-Review | Recon Campers Envy | Family Pop-top Camper Van for Under $50k!

Camper Van Review - Mini-Review | Recon Campers Envy | Family Pop-top Camper Van for Under $50k! Insurance

Camper Van Review – Highest Rated?

It’s the only camper van that can fit in your garage and has enough 3-pt seat belts for your whole family AND does it all for less than $50k!

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The Envy competes with a growing list of pop-top camper vans including: The brand new Tofino from Pleasureway; the Hymer Aktiv 1.0 and 2.0 Loft Editions and the recently introduced Axion Studio by Carado. Unlike all its competitors the Envy is built on the Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van. The NV200 is powered by a 2.0L 4 cylinder gas engine with a continuously variable transmission that’s capable of delivering up to 131HP and 139 lbs-ft of torque. The Envy is the smallest of its competitors measuring just 15.5′ in length – 2 whole feet shorter than even the very short Axion Studio; just a hair over 5.5′ in width and amazingly just a few inches over 6′ in height. These dimensions mean the Envy drives just like a mini-van and that short height means it will fit into your garage!

The Envy’s pop-top is different from any of its competitors in that when it’s up, you can push up the bed panel and the entire roof on the inside of the van is raised! That means that even if you’re 6’5″ you’re going to be able to stand up in this van – anywhere – front to back. That’s a huge advantage the Envy has over its competitors.

Down below you get one layout option which is very similar to the Tofino by Pleasure-Way. You’ve got your galley and storage along the driver’s side, your lounge mid-section and storage in the back. There is no bathroom in the Envy although there is an exterior shower. If having a toilet is important to you then you’ll need to buy a portable toilet. They’re inexpensive and can be stowed in the rear storage area. The galley is equipped with a compressor refrigerator, a marine style sink and a 3 gallon water heater, standard and some pretty good counter prep space. There’s no stove or microwave. You can purchase a portable, single burner propane stove or even a larger Coleman on your own if you like and that stove will stow nicely under the counter. The lounge has seating for 2 and take a look at that: another 2 3-pt seat belts! Along with the Aktiv Loft edition this is the only pop-top camper van here in North America that can accommodate 4 people in 3-pt seat belts! So that makes this camper van a true family camper van.

The conversion price starts at $28,500 and MSRP pricing for Nissan NV200 cargo vans are around $22k. So you can get into a brand new camper van that fits into your garage for just under $50k. That’s got to be very appealing to many of you.

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