Camper Van Review – Mini-Review | New West Camper Vans | 7 Year Warranty & 4 Seasons!

Camper Van Review - Mini-Review | New West Camper Vans | 7 Year Warranty & 4 Seasons! Insurance

Camper Van Review – Highest Rated?

This direct to consumer Canadian RV manufacturer features 9 different models on 3 different chassis and offers some things that no other North American RV manufacturer offers – a 7 year warranty!

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If you’re willing to think outside the box and buy your own chassis, then New West RV out of Quebec Canada has a whole bunch of Westfalia-esque camper vans that simply are not available from mainstream dealers here in the U.S.
New West offers 9 different models on 3 different chassis: The GMC/Chevy Express, Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. Because you’re bringing your own chassis to the table, you can configure the engine however you like. After dropping your chassis off at New West’s facility they’ll begin the 2 week process of building it out. All of New West’s interior designs are modern and refreshing. They use wonderful materials and do a marvelous job of blending rugged practicality with luxury and opulence. The wood cabinetry in the BO-M is stunning especially considering that its base price is $44k USD.
For those looking for 4 season capable RVs then New West has got options. All their models with the exception of the BO-M are 4 season. And, for those who abhor propane all models are propane-less. Heating is via a Webasto gar or diesel fired heater and your stovetop uses wood alcohol canisters.
Best of all, New-West offers an industry leading 7 year warranty on all their models, including the affordable BO-M.

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