Angel Care Insurance Reviews – 5 Biggest Investment Ripoffs to Avoid ❌(shady scam alert)

Angel Care Insurance Reviews - 5 Biggest Investment Ripoffs to Avoid ❌(shady scam alert) Insurance

Angel Care Insurance Reviews – Highest Rated?

Don’t get ripped off by these shady investments that are basically scams in disguise.

I’ve seen too many people financially wounded from buying this crap. 😠

There is nothing worse than getting ripped off, losing money to something you shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

Because someone misrepresented something and sold it to you just to make money.

Being a financial advisor, I’ve seen so many people that have bought investments that they shouldn’t have. They didn’t understand it and their advisor sold them something that they didn’t need.

Thankfully, you are watching this video and I want to prevent you from being Ripped Off!

I am going to highlight the 5 biggest investments to avoid because I don’t want you to lose your money.

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01:39 ➡️ 1. Loaded Mutual Funds (A Shares) – These are mutual funds that when they are sold the advisor or broker that sold them are going to make a commission for that sell.

06:01 ➡️ 2. Actively Managed Indexed Funds – This is one of the most common investments that people get into when they start investing.

09:51 ➡️ 3. Non-traded REIT’s – REIT’s can be a good investment – but Non-Traded REIT’s are different, the are “Illiquid” meaning you can’t cash out your money until it comes due (which could be 10 years or longer).

14:14 ➡️ 4. Whole Life Insurance – It is not 100% bad, but for the most part investing in whole life insurance is not a good move. Buy a term policy, it is so much cheaper!

19:05 ➡️ 5. Indexed Universal Life Insurance – These policies may make sense if you have maxed out your 401K and Roth IRA. So what is it? It is a policy that is tied to some sort of index, so you are subject to what the index does.

You can make a lot of money if you chose to invest wisely. There are so many scams, and so many ripoffs you can avoid.

Have you bought one of these investments? Have you been ripped off?

Have you bought an investment, that I didn’t’ mention, and feel like you’ve been ripped off? 😤

Let me know in the comments. Let me know what you bought and how you got ripped off.

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