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Now in order to make a good decision you have to understand a basic sentence if you can remember one sentence and we all to memorize stuff right maybe you went to college I’m sure you did K through 12 at some point yet to memorize something for a test I’m asking you not to do a lot of homework we’ll just remember one sentence that sentence is to eat meats non starchy vegetables what does that mean anything but corn some beans potatoes sweet potatoes things like that alright so stay away from the starchy stuff so usually the greener the better green beans asparagus any leafy green like kale spinach chard lettuce whatever The Gleaner the better all right avocados are a great one we’ll have a collar so technically your fruit it’s non starchy vegetables raw nuts and seeds alright stay away from salted nuts and seeds those will bloat you and then roasted it was tend to be fried and trans fat it’s not something that you want to ingest and put into your body whether it’s organic or not so raw nuts or seeds any kind would do keep in mind peanuts are not a tree nut we want to eat tree nuts or raw tree nuts or seeds all right then half a cup or less of non grain-based starch what does that mean well grains breads pasta Rice’s you know the things that the food pyramid or my plate taught us in school yeah that’s all bs you don’t want to ingest any of that it’s not good for you it’s inflammatory of genetic genetically modified it’s negatively engineered those crops so it’s not even the stuff that our ancestors ate and that wasn’t even good for them back then so that’s gotten progressively worse I truly believe and there are some great books like wheat belly grain brain that highlight the negative health effects that grains have had on us so half a couple has to start so you can go back to those starchy vegetables if you like and that’s where you throw them in and 1/2 cup less potatoes corn some legumes some some beans are very high in their glycemic load and then no added sugar alright so we don’t want to dump sugar on on the stuff we don’t want to put sugar in our sauces the only sugar we should be ingesting is a sugar that’s naturally occurring and the fruits and vegetables that we’re eating alright so again meats non starchy vegetables raw tree nuts and seeds half a cup or less of non Grande starch and no added sugar alright that simple so think about that so again getting back to that menu a lot of those dishes had right in the salad exam croutons that’s made out of grains this is I get dry bread right we don’t want to eat grains so you can either ask for this salad without the grains so without the croutons or find a salad that does not list the croutons I knew I mean I didn’t get that sell it again because they had my noodling claim shadow I know there’s a couple potatoes in it sue me there wasn’t half a cup of potato in the cup of green clam chowder that I had you don’t want to have croutons in your salad all right and you want to try and avoid that stuff at all costs so when the dinner basket of bread comes out you want to try and avoid it how do you do that have some water if it’s earlier in the day have some coffee that’ll help satiate you long enough until your courses come out and then when you’re looking at dinner you want to stay away from stuff so if you see mashed potatoes there’s going to be more than half a cup of potato in there alright and and often it’s not the only thing that’s in the mashed potatoes if you see if there’s like a bread or pastry that’s connected to the meal in the description you don’t want to have that either so I always try to look for a grilled or baked or roasted meat usually grilled or baked and I want to have some non starchy vegetables so if it’s like the salmon and it came with asparagus and a couple of things I had some options so asparagus and broccoli is what I got those were two of the vegetables that they offered that I was able to get so again the greener tends to be the better than on starchier the better that’s how you make the decision all right and it’s really just internalizing that sense if you can internalize that sentence and you do a little bit of homework you’re gonna be alright and like I said always try to map out what restaurants are in the area that you’re going to be in if you are leaving town for any period of time and obviously you’re gonna have to eat out unless you do an air B&B and you have a kitchen and you decide to go to a local grocery store and by the way that’s something you can do too if you do have a summer trip coming up and your air being being it and you’re not just staying in a generic Hotel Motel families oh yeah if you’re saying a family friend or whatever place and there is a kitchen accessible to you I would encourage you to find a local grocery store find a way to get there usually you’re probably renting a car you can Ober it whatever you know you can find a way there good chance we’re staying in a residential area there’s a grocery store nearby and you just stock up on healthy foods and again that one sentence which I put below a couple of times if you’re watching but that one sentence makes all the difference when you’re eating out and yes there may be things like they may put some wheat into the sauce that’s on your dish but you know what you make the best decision possible when you don’t have control over your food but anytime you can have control and that is if you have a kitchen accessible to you use it try and avoid going out but if you’re going to go out do your homework do what I did simple google search find the menu of the restaurant whether it’s on their own website some restaurants they’re like just Inc you little hole in the walls I don’t even have websites but sometimes their websites like I think all menu and a couple other ones they do listed GrubHub they do list their menus and fairly accurately so you go through and you try and find appetizers sides main courses whatever it is that you’re getting and try and find things that adhere to the sentence if you can memorize the sentence and incorporate the sentence into every nutritional choice you make whether eating out or eating in you’re gonna be in a very good position to succeed so I hope you guys found this

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