Treadmill Reviews 2021 – ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review 2021

Treadmill Reviews 2021 - ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review 2021 Gadgets

Treadmill Reviews 2021 – Highest Rated?

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The Pro 2000 is one of ProForm’s newest upgraded treadmills. It is great for all kinds of training.

Great for walking
If you are looking for an affordable treadmill for walking, the Pro 2000 is a great option. It folds up, has a relatively compact footprint when open, is quiet and has wheels so it can be gently rolled out of the way when needed. The 3.25HP motor is well-suited for gentle walking, a brisk pace, power walking, jogging and short speed intervals.

Good for smaller spaces
The updated 2021 model is now smaller than previous models. ProForm has streamlined much of the design to make this an ideal option for anyone who lives in an apartment, condo, shared space or upstairs floor. The Pro 2000 weighs 260 pounds so it’s sturdy but not as heavy as other treads that are nearly impossible to get upstairs.

Works for jogging
If you are looking for something that will support light jogging, the Pro 2000 works well. The 3.25HP motor will go up to 12mph and the deck provides ProForm’s ReBoundPro cushioning system. While we don’t recommend this machine for those who plan to do extensive, long distance running, it is well-suited for jogging at a 6 to 7mph pace. Quick intervals above that are easily managed as well.

Not recommended for long distance running
The 3.25HP motor is good for all-around usage and should support most types of training. We’d recommend maybe looking at the Nordictrack 1750 or ProForm 9000 if you are a marathoner or triathlete who plans to run for several hours per day. Otherwise, the Pro 2000 should work for most users!

Quiet when in use
One of the noticeable upgrades on the 2021 model of the Pro 2000 is it is now quieter. The motor itself is quieter in the background as it runs. The deck and belt are also slightly quieter as you walk on them.

Aids with cardiovascular training
The combination of incline options and speed variables make this a good treadmill for cardiovascular training. You can stay aerobic and comfortably in that fat burning zone while you walk briskly on a 10% incline. This allows users to stay low-impact but still get a good workout. Cardiovascular training conditions both the heart, lungs while your legs work to move you along. Increased blood flow to the extremities increases circulatory efficiency even when you’re not exercising.

iFit includes Strength Training options
In addition, iFit includes strength classes you can do off the treadmill. There are class options that include weight equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands or iFit also includes body weight resistance options. You can strengthen and tone your whole body using your iFit subscription so the Pro 2000 isn’t just for cardio exercise.

The Pro 2000 is a good tool for weight loss
When you exercise your daily caloric needs increase because exercising increases your body’s demands for nutrients, blood and oxygen. If you carefully regulate your daily calorie intake to be just less than what you burn, you can facilitate weight loss. Regular, gentle exercise is the most effective way to achieve and maintain weight loss over time. When used regularly with varied iFit classes and training, the Pro 2000 is a good tool to help achieve your weight loss goals.

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