Surface Laptop Go review: A solid starter PC, with limits

Surface Laptop Go review: A solid starter PC, with limits Gadgets

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go is the newest in their smaller, cheaper “Go” line. The Surface Laptop is impressively light, though this is partly due to a plastic base. It feel sturdy, but less premium than the all-aluminum laptops many folks are used it.

The Surface Laptop Go packs a solid processor, but no additional GPU options, and lacks Intel’s more powerful Iris Pro graphics. It also has pretty limited RAM, 8GB, and 256GB of storage. The biggest issue might be a surprisingly low-res screen, an oddity in this age of retina displays.

The Surface Laptop Go is not a bad device, but it comes with a lot of compromises that make the price hard to justify. A tablet or chromebook might work better than the lowest-end machine, and you can probably find a laptop from last year with better specs than the higher end ones. Still, Microsoft has made a well designed small laptop for under $1000, and it may be perfect for folks looking for a reliable work machine, or a school computer for a student.

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