Surface Laptop 4 Review – Finally The Upgrade For Me?

Surface Laptop 4 Review - Finally The Upgrade For Me? Gadgets

We love the Microsoft Surface Laptop, or at least, Kai very much does. Back when it first launched, the Microsoft Surface Laptop was certainly a breath of fresh air. A clean design, decent performance, an amazing display, and that Alcantara… oooh!

Since then, the Surface Laptop has undergone a few iterations and we now have the latest, the Surface Laptop 4.

So, how is it? And is it worth the upgrade?

TL;DR: If you’re coming from a Surface Laptop 3, the answer is no.

0:00 Intro
0:53 Design
1:45 Display
2:43 Speakers
3:07 Webcam
4:00 Keyboard & Trackpad
4:21 Alcantara ftw!
4:51 Ports
5:33 Battery Life & Weight
5:50 Specifications
6:06 Creative
6:29 Gaming
7:09 Temperatures
7:28 My Thoughts
8:31 Some Advice & Conclusion

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Producer/Camera – Kai Hong
Editor – Hui Yee

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