Sole Treadmill Reviews | All Sole Treadmills Compared

Sole Treadmill Reviews | All Sole Treadmills Compared Gadgets

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***Brand New For 2018 – The Sole TT9***

At, we aim to provide users with real, in-depth, actionable reviews. By comparing specs, price point, added features and more, you can be sure you’re making the best possible purchase when it comes to your home treadmill. This video takes a side by side look of current Sole treadmills, providing a better perspective on the different features offered between price points.

The entire Sole Treadmill line is in this video review, including the F63, F65, F80, S77 (non-folding), F85, and TT8 (non-folding). Prices for these treadmills range between $1000 and $2500.

As the Sole treadmills climb in price, you’ll see a difference in the weight capacity (ranging from 325-400 lbs), motor size (3.0 chp – 4.9 chp), and warranty length (longer warranties with the F80 and up). The display screen increases in size as you increase in price range until you reach the S77/F85. The largest size display screen available with a Sole treadmill is 10.1 inches. The lower end models (F63, F65, F80) come with a back-lit LCD display. The higher end models (S77, F85, TT8) have a larger, HD color screen. All Sole treadmills have a running surface of 22” x 60”, with the exception of the F63 (20” x 60”). This is a large running surface, especially for lower priced treadmills like the F65 and F80.

Each Sole treadmill has a max speed of 12 mph and incline range of 0%-15%. Every console has quick select buttons for speed and incline, an audio jack, speakers, and a fan. Treadmills come with a free chest strap heart rate monitor and audio chord. All Sole treadmill models are bluetooth capable, giving you data tracking access to their company’s fitness app, Sole Fitness.

All Sole Treadmills come with their Cushion Flex Whisper deck technology. Every Sole treadmill that is capable of folding comes with their EasyAssist tech for effortless lifting and lowering of the deck. favors many treadmills from the Sole line including the F63 which is rated one of the top 3 treadmills under $1000, the F80 (top 3 under $1500), and the TT8 (Best Buy for treadmills between $2000 and $2500).

Our bottom line review of the Sole line: these are great treadmills for anyone looking for something with a simple user interface, limited program options, a favorable warranty, and higher weight capacity.

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