Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10e | Side-by-side comparison

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10e | Side-by-side comparison Gadgets

Hands-on comparison of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and S10e (the ‘Lite’ version), showing how their specs, camera hardware, performance, battery life and other bits stack up.

Samsung just launched the new S10 family here in the UK, including the lower-priced ‘S10e’ model. These two Galaxy smartphones sport many of the same features, although you’ll find many differences too – for instance, the standard model has a triple-lens rear camera, while the Lite model drops the telephoto shooter. As for performance, they boast the same 8nm chipset, although the Galaxy S10 has more RAM in its higher SKU, as well as more storage.

As the Samsung S10e is more compact, you can also expect a smaller battery – although battery life should be very similar between the two phones. And you get the same wireless charging tech too.

Here we give our early review of these Galaxy blowers, comparing the specs and hardware to see which is best for you. Check out our S10 vs S10 Plus comparison for a closer look at the bigger models of the family.

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