Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus | One Month Review

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus | One Month Review Gadgets

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus full, in-depth review after over a month of having it stashed in my trousers. How does Samsung’s S10+ compare with the biggest rivals like Huawei’s P30 Pro and does it perform for camera tech, speed and battery life long-term? And what about the durability, and that One UI software? Here’s everything you need to know, if you’re thinking of grabbing this high-priced flagship phone.

Here in the UK, the Galaxy S10 Plus costs almost a grand in its base form. Unfortunately you don’t get the Snapdragon chipset here, with Samsung’s own Exynos platform making a dent in the specs. Performance is still strong, but the battery longevity is inferior to that Qualcomm model.

While the S10+ pales in comparison to the P30 Pro for photo quality and recharge skills as well, I love shooting video with that tri-lens camera. Plus, the gorgeous Galaxy display really can’t be beaten. This is one of the best phones for media, hands down.

So are you tempted by the Samsung S10 Plus versus rivals, even with the OnePlus 7, Honor 20 and other flagship competitors on the horizon? Hopefully this review has helped!

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