RHYTHM FUN Folding Treadmill Unboxing Review

RHYTHM FUN Folding Treadmill Unboxing Review Gadgets

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Unboxing Review

Product Dimensions : L56 x W27 x H5 inches and 66 Pounds
Cost about $600

The correction speed is in Kilometers instead of Miles.
It’s 8.8 kilometers, therefore it would be 5 mph with the bars up.
With the bars down you can go 6.6km or 4 mph.

No assembly required can use right out the box
Fold the handle up and down
Slim enough to roll under the sofa
Light weight design
Shock absorption belt, does not produce much noise
No Incline
I was not able to find an app to track the treadmill, but I personal use a Fitbit Tracker.
I like to walk on it when watching TV in the living room

00:00 Intro
00:47 Open Box
02:52 Take out of the Box
03:44 Let’s take this wrap off
04:24 Lift up arms
05:02 Time to Plug it In
06:41 Now it’s On
07:04 Let’s take a Walk
10:02 A Closer look no music
11:45 How it sounds when someone is walking?
12:24 Does it work for Dog?
13:13 Closing

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