Pro-form City L6 Treadmill 1st Week Review (Running)

Pro-form City L6 Treadmill 1st Week Review (Running) Gadgets

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a new Pro-form City L6 treadmill ($599 from Kohl’s).
Official link:
It’s for my personal use as I live in a small one-bedroom apartment.

I uploaded a Quick Review (Unboxing) video last week.
If you haven’t checked that out:

This week’s video is for a running test, answering most of the questions from previous video’s comments.
(For your reference, I am about 6ft tall and weigh 160 lbs.)

I have been using it for a whole week now, and I run/walk on it every day. Overall, I’d say that I like it. There are some small issues that I have seen, which I will probably summarize in another follow-up video.

Please like the video if it’s useful for you, and feel free to leave comments below for questions.

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