Posh Cann I Be CBD Oil Review

Posh Cann I Be CBD Oil Review Gadgets

Perfectly Posh Cann I Be CBD Oil is something you can mix with any face cream or body lotion for an enhanced pampering experience and awesome skin benefits.

I am LOVING the 911 Moisturizer mixed with about 4 drops of Cann I Be CBD oil for my face, neck, chest and hands. I’ve also been mixing it with the Fresh Creamy Milk Body Butter after exfoliating with Beach Blanket or a snarky bar – and my skin has never been so soft!

CBD in skin care is excellent! Why? Because CBD is an excellent healing oil and it contains MCT (derived from coconut oil), has tons of Omegas, is anti-inflammatory and is super soothing and good for wrinkles and anti-aging.

The Perfectly Posh Cann I Be is a 225 MG strength Full Spectrum CBD oil (15 mg per 30 ML) that is food grade, meaning it’s safe for ingestion, but it’s not the one I take orally (I have a stronger one for that specific for oral use) so I don’t recommend you put this one under the tongue! Use it for what it is and enjoy the healing and relaxation benefits of CBD for your skin.

Using the Cann I Be mixed with my other skin care has blown me away with the skin benefits after just a couple of weeks of use and I’m a lot more impressed than I thought I would be, I highly recommend it! My problem areas are my neck and chest and its helping improve the skin tone, elasticity and smoothing wrinkles (without feeling greasy at all, this stuff absorbs beautifully!)

Cann I Be is made from the HEMP plant, not the marijuana plant, so it’s legal in all 50 states. It is organic and comes from hemp grown in Colorado. Hemp was legalized under the 2014 Farm Bill.

My recommendation is to add a few drops to ALL your Posh facial care and body care (or your favorite cream)! It has a very light minty scent (it contains peppermint oil), but doesn’t overwhelm the scent of whatever product you’re using.

I’ve pretty much been dosing myself up with a stronger, oral CBD (500 mg) and then using the Posh Cann I Be to enhance my overall CBD experience through my skin and loving it! I’m sleeping like a baby.

The Perfectly Posh Cann I Be is a brand new product and is now available for purchase for $42 for a 1 oz bottle. The 911 Moisturizer is $20, and the sizes are generous. All Posh is also buy 5 get 1 Free so I suggest treating yourself! xo, Rachel

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