NordicTrack X22i Incline Treadmill Review – 2019-2020 Model

NordicTrack X22i Incline Treadmill Review - 2019-2020 Model Gadgets

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The NordicTrack x22i is one of NordicTrack’s premier incline trainers. Like it’s sister machine, the x32i, the x22i will incline to 40% grade and decline to a -6% grade. It has a 4.0 maximum horsepower motor and a 12mph max speed. We love the x22i! It has Reflex Cushioning in the deck, which adjusts to the weight of the user (so you get just enough cushion — not too much or too little). The x22i also features a 22” wide by 60” long commercial double-ply tread belt and offers a 300lb user capacity. Really, the only difference between this and the x32i is the size of the screen. The x22i boasts a gorgeous 22” touchscreen that is attached securely to the console for easy visibility and maximum functionality.

Included with your purchase of a new x22i, NordicTrack provides a one-year free membership to iFit, which includes over 16,000 different workouts. This is valued at $486. iFit includes both studio-based classes led by a personal trainer and outdoor routes all over the world that are filmed live! You can run, walk, jog, or even hike while you follow the direction and guidance of a trainer who leads the whole way. Since the x22i has a steep incline range, walking or even hiking feels natural and enables users to get a full-body, calorie burning workout that is high-intensity but low-impact! We love the versatility and interactive quality of iFit programs. One other exceptional feature is full automation between iFit classes and the x22i treadmill. This means the treadmill will incline, decline, and adjust speed according to the format of the class or the natural terrain of the outdoor route. This allows users to walk/jog hands-free, just as you would outside. Automated controls can be overridden at any time simply by manually adjusting incline or speed on the touchscreen. The machine will always respond to and stick where to set it. You can rejoin the automation by hitting the “follow trainer” icon in the left corner at any time.

We can’t say enough about the impressive and engaging outdoor routes! Videography is impressive and the crisp graphics on the 22” touchscreen really make you feel like you are there, enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery. Indoor studio classes are also fun and these vary in format from all-treadmill classes for endurance, fat burn, HIIT workouts or hill intervals. There are also combo classes where you work on the treadmill for a while and then step off to do plyometric body weight exercises or even strength training exercises on the floor. The size of the screen helps again here — since it is so large and clear, you can stand anywhere in the room and follow the class format easily. NordicTrack has really gone all out to provide quality content that is easy and fun to use.

The x22i console features that 22” touchscreen along with OneTouch control buttons for speed and incline. Much of the functionality is embedded in the touchscreen which clears up the console so it is intuitive and easy to find the right button. There are also dual workout fans with four power settings to cool you down during your workout. These are well-positioned about chest height and can be angled up and down. We love fans on workout equipment since it makes such a difference when working out at home!

Total footprint for the x22i is 70” long by 40” wide by 72” high. It is a large machine and does not fold up, so you will need a dedicated space for this piece of equipment. However, we love how sturdy and well-engineered it is and you just can’t get that 40% incline on a folding treadmill. NordicTrack offers an impressive 10-year warranty on the frame, with a 2-year parts and 1-year labor warranty.

We find the NordicTrack x22i to be an impressive and fun way to get fit! We have rated it our Best Treadmill for HIIT Training since you can so easily jump from one speed or incline to another. The cushioned deck is perfect for sprinting, HIIT intervals or heavy training as it supports users’ joints by cushioning the natural impact of running. Check out the x22i today!

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