NordicTrack ELITE 900 from COSTCO w/ iFit – 7" TOUCHSCREEN – Running / Walking Treadmill

NordicTrack ELITE 900 from COSTCO w/ iFit - 7" TOUCHSCREEN - Running / Walking Treadmill Gadgets

Now that I’ve had it for a few weeks I am ready to give you my review and thoughts on the NordicTrack Elite 900 Treadmill from Costco. The treadmill features the following:

– 7 inch touchscreen with iFit (interactive training)
– 3 CHP (Horsepower) Motor
– 20 inch X 60 inch belt
– SpaceSaver design
– CushionDeck for a softer landing and rebound
– OneTouch Controls
– 12% incline / Grade
– 12 MPH Speed (5:00 per mile)
– Bluetooth Connectivity

From my experience this is a great treadmill for the casual or even serious runner. Whether you are looking to run, hike, or walk, the NordicTrack Elite 900 should fit your needs. It fits great in my home gym and am sure it would do well in any home gym

As an ultrarunner and busy Dad, I needed something that would help me increase my mileage while escaping the elements (I live in Utah) or when life gets busy and I just can’t get out the door and need something more convenient. I generally run about 50 miles per week and this has proven to be a great recovery tool for me.

And let me tell you…iFit is so dang fun. I think for most people they think of the treadmill as the “dreadmill.” To me, iFit breaks that stigma and allows training to be fund and the miles to fly by. I’ve done several hikes and runs primarily with Tommy Rivers #runwithrivs and found them to be very engaging, scenic, and just an absolute blast. Though the touchscreen is not super high quality or responsive it gets the job done. The touchscreen is also a little small, but to have it at all at this price point is great. NordicTrack really hit a home run with iFit.

Now I am sure that this doesn’t stack up to a Peloton or NordicTrack Incline Trainer in a lot of ways, but I don’t know that it’s meant to. A Peloton will run you (pun intended) several thousand dollars, while this NordicTrack is sold at Costco currently for $799.99. For that price point, I think you really get a lot.

I will say that one recurring thing that I have heard from friends who own NordicTracks and across several social media channels is that NordicTrack’s customer service (particularly during the coronavirus pandemic) has been nothing short of a nightmare. This is one reason I was so excited to find this NordicTrack at Costco. While NordicTrack has not earned my trust, Costco has and I know they will stand behind what they sell in the event of an unexpected malfunction.

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Disclaimer: This treadmill was purchased with my own money and no one (not NordicTrack or Costco) will be able to view or edit this video before it is published.

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