Levi's 501 Styles (Comparison & Try On): ORIGINAL, SKINNY, TAPER, CROPPED

Levi's 501 Styles (Comparison & Try On): ORIGINAL, SKINNY, TAPER, CROPPED Gadgets

Levi’s 501 jeans come in lots of different styles: original, skinny, taper, and cropped! In this video, I compare and try-on all four styles so you can get a good idea of how each one looks when worn! This video is a comparison, try-on, and review of the different Levi’s 501 jeans.

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Levi’s 501 original:
Levi’s 501 crop:
Levi’s 501 taper:
Levi’s 501 taper crop:
Levi’s 501 skinny:
Levi’s 501 stretch skinny:

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