Laptop Review! (Thank You For 500 Subs)

Laptop Review! (Thank You For 500 Subs) Gadgets

As a Special Thank You For A Mighty 500, I will show you my new laptop that my sister hand me over on his 18th birthday cuz she got her a new laptop. (Her birthday is June 29) And Then I Install Windows 7 On A VM.

It’s Been An Incredible Year. On July 13th I Will Turn 1 Year Old On Twitter. I Remember the Days That I’ve Been Scrolling On Twitter A lot. And Then Around Spring. My Channel Grew A lot Until I Stop Uploading Videos For Some reason And It Slows Down. But Now That I Reach 500 Subs We Are Halfway To My Next Goal. I Am Grateful For You Guys To Support Me For The Past Year Since The Pandemic. (It’s Almost Over For My Country) Once Again… THANK YOU FOR 500 SUBS!!!

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